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Pikmin 3 Gameplay Montage


dem graphics are so gooood

Is it just me or did they really polish up the game and add alot of variety in the lighting of the environment. It is nearing the photorealistic vision I had for pikmin games on a new console.

All the technical talks of Wii U being underpowered, it just shows that a definitive artstyle coupled with Nintendo wizardry renders all other discussions futile.
Game Explain

Footage is the same (some people hate the Nintendomination intro animation).

Looks better than the e3 footage, in my opinion, especially the lighting. Notably, the Pikmin move with the lilydad whereas they didn't in the e3 build. No reflections in the water, but that may be a game design decision (clarity).

Reposting from my late thread. :(


Is it me or does it look better than it did at E3?

Looks the same imo, just showing off some new environments and enemies. That flying creature in the dark cave looks incredible.

Really nice shader work and everything looks crisp. Can't wait, it looks perfect!


big visual improvement! better lighting, also looks like way better ground textures (they weren't that bad to begin with, in my opinion).


leaders can now throw exploding rocks, too? did I see that right?
edit: nope, that were rock pikmin :)


Is it me or does it look better than it did at E3?

I rewatched the E3 videos that i saved, and it definetly looks like they redid some of the environments with new flower varieties and gentle swaying in the wind. The lighting also looks nicer.


some of it looks better. Lighting with the fire in the cave (boo caves) is nice, and the new monsters are beautiful (crab/onion thing, the moth creature is bloody scary looking)

But the grass/floor textures still look pretty flat, and the older classic enemies like Chappi look quite plain still.

No info on release date in the direct?

controls I'm concerned about. New control version was ok, so I'm thinking wiimote will be ok, but they can't require wiimote for single player as not everyone will have one. So will they have old gamecube style controls too?


That sort of lighting was not there when I played the e3 demo a few months ago.

Ground textures is a bit difficult to judge, because it's a different area.

Those details like the butterflies and bubbles are fantastic.

That crab is taken from Skyward Sword motion control. You can see that he blocks where you are aiming. Great :)

Day one.


Nintendo's Pro Bono PR Firm
I'm playing Pikmin in Nintendo Land with my girls, and I'm now sure I will buy it. The cave looks great.
Too bad that video is waaay too blurry and waay too compressed.
But i can not wait. from what i can see in this blurry video is that it does look really good.

Just add some nice Anti Aliassing Nintendo. It works WONDERS for Mario WiiU and for Trine 2.

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I look forward to picking up a wiiU for this and super mario. I can wait until then. hopefully a 3D mario is close to release by the time that happens and I'll be a happy camper.
- Impressive lighting
- Lovely depth of field effects
- Beautiful use of shaders
- Very clean IQ
- Hype!

Bubbles look great in motion:



Wow, those glow in the dark creatures were pretty awesome. You guys think they'll put out a WiiU Pikmin bundle, or is Pikmin not that popular in the west to do so?


Looks amazing, does anyone know if it can be played only with the gamepad?
So far i've seen only wiimote controls, but probably it is just a more accurate control method?


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
I'm sure the flaws will be about as evident when we get direct feed screenshots, seeing the textures up close etc, but the game's art direction is superb and it looks great during gameplay so yeah, who cares.


I lost my Pikmin 2 copy for the Gamecube.
I don't think I've played a Pikmin game for about 7 years.

I'm so hyped to do it again...
I think the shadows are really impressive, the overhanging foliage casting shadows that sways with the wind over the ground. Otherwise ground textures still looks really dated.


Flower textures look real nice, clearly done from actual photographs. Ground and rocks... eh. The depth of field does a good job.

The lighting in the cave was awesome.


It looks ok enough to me. Nothing blew me away but I really don't mind much. I'm already happy that it's HD. Low standards ftw when it comes to Nintendo atm


Looking pretty good. I was getting an ulcer watching all those Pikmin get burned by the blowhog, though.
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