Shocking news: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD being localized

Nov 29, 2012
I couldnt be happier. Finished Kingdom Hearts 1 about 10 times over the years, but never managed to play Final Mix.

I hear the camera is better in the HD version now too, which is really the only problem I had with the game.

Pity KH2 isnt with it though :(


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Mar 10, 2011
I hear EA is making Madden 14.

Mirror's Edge 2 is practically guaranteed!
Lol :D
Still, BD has high probabilities to come over here, don't make me repost that Famitsu interview again, I've posted it too many times :lol Hell,we're even getting Project X Zone, that was one of those that almost no one believed it'd be brought here.
Type 0 was a different situation, given it's a late 2011 PSP title. And they actually said recently there's the will to bring it here, but IIRC they didn't say anything else. If they really want to bring it here, they first need to bring it on other console/s.

More IT: So shocked! =P Well, still good to see it confirmed.
Jul 17, 2007
Maybe I'll finish Kingdom Hearts 1 now.

But... I feel sorry for all of those triple dipping on Chain of Memories.. :(

Still, Square-Enix knows where the money is. lololol @ BDFF and Type-0.