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Project Eternity's "GAF Inn" - Under Renovation


Dec 9, 2012
Northern California
Took the survey. Didn't pledge, but I am gonna get this game eventually, no doubt.

Would be cool to be able to get some member artworks up on the walls of the inn.

Real exciting stuff.


May 18, 2008
BaWü, Deutschland
Nah, it really needs to be portraits. Most avatars are portraits. (or at least something remotely like a portrait ;))
There need to be portraits or SOMETHING of green, red, yellow and blue dudes/outlines. A few noblemen or different clerics in coloured robes hoisting their tankards with slight nods to the original colour gang's poses?


Can't find the original :(


Dec 19, 2011
Oh, I told myself I'd pledge on this, but something came up irl that I totally missed it :\

Voted. That last question is totally going to be lopsided. Who'd vote for a motel? Everyone would want a Ritz.

All those voting "luxurious" oughta be ashamed of themselves.
Oct 11, 2009
The Netherlands
shagg_187 <3

Fantastic OP as from what I can see from the phone.
going to read it all and post about it tomorrow need sleep first had a long day.

So glad I donated to help make this possible :D


Jul 5, 2008
Thanks to all those who organized this.


I'm content to defer to others on name and concept. I've read a lot of great suggestions in this and the previous threads where the subject came up.

Pinko Marx

May 11, 2009
But GAF Gold!

100 Members filled up the survey. Thanks! I may have a decent idea of what it's going to be like.

Keep on filing! Survey will be active till January 1st.
GAF is clean and functional. Not filled up with fancy shmancy bullcrap. Its not for those with egos or the "upper-class".


Oct 25, 2013
I thought I was in OT and when I saw this thread I thought it would be a Neogaf hotel lol


Jun 25, 2013
The inn needs two main floors or sections. The people on floor 1 get into silly fights over sporting events. The people on floor 2 tell stories about crazy events that happen to people in place X.

Also, I vote for Goose and Fox as the name of the place.


Aug 31, 2010
From the other thread:

· Floors
o Wood
o Stone <<<

· Walls
o Brick<<<
o Plaster

· Windows
o Square<<<
o Round

· Tables
o Long Tables
o Square Tables<<<
o Round Tables

· Wall Art
o Portraits<<<
o Landscapes

· Trophies

· Lighting
o Bright and Lively<<<
o Dark and Moody

· Room Types
o Luxurious (large bed room with high class accessories)<<<
o Functional ( single bed room with matching accessories)
o Common ( bunk beds and chairs)

What would you like the name of the inn/tavern to be? (Please keep under 30 characters)
Golden Ale Fellowship

· What would you like the innkeeper's name to be? (Please keep under 30 characters)
Levi van Erol

· In 50 words or less, describe the basic concept of what the innkeeper.
An old retired mercenary that decided he had seen enough death for several lifetimes. He decided that making coin in an inn is safer and he's less likely to end up with his guts spilled out on the ground. Pretends to be a simple man, but those who know him...

· In 50 words or less, describe the basic concept of what the inn/tavern. E.g.: "High class inn where nobles and important business men meet to discuss future deals."
The Golden Ale Fellowship is an inn for nobles and wealthy businesses men, but anyone with decent enough clothing and a purse full of coins is welcome as long as they behave. In here many alliances have been forged and many contracts sealed: assassinations, arranged marriages, and other secret contracts.

· In 75 words or less, describe the appearance of the inn/tavern. E.g.: "High end furniture with lots of polished metal fittings are neatly arranged in the main room. The walls are draped with fine art and the whole place has a feeling of class and sophistication."
The biggest Inn in the city, it houses some of the finest furniture from all around the world. Almost all of them with intricate patterns in different colors. The white walls are decorated with portraits of important people from history and banners of many kinds. There are VIP rooms in the back that are always booked, it seems. These backrooms are simpler with wooden couches and tables. These rooms are not used for their comfort.

