OXM Rumor: Halo 2 Anniversary being developed

If anyone reads OXM, they're claiming 343 are also working on a Halo 2 Anniversary game in their rumors and speculations section.

It's not really hugely unexpected news, but I hope they're right. I'd love to replay it again with updated visuals (textures, lighting, etc). I'm guessing a 2014 launch (10 years from H2's launch)?

Though would it be a 720 title or still release for the 360 assuming the 720 would be out for over a year?


According to a close-to-development source, 343 Industries has indeed discussed a Halo 2 Anniversary, following the success of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

“It’s been talked about, however I’m not will to say anymore at this time,” said our source. This is the same source that told us last June that “unexplained laps in time” would be used to incorporate Halo Reach elements, which it indeed does.

Previously, in an interview with IGN, Microsoft Games Studios vice president Phil Spencer said that they’re not trying to run a remastering center, but “[they're] not putting [Halo 2 Anniversary] out of bounds.” Before that, he said that they only did the Anniversary Edition because it was the 10th Anniversary, and it “made sense.”

“There are obviously some great Xbox 1 games that would be nice to see, but we’ve focused most of our resources on creating new things. I’m not putting it in or out of bounds right now, though,” said Spencer.


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Sure, why the hell not. Go ahead and redo Halo 3 while yall are at it, release it on Xbox 8 at release. Sell millions, profit.
God no. Halo 2 was such a disappointment after CE, don't want to relive that particular disappointment any time soon.

saying that, hope this means mp will make a comeback. Probably won't. :(
Well I think Microsoft is at a point where they want a new Halo every year and obviously Halo 5 won't be ready for 2013 so Halo 2 anniversary would fit the void nicely. Although they should hold it for 2014.
If they are making a Halo 2 anniversary, it would only make sense that it's a 720 game. They aren't going to release it on the 8th or 9th anniversary so it's gotta be 2014 and that is when the 720 should be out.
After the job Saber Interactive and 343i did on CEA, I would love to see this become a launch title for the next generation. With Microsoft's need to have a new Halo game every year, whether a full blown game or something like CEA or hell, Halo Wars 2 (please), this makes sense that this would be in development already.


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If they fully redid both the SP and the MP in HD graphics I'd be in like flynn and might actually play it more than Halo 4 and certainly more than I played Reach. LOL


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Why? Why not just port the PC version over? I mean, surely that isn't a terrible port or anything and they can check the "cross-play" box off, I guess?

I just want the same achievement lists. :/
I'm kinda torn. I didn't just love the shit out of anniversary, but I'm sure I'd force myself to play it for my "I beat all Halo games" philosophy.

I did recently beat Halo 2 on my 360 through BC. It really looked pretty bad and had a huge number of BC related graphical glitches (surprising for such a high profile title) so it was hard for me to judge it fairly. But overall I agree it was maybe the worst of the Halo titles (although 3 might give it a run).

Hopefully they could get it looking/running better than Anniversary too.

Anyways I kinda dont believe this rumor until we hear more. Also as you note, the question of 720 or 360 platform is interesting. Actually a 720 remake might be awesome.
Well I think Microsoft is at a point where they want a new Halo every year and obviously Halo 5 won't be ready for 2013 so Halo 2 anniversary would fit the void nicely. Although they should hold it for 2014.
I'd also accept a Halo Wars 2 or ODST 2 in that case. Although ODST 2 doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
Well, the co-op was horrific, though that was Saber interactive's area wasn't it? Whoever it was it means this won't get a purchase.

Halo CEA only sold 1.5m as well, surprised they're bothering with such low sales (relatively for Halo)
They won't change any of the code in the game. They'll just make a new graphics engine run over the game engine, like in Halo CE Anniversary

Loved Halo 2's campaign btw, so gimmy it please
I don't think this would really surprise anyone.

This could be absolutely amazing, IF it has Halo 2's multiplayer. On Halo 2's engine.
I found that Halo CE anniversary lacked that Bungie polish though and that worries me about this game. Odds are, 343 are going to have someone else do it like Halo CEA and that always worries me.


Meh, I found Halo 2 the most boring of the bunch, as a mainly SP gamer I ran through a lot of Halo 2 sadly due to how meh I found it.

I really wouldn't be surprised if this was to come out inline with the 720 either seeing as MS is content with CoD'ing their IPs now.
If they can improve on what Halo Anniversary was then I'd be ok with it. The texture pop in has to be fixed though without a doubt. I don't care if this time it would be true to the original.
Huh? Halo CEA was great...
I dunno, the controls were very ''floaty'' in the menus often skipping stuff, Kinect i had to sometimes literally scream at it in order to scan something. I mean the polish, not the old gameplay. That hasn't changed so of course that was fine. The new stuff though, not so much.
I'd bite if it had the full multiplayer map suite and online. (Maybe they could add online campaign as well?)

I remember playing this on XBConnect before I migrated to 360 and experienced the official online there.