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POKEBOMB: New Pokémon being unveiled for Pokkén Tournament (Arcade ver.) on Oct 13th


アーケード版「ポッ拳」に新たなバトルポケモンの参戦が決定! その正体は・・・10月13日に公開予定!続報を待て!

Translation confirmed by a good friend of mine on Twitter:

indenty of new battle pokemon will be released october 13th, stay tuned


arcade version "pokken"


The Google/Bing translation says Arcade version so I'm getting that clarified. (Edit: Arcade confirmed in second tweet above)

Last time we had Darkrai. Rumors apparently point to it being one of these two:

Empoleon or Scizor.
I must be dumb. I thought pokebomb was the name of the new pokemon and I was so confused.

I used it as it was a thing where major Pokemon news would use it here. And this to me is a bit more special as it's pretty out of nowhere and not just yet another Sun & Moon update.

I can ask a mod to get rid of it if anyone doesn't like it. :p


Awesome! I'd be really shocked if they weren't added to the console version. Has Darkrai been added? I don't recall that happening.

Unless a port to NX happens.


Man either Scizor or Empoleon will be super cool. October looking like a great month already!

So no NX news today, no NX news october 13. Got it.

Well to be fair Bandai Namco has been doing most of their own announcements for this game. I don't think this interferes with Nintendo's timetable.


Betting on Empoleon since gen 4 has been getting a slight wave of attention recently. Now if only the new stuff would come to the Wii U version faster.


Probably won't be Feraligatr or secret awesomest pokemon Dunsparce, which is a damn fucking shame, but it's to be expected. Empoleon or Scizor are cool though. They need to let people recreate that Scizor vs Heracross match from the anime.
The files for Darkrai, Empoleon, & Scizor were found in an update for the Wii U version.

Ah so they were in a Wii U update code. I think they'll release all three in the Arcade version and then just put them all on Wii U in a single pack/update or something.
excited to see Scizor, Empoleon or whatever other mons they pick

it sucks though that we more than likely have to wait till they do another version of the game for the NX or something to play these news characters
Empoleon and Scizor both sound like great additions.

With two Pikachus already in the game, Meowth gotta join the roster somewhere down the line.
It's so frustrating that they keep announcing these for the arcade without doing the simple port job for Wii U owners. I would make the plunge for Pokken Tournament if I knew it was going to be supported with new fighters.

Presumably they'll do an Ultimate Edition on the NX, but this is officially annoying.
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