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With Gravity Daze and Dragons Crown delayed I'll probably cancel my pre-order and wait for one of them to be released. I'm not comfortable buying new hardware on day one anymore.

And what ever happened to Malicious for Vita?
So looking forward to this especially with the fact that amazon UK are offering a free 8gb card, loved my original psp which I also got on release.
Preorder list:

3G Unit
16GB memory card
Thrustmaster VIP case

Will download

Escape Plan
Super Stardust
Motorstorm RC

Eagerly awaiting:

Gravity Rush
About a Blob: Mutant Blobs attack!

Still on the fence about this, especially since there's no 32GB cards in Europe at launch.

Also, just for perfection, remove one of the 'are's :).
Q: Are memory cards are region free?
A: Yes, They are. Yoshida have beeen telling EU users to import 32 GB cards from the US.
Sorted :)
For a moment I was really thinking of buying one with some of my tax refund but the price after 1 game and a memory stick...ughhhhh.

Think I will just wait a year or so..
Great job on the OT! One thing you may want to change the title of Everybody's Golf to Hot Shots Golf. Since that is the US name. Also the link for the trailer of Everybody's Golf takes you to a YouTube trailer that has been blocked for viewing.
Great op. I might be paying off my Vita today, but Im still wondering where I should buy my memory card, since gamestop is overpricing them still...
I ordered uncharted through the sony store so maybe ill order it there too.
Reallly cant wait for this thing. Uncharted and Gravity Daze look amazing.
I can't wait until I can afford to get one of these. So many decent looking games for a launch period, I'm not used to that on a Sony machine. The screen on that thing is amazing too, it's a damn shame they make it touch compatible. I would chop someone's greasy finger off if they tried to touch my screen.
Any good trade in deals with a 360 at GS or any other outlet? I keep seeing great deals for Europe but almost nothing in the way of deals in the states.

I am looking to get a wifi w/32 gb card. Going all digital unless there is some kick ass deals.

Oh and thrustmaster case is only in Europe? Cant find it on
I really wonder about this game, we saw what? 2 tidbits from a trailer and then nothing more lol.

I'd rather buy another game than spend money on a useless feature. :)

I'm in for the superior wifi model, 8gb card, umvc3, wipeout, and ninja gaiden. I'll probably pick up shinobido eventually.
I shall share my pics next week :D. I'll have to set aside $15 for that PSN game from the At&t promotion.
Great job on the OT! One thing you may want to change the title of Everybody's Golf to Hot Shots Golf. Since that is the US name. Also the link for the trailer of Everybody's Golf takes you to a YouTube trailer that has been blocked for viewing.
The trailer is still working for me. I added an alternative which hopefully isn't blocked.
I'm not sure if I should spend the extra £15 on Lumines Electronic Symphony. I have never played a Lumines game before.

Underworld, Howard Jones, Art of Noise, The Chemical Brothers, Amon Tobin, Faithless, Benny Benassi, Air, 808 State, Goldfrapp and Aphex Twin all say buy Lumines: Electronic Symphony.


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Wait, Dragons Crown is delayed? Glad I'm not pre ordering the system because that's all I'm in for so far. Girlfriend is getting a system though, so I'll be able to experience the fragrant new system smell.
who said about can't be hacked ? they said it about ps3 and see now what you got lol
You got the lowest amount of viable piracy (and longest time to enable it) of any console in decades? Really, if it takes 4 years to crack Vita I think Sony will be very happy with that.
What is Broken? Do you have a link?

Unit 13 is a day one release in Europe at least. Great thread by the way.
Huh? My retailer removed it from Feb 22. I'll add it to the "might be launch titles" section.

Still working on the banners and things archnemesis, I can't be rushed!
Don't worry about it. Take your time.
Are you in Europe? I am in the US and it says not available in your country, but thanks for the alternate link.
Yes, that's why I used the European title.
somehow you don't mention lfo. smh.
There's a lot I didn't mention.

"4 AM" - Kaskade
"Aganju" - Bebel Gilberto
"Always Loved A Film" - Underworld
"Apollo Throwdown" - The Go! Team
"Automatons" - Anything Box
"Autumn Love" - SCSI-9
"Bang Bang Bang" - Mark Ronson & The Business
"Celebrate Our Love" - Howard Jones
"Close (To The Edit)" - Art of Noise
"Disco Infiltrator" - LCD Soundsystem
"Dissolve" - The Chemical Brothers
"Embracing The Future" - B.T.
"Flyin' Hi" - Faithless
"Good Girl" - Benny Benassi
"Gouryella" - Gouryella
"Hey Boy Hey Girl" - The Chemical Brothers
"Higher State of Consciousness" - Wink
"In My Arms" - Mylo
"Kelly Watch The Stars" - Air
"Moistly" - LFO
"Out Of The Blue" - System F
"Pacific 707" - 808 State
"Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)" - Safri Duo
"Rocket (Tiesto Remix)" - Goldfrapp
"Sunriser (Publicmind Remix)" - Ken Ishii
"Superstar" - Aeroplane
"The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)" - Deep Dish
"The Sun Rising" - The Beloved
"What's Your Number" - Ian Pooley
"Windowlicker" - Aphex Twin
"Wolfgang's 5th Symphony" - Wolfgang Gartner
"Wooden Toy" - Amon Tobin
"Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)" - Pet Shop Boys
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