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Redfall, Suicide Squad and other Coop/GaaS games that nobody asked for. Who’s next to crash and burn?


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It's in your title: Suicide Squad is a disaster in progress.

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Game faith is also in the title.
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There's only so many gamers playing games at any minute of the day.

What all these GAAS game making studios think is that they can carve out a piece of MC or COD or Fortnite and hold onto it.

On paper it seems easy. I bet in their closed door strategy meetings they are all like "well, if we only get 1% of what Fortnite does, that's already a giant sum of money X". I see it all the time at my companies when the marketing people assume that if you just launch some shit in the marketplace, it's guaranteed the brand and item will generate a pie slice.

Most shit fails. And it's even worse for non-gaming because the retailers will trash it for you. At least for gaming, a shit game can be in the bargain bin e-store for 10 years if they want to.

The best products we sell can be equated to the longstanding stuff in gaming..... tried and true products that have been around for 10 or 20 years. Every 5-10 years it gets a packaging refresh, but the core product is the same.

Some gamers might not like it, but a lot of people just like similar stuff they always like. Stick to it instead trying something new. And with gaming I can see a lot more risk than regular shit you buy at the store because most of the time the game you buy is no refunds. At least if you branch out and try out a new pair of pants or bag of coffee, if it sucks you can refund it.
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