Super Best Friends |OT19| Three-Fifths of a Thread


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Official Website | Hub for everything Best Friends and more, including the videos Youtube hates!

Youtube Channel | Source for most full game playthroughs and the majority of Best Friends content.

Machinima Channel | Heavily cut, one-shot playthroughs for newer releases and goofy nonsense.

Matt's Side Channel | Bug Reports and Special Clubs

Pat's Side Channel | Twitch Archives

Woolie's Side Channel | Hope You Like Naruto

The hypest podcast in gaming since the dawn of time, the Super Best Friendcast is a weekly podcast starring all the Best Friends. Each week the Zaibatsu talk about their weekly endeavors, discuss the happenings in the video game industry and other assorted pop culture nerd shit, and read questions sent in through email. What’s the email, you ask? It’s

I haven't heard of these guys before, why should I get into their stuff?
The chemistry that each member has with each other provides for genuinely funny and light hearted entertainment. Each member has their own preferences when it comes to games and such, but they all have passion to create content that they like making and that fans like taking part in. You are bound to either enjoy the company of all members or find a combo that you enjoy the most. There is plenty of content to dive into as well.

Whats the difference between the main channel and the Machinima channel?
The main Youtube channel has full playthroughs and ongoing playthroughs. Machinima videos are edited down and more quickfire comedy. features only available on that channel.

What type of games do they play?
The Best Friends play games they personally want to play along with games they feel will provide entertainment for fans. So expect games ranging from current gen to older handheld games or SNES/Genesis games.

Who is this Liam person?
A former member of Super Best Friends who has decided to split from the group. This page will update with links once he's started on his own.


Friday Night Fisticuffs | “So, this is like a new segment we wanna do, cause I wanna play fighting games.” — Pat

Cryme Tyme With Woolie and Matt | Watch Matt and Woolie plunge themselves into a forgettable era of gangster games, with muffled rap music playing in the distance.

Mystery Box | A random selection of game quick looks at anything. “Would the title of the game damage the video? Yes? Put it in the Mystery Box!” — Pat

Matt and Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness | 31 horror games are played, do Matt and Pat have what it takes to escape the storm of shit? Try out the first run of this creepy, annual series!

Super Best Friends Brawl | In battles of skills, salt, and ginger seeking chomp chomps, only one will prevail.

Rustlemania | 31 Days. 31 russling games. Unlimited Benoit.

The Amazing Superfriends | The Best Friends play 31 of the best and worst (but mostly worst) superhero games out there. Expect constant shit talking of Cyclops.

Plague of Gripes

Draws and animates for the Best Friends. Likes drawing buff Saiyan girls and has an encyclopedic knowledge of creepy animal sex facts. Twitter | DeviantART | Youtube | Tumblr


Draws and animates for the Best Friends. Made Pat’s obsession with ponies canon. Twitter | Youtube | DeviantART | Tumblr


Draws and animates for the Best Friends. Makes the most kawaii 2BF art. Twitter | Youtube | DeviantART | Tumblr

Zaibatsupedia | The Best Friends wiki. Has tons of info and trivia.

Best Friends Zaibatsu | Fan made tumblr with fan made art, captured pics, videos, quotes, and more.

Fuck Yeah Two Best Friends Play | Another tumblr fan page similar content.

TBFStream Daily | Best Friends content is streamed on a live channel, chat with other SBF fans while watching SBF.

TV Tropes Page | Full of interesting examinations of the entire catalog of Best Friends content.

/r/TwoBestFriendsPlay | Fan subreddit. Woolie and Liam sometimes post there. Has some Best Friend AMAs too.

Super Best Fans | A place for fellow 2BF fans to hang out and play games, on consoles or on PC. Private message PhantomGaming for an invite to the group. Make sure to add your Steam URL to the private message.

TBF Unofficial Discord | Talk mad smack about your favorite Youtube channel here.

the new parasite eve that, monster's hurt cry


that shit reminded me of some beard bros



type shit
I was just waiting for them to use it.


first time I used it, it was like...


Hah yes, that's a great representation of it.

Still somehow missed the flame round godddd damnit :D it almost looked intentional
I laughed, wouldn't be the guys without fucking it up.

Also speaking of fucking up, their screaming at accidentally using a health thing was also great.
Wow... the thread title. That's been in the rotation for years now. But considering how much was lost in the reboot arc, I guess the title is fitting.


So... when will the lp enter "The flame round retrieval arc"?

Also, I feel like this episode is the most I've face palmed in a single video

From pat using healing items by accident, taking separating fluid instead of chem fluid,to saying "lets make some burner fuel" by combing strong fluid with the fuel

But somehow, it all still worked out for him.