Random Youtuber appears to have a retail Xbox One

Update: Seemingly dev kit
It's a dev kit - at 1:36 you can see a white sticker on the front behind the cable he has pushed up against it (and as previously noted he's using the paper materials to cover other stickers).
You can see he's trying to hide the QR code in front with the wires

Lock if old.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CjgQwulkhY REMOVED
Re-uploaded vids

At the end, the guys says he will have games soon, and will upload gameplay. I doubt his account will stay up though.

Credit goes to @xJumPeR_JumPz for posting it on his Twitter account (not his video)
"eeeehhhh...here's this...........ehhhhhhhhh.........this thing, you know.........ehhhh.... it's......ehhhhh...pretty cool."

:lol @ "if I don't explain everything leave a question in comments", he didn't say anything in that video.
You guys are too naive.
I was going to highlight these exact posts, but say how is the kid getting the dad fired? If the dad brought one home, WHERE IS HE? Why isn't he ensuring the kid didn't get his hands on it? It's the dad's fault, not the kid.

Also, if by 'you guys are too naive' you think this is some viral video attempt by Microsoft to raise awareness of the XBO, you're wrong. Not even Sony would attribute that much intelligence and creativity to the Xbox team.
Either this is a planned marketing stunt or these employees with kids don't talk about the rules of owning the console before everyone else.