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Reviews for The Fate of The Furious

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May 17, 2006
Lawton, Okla.
Exactly! Bow wow showing off that car fooling everyone. That is some good cheese

Plus guys if Dom can go toe to toe with the rock who beat statham wouldn't he be able to put up a fight with statham?

Both of which were dumb. I watched the series back-to-back this weekend and Dom is a pure slugger in the first movie. Every one of his fights involved a cheap punch to get them on the ground and just pounding them. Apparently during his time hiding out in Mexico and stealing gas tankers in South America, he learned how to fight. Because he shows up in Fast & Furious and especially the last two movies and is excellent in hand-to-hand combat.

Vin Diesel booking his character like Triple H. He should have gone down hard both to Hobbs and to Ian Shaw.


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
Nov 23, 2015
New Jersey
The photo of Michele Rodriguez as the banner for the rotten tomatoes page for the movie is kind of hilarious

Its like,"Yep we made another one and you're going to go see it even if it sucks!"


Jan 5, 2012
Saw this last night at a preview event. Wrote up some (non-spoiler) thoughts, but will spoiler them regardless.

I'll start by saying my personal favorite in the series is 6, beyond any doubt. I measure these films based on how many times I have to pick my jaw up off the floor. By that metric, Fate stands just below Fast Five. It's a strong movie, but the weakest one they've done in awhile. There's a bigger focus on actual car action, which will please a ton of people - but felt like a bit of a step back to me. Gray isn't a great action director for fight sequences,
and it shows. Everything feels a lot more grounded, despite the plot being 100% GI Joe, 'save the world' nuttery.

Theron is phenomenal. Easily the best villain the series has seen, though she's a little underutilized as an action star.

They manage to fully justify Dom's intentions, and pull the film into surprisingly dark territory.

Statham and the Rock carry the film, and both show off their ample charisma. Statham in particular is given way more to work with, and feels like so much more than the faceless monster he was in 7.

The core crew feels a little bit sidelined by the parade of new characters, especially Scott Eastwood who has no good excuse to be in this film. You get the sense that losing Brian has tossed in dynamic into disarray, and the writers are still working out the best way to continue.

The New York scenes are great, and wonderfully realized. It's a great example of how this film celebrates practical effects work like few others. In comparison the sub chase is fun - but a bit reliant on CG.

Overall, it's a great time. It's not the best this series has been, but still better than 90% of action films you'll get in theaters this year.

On a slightly different unrelated note, our screening also had an ad for a Fast & Furious live stunt show that will apparently be touring arenas in 2018. Were tickets available, I'd buy front row seats in a heartbeat.


Unconfirmed Member
Aug 21, 2014
I hope the crew goes wind surfing with those body suits that have wings in the next movie. Turn it into a Bond movie.


Jan 5, 2012
Thanks for the impressions

So not too much CGI? The clip of the zombie car horde in the trailer made me a bit worried they might have decided to resort to CGI more than practical

The sub chase is heavy on the CGI, but the rest is largely practical. I don't have the best eye for it, but I felt most of the 'zombie car' sequence was done legit.


Jan 4, 2009
Sydney, Australia
I'm not good at writing long form posts about movies and since most people haven't seen it I'll have to keep it spoiler free too, so maybe just a few dot points for quick thoughts.

-It's the most serious entry since 4. Of course you have Roman's quips and the Rock and Statham being dumb beefcakes at each other. Otherwise every character was pretty serious and treating the situation seriously.

-The action just felt a little bit more generic to me than usual? Hard to describe but I didn't really have many open jaw surprising moments. Maybe I'm just desensitised to it at this point after the last three films were already filled with ludicrousness. It's still well made of course but I think I still prefer 6's infinite runway action scene.

-The whole Jason Statham thing. It didn't sit right with me where the character ended up and I'll let you see for yourselves. This guy killed Han!

-The new white guy they added to the main cast is very boring. It's like they tried to balance out Paul Walker being gone except this new guy has like a tenth of the charisma.

-Charlize was an ok villain, didn't feel she was anything special compared to past villains in the series. Certainly not as memorable as Johnny Tran.

In the end it's a good movie, just perhaps missing that special feeling I got from past entries. It kinda feels like 4 to me but perhaps like 4 it might be a necessary step to help set up the series.
Mar 1, 2010
28 reviews, 79%

Consensus: The Fate of the Furious opens a new chapter in the franchise, fueled by the same infectious cast chemistry and over-the-top action fans have come to expect.
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