RUMOUR: Xbox One leaking liquid? - Two cases reported so far

Oct 3, 2012
United Kingdom

A couple of users on the Xbox Support forums are complaining about quite an unusual issue with their Xbox Ones. Their Xbox Ones were allegedly leaking a liquid that was leaving a milky-white residue, from inside the console itself.

From all accounts, it seems that it could be the thermal compound leaking out (a heat-conducting compound that sits between a chip and its heatsink, to help channel generated heat from a graphics/CPU chip to the heatsink to dissipate), though the compound itself would have to have been applied quite liberally to leak out. Seeing as the Xbox One’s huge heatsink-fan assembly sits at the full right-front of the console, near the vents, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for the compound to leak out if too much was accidentally applied during assembly.
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Ass storm?


Tears in the rain
May 28, 2013
Xbox One is leaking ectoplasm confirmed. I knew these things were possessed by unholy ghosts. Exorcism revision incoming.
Aug 14, 2007
Yeah, it happens. I had a PS3 that was overheating. Took it apart, and there was thermal gunk all over the place. No idea why they don't have preapplied pads like they do on retail CPU heat sinks. Would certainly speed assembly, and prevent stuff like this.

Thermal grease can't turn into vapor and condense on anything, that's gibberish.
....unless it is being run upside down. Which sounds stupid, granted.