Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Community Thread and |OT|


Faith - Hope - Love
Jan 1, 2017
East Tennessee, USA
Anyone competitive/serious in this thread?

Is all that kind of discussion quarantined to Discord?
I've put in over 170 hours, and love playing many of the characters...but rarely ever play extensively with any one particular fighter. I'm pretty decent with many of them and completed all the challenges, but I'm hardly pro level. :)
Dec 31, 2013
Brazil - Sao Paulo
I don't know if, it is just me, but I am not enjoying World of Light. Playing classic is great and very fun, even on higher difficulty, but world of Light is not working for me. Even on the Spirit board, some challenges are too random for me, and liberate the spirits, shooting the gun on the right time, is also something I don't like.

Since I already unlocked all characters. I am seriously considering drop this mode.
Jan 27, 2018
Did they bump down the WoL difficulty in the new patch? I'm walking through it on the hardest setting after not playing it since the patch.
I haven't heard anything about that, and finding it pretty tough even on Normal. You may just be that good. :)

It does get easier as you go along, since you're gaining stronger spirits and fleshing out your skill tree. (I heal from Smash attacks now, which is... fairly OP.)