Super Best Friends |OT19| Three-Fifths of a Thread

The Samurai Gunn episode is the kind of Friday Night Fisticuffs I like to watch! They made a comment about how the commentary stops when they get into games like this, but the intense action and the fact that they get really into the game is what I love to watch!

During high school, and a good portion of college, I used to go over to a friends every Friday and do this exact thing, with stuff like Mario kart, smash and soul caliber. Seeing them play the games like this during FNF really reminds me of that time, and even though I'm not playing the game I get really invested in their matches like when I would watch my friends play.

I like these ones much better then when they just pick a fighting game to just show it off. Though that may be just me. I have no idea how popular the competitive FNF are compared to the showcase FNF.
Samurai Gunn is really sweet. I remember watching a video by Jesse Cox with two friends playing it as part of his multiplayer stuff and they had a blast. Glad the guys are enjoying it too.
Don't really see how that's any more youtube bait than the rest of the game.
I mean, the entire game is cribbing hard from all kinds of horror stuff left and right, but it mostly works, so eh.
Because 99% of youtube reaction LPers are going to play up the cringe like...

"Ooohhohoh creepy music.
Are... who is that.
I don't wanna go in... do I have to go...
Ooohohhohohohho suuuu scared
don'thurtmedon'thurtmedon'thurtme." whimpers

Meanwhile Pat just like "Yeah, I see you bitch." walks forward


fleurs n'est pas britannique
Actually for those parts I was rather amused by the excellent framing with the doors and darkness. Both the alligator and grandma.
Yeah same. Horror has become a weird genre since youtube reactions because there has always been jump scares to varying degrees, but now it feels like thats the defining element of the genre :/
She's a former writer/editor for Destructoid, Polygon, number of other places.

Apparently she leaked a bunch of info about the Switch.
Some of which was right, some of which was quite wrong, as I recall (i.e. I seem to recall her being one of the people saying no Zelda as a launch title, for example).


fleurs n'est pas britannique
This might come off kinda shallow, but i meant mostly as a trans person in the videogame industry. For a group of guys who tend to try and keep a poles length from that kind of controversy/politics, kind of surprised they would invite her onto the podcast. Im glad but surprised.