STEAM | May 2017 - Praeying for Dino Crisis

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World to the West
- Tizoc
A 3D Action Adventure game from the creator of Teslagard. You choose one of four characters each with their own unique playstyle and explore a fantasy world solving puzzles and battling enemies.

Birthdays the Beginning
- Tizoc
From the creator of Harvest Moon comes a sandbox game where you create a world and manage the creatures' evolution. You can shape the geography and can control temperature among other options to manage the world you're creating.

The Low Road
- Tizoc
A 2D PnC Adventure game set in the 1970s following 2 corporate spies dedicated to the protection and appropriation of industry changing secrets.

- Tizoc
A 3D Adventure game from Tequila Works, creators of Deadlight and Sexy Brutale.

Rabbit Story
- Tizoc
An Adventure game with an Overhead view and cute little animals.

I am optimistic about this game, because if this game can get a sequel after a decade then HL3 is still possible.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd
= Se7enSword & Ascheroth

Following up on the events after the end of Trails in the sky SC, Estelle and Joshua's role as protagonists of the story ends and the spotlight now shifts to Kevin Graham, a member of the Gralsritter. The story this time delves into the lore and background of the Trails world and paves the way for future sequels.

Even now, people continue to unearth more information from this game about future sequels. Truly a timeless masterpiece.

As the name might imply, this is the 3rd game in the Trails in the Sky trilogy. Half a year after the events of Trails in the Sky SC, Father Kevin Graham takes on a routine mission on behalf of the Septian Church. He and his partner are then plunged into a realm that follows an unnaturally strict set of rules and is as intent to open old wounds as it is to keep them behind closed doors...

Now, if you've already played the first two games, you're going to buy this anyway so I doubt much more needs to be said here.
If you, however, have not played them, let me first ask: What is wrong with you?
And secondly tell you why you should fix this mistake asap!

The Trails in the Sky series is known for its
  • amazing worldbuilding
  • great characters (even the random town NPCs!) and story
  • Estelle Bright, one of the all-time best female JRPG protagonists
  • Olivier
  • Falcom soundtrack goodness
  • lots of text
  • length (we're talking 40-60 hours for the first game and 1.5 - 2 times that for the second game).
  • NPC dialog that changes after every little main story progress, telling you about their lives, problems, relations and the world itself. Their little sidestories can even span multiple games!
  • and Olivier
While these games don't throw you into an epic adventure right off the bat, their slow build- and set-up deliver huge pay-offs if you're willing to stick with it.
Combat is turn-based with slight positional elements and an intricate 'magic' system (Orbments and Quartz) that allow you to greatly customise the abilities of your party.
The games also run on a toaster and can be played entirely with mouse alone.
And did I mention Olivier already?

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Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
Dino month.

I'm eager to check this Her-Story-like game called The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker:

Release date: May 19. Price: £7 / $9 / €9.
MODBOT has been linked.

Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.

Original placeholder for prosperity sake:

Moving the HDDs I use for specific data storage to a bespoke, low-power NAS system housed in something like the Fractal Arc Mini R2 is something I've been toying with for years. With only an SSD and general downloads drive, I'd finally be able to move my system into a case that isn't some unwieldy full tower.
Yeah, pretty much. Even simple stuff like dusting the case is a pain in the ass when you just happen live on the 5th floor and don't have a balcony where you could do some dirt.
I've been thinking about just buying a basic NAS box from WD or Buffalo or whoever rather than building one myself though and stash that out of sight somewhere.

But alas, no budget at the moment.
Nice new thread. Regina will return...when we're all extinct. Going to keep playing The Witcher 3 this month I guess.

Also, Drumheller, Alberta is a cool place to visit for dinosaur buffs because of the fossils and museums, I've always wanted to check it out.
Nice thread title. I look forward to playing Prey next year. My confidence and goodwill that Arkane built with Dishonored 1 has been largely wiped away by the - still - bad performing Dishonored 2. In their "defence", it's not utter shite any more, so that's something, but still quite far from acceptable.
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