Super Mario Odyssey direct feed gameplay highlights photo mode, costumes, Frog Mario

These were posted in the other Mario Odyssey trailer thread, but I figured there was enough new footage and features highlighted to warrant its own thread.

Clips of Bonneton, a boss battle, and a more detailed look into photo mode. There are a ton of filters including silhouette, ink paintings, and even NES and Game Boy filters.

More costumes and Koopa Mario (Pan Bro?) gameplay. The koopa moves with little hops. Also it's not worthy that the enemy is still alive after Mario depossesses it. The effect of Cappy on their long-term mental health is currently unknown.

Also noteworthy is that you can briefly see the outfit Mario wore during the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 3DS commercial.

Frog Mario. Far more mobile on land than in the SMB3 days.

SHIRTLESS MARIO running around on the beach.

Mario sleeping. Maybe the bird changes based on the level.
Nevermind I keep posting stupid shit.

Still holding off on a Switch. This is the only game I'd want for it, might as well wait for a few revisions to go by.
This game is so impressive. Completely charming, so inventive. Nintendo's still got it, as if there were any doubt.

I love the different costumes and Mario's frenzied attacks. Throwing frying pans rapid-fire while possessing the koopa looks crazy fun.


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Game looks super fun. The only thing throwing me off are the extremely wide open empty spaces. Looks weird compared to the densely packed environments of previous Mario games.
I noticed when he got the moon it was 1/07/17, which is a long time ago. So I thought it was probably July 1st using DD/MM/Year. But this is direct feed from recently right? So maybe that means this is a build from July 1st?