PS4 Pro patches won't cost users money, like duh

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Apr 25, 2009
Update 4:
Indie games developer (incl PS4):
We are not allowed to charge you for patches or pro feature updates.

The "fees" include anything we have to swallow to update our past games for you.

The internet can calm down. There is nothing we can do to leverage pro features or patches with price. Nothing.
I's the most non news ever. Patches after launch can sometimes cost money (not fees but costs associated with making a patch), and supporting Pro when required is just absorbed into the launch checklist and approval.

Patches can never be charged, nor can exclusive Pro content can be charged either.
Update 3:
duckroll says the Original Translation by Kotaku is correct.

Update 2 (Updated translation again):
Alternative translation:
Yeah, just looked through the article. Not certain, so correct me if there's any mistake, but it sounds very much like the company director of SIE (Masayasu Ito) is saying that depending on some licensees/third-parties, it'll be free and some will be paid (to make a 4K patch)

Original GameWatch Interview Section said:
――従来タイトルの4K・HDR化に関してはパッチ対応ということですが、これは有料でしょうか? それとも無料で行われるのでしょうか?





Translation said:
GW: So, in terms of future games supporting 4K/HDR: Will the patches be free, or will there be a cost?

Masayasu Ito: I think it will be different depending on the title and the way each licensee/third-party thinks about it.

GW: How about when it comes to SIE?

Masayasu Ito: I think that it will differ for each title within the company*. (*The different sects within SIE is what is implied)

GW: So, you're saying that depending on the title, there could be a fee, or it could be free?

Masayasu Ito: That's right.

This is only potentially for games released before October. Games with a launch date after October will have to support both without additional cost.

According to this translation by Kotaku for a GameWatch interview
Found here:

Game Impress Watch: For the 4K HDR patch for existing titles, will it cost money? Or will it be free?

Ito: It will be different for each title. I believe it will depend on the thinking of each licensee.
Game Impress Watch: What about Sony Interactive Entertainment?

Ito: I think it will vary for each one of our titles.

Game Impress Watch: What you’re saying is that there will be titles that have a fee [for the patch] and [patches for the] titles that are free.

Ito: That is correct.

Game Watch Impress: From here on out, we can think that all the titles from SIE will completely support PS4 Pro?

Ito: Right. The first party titles we put out are going to certainly support both [4K and HDR].
Thanks for the translation to Kotaku. In the article they do not say if they are asking anyone of their Sony contacts for clarification, nor is that covered in the FAQ.
Aug 29, 2012
Definitely don't know how to feel about this. Not a good move, IMO, if they end up going this route.

EDIT: Are you sure the context is that Sony will be charging the end-users to patch their games into 4K? It sounds more to me like Sony is going to charge the third-parties a fee to do this as a way to cover themselves.

that sounds... wrong...

edit from the article:

so he's referring to charging the developers/publishers?

doesn't seem like an issue and nothing that will affect end users then.
Yeah, sounds a lot more like this.


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Jun 8, 2004
That would run fairly contrary to the leaked dev docs which explicitly ruled that out. Someone should seek clarification on that.
Jan 11, 2016
I figured that. No way devs would update their 2014 games for free. Extra work that was not anticipated should get extra payment. If we don't pay them, Sony will pay them, and Sony will eventually get that money from us.
Oct 23, 2013
Nottingham, UK
This has to be a translation error or something. Surely they can be thinking of charging for unlocking 4k HRD mode for example or something like that for users? It would be like PC games charging extra for higher resolutions and ultra/max settings.


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Apr 25, 2009
Read again.

Why would Sony charge publishers fhough?
Only indies get free patches.

Regular publishers had to traditionally pay them for each patch. That might have been relaxed in recent years but that was still the case when I last read it (which was admittedly 2013.)
May 28, 2014
Man I would be laughing so hard if this happens. It's like these guys try to find any possible way to rip off the console guys.

How about this. I don't buy your game at all and you can shove it ?

Seriously for how long they will try and rip us off ? We have to pay for a patch that will make your game desirable and buy it ?
Dec 12, 2013
It sounds like it is up to the developer, which is the correct thing to do. Patching will no doubt require resources not initially budgeted or planned for. Hopefully, this will not get abused, and will lead to more older games getting Pro patches.


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Apr 25, 2009
That would run fairly contrary to the leaked dev docs which explicitly ruled that out. Someone should seek clarification on that.
Nah, that can't be right. That's against the documentation for PS4 Pro.
I wasn't aware of this. Any links, so I can include this in the OP for future posters.
Of course this is more recent so it needs to be clarified anyway.


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Feb 8, 2012
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For older titles I'd be fine paying a dollar/pound or two for upgrade DLC as long it comes with some tangible game content too, since game development isn't free. Newer titles though, absolutely no way, as it should be factored into the core product.
Oct 15, 2014
If this is true in anyway then I'll get rid of the PS4.

I can't see it being true, titles that come out from the release of the Pro are mandated to support the Pro.

And if developers think that customers are willing to pay for updates to old games they can actually fuck right off, they'll be in for a shock. The backlash will be huge.

Seriously what is Sony doing, first the lack of 4K blu-ray player which isn't a deal breaker, and now this, they are slowly trying to fuck things up huh?
Sep 22, 2005
What fee do developers pay?
Submitting patches on consoles is generally not free as they need testing by the platform holder, etc before they can go live on PSN/Xbox Live. (The first patch for a title is usually free - unless things have changed in recent years?)
Nov 20, 2014
I'm surprise by everybody reaction, you think this is free to update a software ? You think you call at Sony and say hey i have a path for my game, here just release it ?

You got to be kidding me ? You clearly never work in IT if this is the case.


Sep 25, 2012
Man I will be skipping this completely then, this is a deal breaker

Edit: misleading OP, will not cancel preorder. But it's still Fucked up to put a financial roadblock that would discourage publishers from making their new system shine
Apr 1, 2013
Kent, England
Nah, I don't see that happening. Of course they're not going to charge consumers. The reality is that they will only patch HDR support into games when it makes business sense, in an effort to drive software or hardware sales. This cost is going to have to be eaten by Sony or the publisher in question.


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Apr 25, 2009
This seems like a mistranslation..
Pretty sure he's talking about charging the dev for the patch or I'll eat my hat.
Even in the case of charging pubs, in this special case this should be waived as this forward compatibility stuff is in their own interest as well.
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