· In 100 words or less, describe the concept for the history of the inn/tavern. E.g.: "The tavern was founded by Jonas Sayne, a merchant from a noble background. Realizing that Defiance Bay lacked a place for the rich and powerful to meet to discuss business, Sayne commissioned the creation of The Discreet Gentleman in the business friendly Copperlane disctrict. It is rumored a backroom of the tavern houses an entrance to the city jail dungeons.
Having ended his mercenary career at the age of 34, Levi and some of his men bought an empty building in the Market District. It had previously belonged to a former nobleman. Thinking about what sort of clientele he was looking for, he came to the conclusion that it would be very likely that many of his former employees would do business there. The reason being that he was known to be a very discrete man, something that can’t be said about mercenaries in general. And so it came to be that the Golden Ale Fellowship was founded four years ago.


Aug 22, 2011
Just filled out the survey but I wish I read the thread first. I love the idea for round tables but didn't even think of it while making my selection.

I'm still partial to the Goose and Fox for a name. I'm still saying that the room type be common even though all the patrons argue it's upper class.


Expansive Ellipses
Staff Member
May 30, 2004
I'll crosspost here:

A hub of information, with flavor. Political officials speaking with the intent of being heard, shadowy figures roaming around offering information for sale or even just handing out slips of parchment for those that dare to pursue its truth or falsehood.

To get in, the party must be someone (renown threshold?), run into the owner somewhere in the game world's wilderness, or go in person, put their names on the list with the bouncer and wait for a courier to contact them.

Arguments break out at the drop of a hat, leaving the premises volatile. Several guards roam around, both gritty veterans (e.g. The Bishop, hammer-wielding paladin) and soft-spoken scholars (e.g. the cipher Stump the Nine-Fingered and wizard Nirolak the Splitter), ready to mediate arguments or defenestrate the patrons if necessary. The party can participate in some of these heated arguments, and leverage them to win favor from some of the officials in order to secure information or special access elsewhere, but getting involved and not playing the right cards could result in getting bounced and locked out for a time.

The owner of the inn shows up on occasion carrying souvenirs from foreign lands and gathering members of the inn around with pints to tell a story of adventure.

I think they can manage something like that. ;b
Sep 24, 2011
Submitted my entry, but just would like to point out that I didn't come up with it - it's something suggested from way back in a previous Gaf Inn thread.

Just want it to win :D


Feb 3, 2012
Several guards roam around, both gritty veterans (e.g. The Bishop, hammer-wielding paladin) and soft-spoken scholars (e.g. the cipher Stump the Nine-Fingered and wizard Nirolak the Splitter), ready to mediate arguments or defenestrate the patrons if necessary.
haha. this is amazing. xD


Feb 21, 2012
UPDATE 2: Naming the Inn:


Have a unique and awesome name for GAF Inn? Please fill in the survey!

Try to avoid memes and something that is more of a phase. Something that is everlasting is definitely preferred. Everyone is welcome to provide the name.

The Top 5 names will be selected, which will be polled in a week.

Good luck!
So uhhh, how will you select the top 5 names if everyone just tosses in their own names? Are you just gonna count up the ones that sound similar or just select it based on what you think sounds good?


GAF parliamentarian
May 10, 2009
Ottawa, Canada
Survey complete. Gaffes and Folly. Round everything, wood and stone, bunk beds.

Rowdy, jovial, bright. And a fighting pit. Ideally the first time the inn appears on screen, a short sketch will start, where a young pup gets booted out the door by a moderator.


Jul 6, 2010
There needs to be a line of people outside the inn trying to get in. If you talk to one of them, they should reply: "this is ridiculous! I've been waiting six months to try to get inside!"

I like the "Goose and Fox" name. The bouncer names suggested by EviLore are perfect. There should be people who are bounced out from time to time, saying things eerily reminiscent of banned gaffers:

"Alright then, I'll just go lie down!"
"For, or Against. Just answer the bloody question!"
"But what he said to that elf was just a joke! You guys are too sensitive!"
"Still Would!"
Sep 2, 2007
The Goose and Fox or the New Goose and Fox are pretty great.

