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RYSE will be a Xbox One exclusive, more info at E3




Mock / throw into the Coliseum if old.


And they made him a Lord of Cinder. Not for virtue, but for might. Such is a lord, I suppose. But here I ask. Do we have a sodding chance?


'Controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect?'

Yeah, finally a big new game in the grand tradition of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor!


It doesn't paint a positive feature of Kinect 2.0 if one of the supposed flagship title was changed to controller mode...


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Interested to see it. I bet it's gorgeous and I thought the kinect stuff was toned down? Crytek had also not made a good game since Crysis but this will be important for them.


I bet my left ball this gets scripted like Milo demo. (to sell you on Kinect 2)

(Btw If someone is wondering I lost my right ball by betting on #teamreal when Milo demo was shown. Damn you peter.)


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Another game that doesnt interest me down, 12 exclusives to go.


it says controller based, enhanced with kinect
its hard to read isnt it ?

doesnt mean there wont be some kind of kinect controls shoehorned in that your required to use at some point

"BASED" means the majority of the controls will use button inputs. thats great. I refuse to play a game if even a word has to be spoken or gesture made

it needs to be controller ONLY

with how much Microsoft is forcing kinect on us, im not confident "enhanced" means optional
At some point during the conference it was said that there would be hybird kinect/controller based games and the example was raising your hands and controller upward to raise your sheild. I'm guessing this is how this game will play. No kinect to move of course but certain actions will be gesture based.


i remembered that they said it will be a controller game with kinect functionality. that's why they've moved it next gen


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Really interested on seeing how this looks now.
Has it ever actually been shown? They had that brief trailer a few E3s ago but I think I remember that being CG.

It's changed teams since then, too. The fact it's moved to controller gameplay means they've probably made substantial changes to anything they might have shown before.


The fact they have to hype up controller based gameplay for an exclusive coming from Crytek of all devs shows how fucked this situation is.

it was announced as a kinect only game. would be a bit misleading if they change it without telling anybody right ?
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