In a quiet side street sits an inn. A jagged line divides the greystone bones of the damaged lower level from the once-perfect russet stucco exterior of the upper floor.

An adventurer steps inside, to find a menacing doorman with crazy eyes. "Are you a member?" he demands impatiently. "Only members allowed. "
"Yes", replies the adventurer.
"Password?" Asks the doorman.
"The lore reeks of evil."
"Very well, enter. But watch yourself. You don't want me to have to throw you out."

The adventurer enters the main room of the inn. A single candle illuminates each round table, and a small space around it. As the adventurer walks to the bar, he hears small snippets of debate. Each table seems to have a group passionately arguing a different subject. He passes on, not wishing to get involved.

Suddenly the noise level increases around one table. "You idiots are wrong!" Screams a patron. "I have personal knowledge showing my rectitude! " He feels a breath on the back of his neck and spins around to find his throat held in a steady grip. "Show me your proof", whispers the doorman. As the entire crowd quietly watches the offender being cast into the street on his head, murmers are audible. "Never mess around where the Bishop can hear."

Not having played my copy of Baldurs Gate, I'm not sure on the flavor of dialogue that's appropriate.
I like this one lol

En Ex

Apr 20, 2012
So uhhh, how will you select the top 5 names if everyone just tosses in their own names? Are you just gonna count up the ones that sound similar or just select it based on what you think sounds good?
Put together a new survey with all the suggested names and have people vote that way.


Apr 26, 2011
Submitted my entry, but just would like to point out that I didn't come up with it - it's something suggested from way back in a previous Gaf Inn thread.

Just want it to win :D
I'm the one who suggested it, I'm glad people like it.

The idea was that a round tavern sign with an orange fox and a grey goose could be made to vaguely resemble the GAF logo without being too obvious. It's very important that nothing looks off to the other players. I just hope there are actually foxes and geese in this universe. :)


Jan 14, 2012
Make it as realistic as an inn in this setting would be. Make sure it has a few whores walking around asking PC's if they want a good time.


Mar 17, 2013
Name of the inn:

The Golden Ale Fellowship Inn.
Love this one... Seriously amazing.

I tried "The Gate and Fence"

It's a gated community and I thought fence was a double entendre - for someone selling stolen goods... Looking back I wish I'd spent a few more minutes thought on it :p
Jan 12, 2007
Toronto, ON. Canada
Tallying up the votes for the art (185 voters total):

· Floors
o Wood

· Walls
o Brick

· Windows
o Round

· Tables
o Round tables

· Wall Art
o Portraits

· Lighting
o Dark and moody

· Room Types
o Luxurious (large bed room with high class accessories)


P.S. I'll wait an additional day to give people a chance at naming the inn. A lot of you are picking "Goose and Fox", which is great but a LITTLE diversification would be nice! :p


Feb 10, 2009
If there will also be stories from GAF implemented in the Inn, someone could tell the tale of the singer Dennis the Duck (or Dennis Dye Acke), who spread songs everywhere in the country about 'Goose and Fox' and it's visitors being responsible for everything bad in the world, until he was finally banished and sank with his ship the 'pars quinque'.

Maybe something more fleshed out, but you get the idea.


Nov 8, 2006
Expanding on Lore's idea, occasionally the guards should throw out a particular NPC every now and then who admits to the party he'll just return under a different alias to piss on the boorish politicals for shits and giggles.

A quest would involve Ameerox - a powerful and well-known arbiter of the den - who is revealed to be secretly using powerful magicks which alter the memories of past conversations for hidden and insidious ends! The party could choose to side with the dastardly Ameerox, thus gaining free tips or whatever mechanics the GAF Inn would possess at a discount. To reveal his treachery would mean they can get some special "arbiter" privileges at the Inn, which include throwing out NPCs and guiding topics of the conversations.