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Target Black Friday Ad Leak

Searched. Lock thread if old.

Via Wario



Wii U Spaltoon/Smash bundle for $250. With that and Xenoblade it looks like a decent purchase.
Wow, wasn't expecting the Rock Band 4 bundle to see a discount. Grab it and you'll be ready for their big Dec 8 update.

Also, Syndicate is easily worth $35. Maybe I'll jump into The Taken King at that price as well?
Is Destiny worth $35?

If you don't own any of Destiny yet, that's a pretty good deal as that is the base game + all three expansions.

If you already own Destiny and the first two expansions, it's only $5 less than Taken King would be as DLC.
Hmm, Syndicate for $35? Might have to jump on that.

Not interested in dealing with mobs for that Guitar Hero Live, but that's a good price.


Free gift card with Super Mario Maker? I may just do it and then use the gift card on another game straight after!
Well, then. Hopefully my local Target has Dragon Quest: Heroes and Tales of Zestiria. I'll snatch them up tomorrow with their buy two get one free deal, take em' back on black friday and re-buy 'em for cheap(hopefully).
That would be enough to get me on board with Guitar Hero. Not sure if I'm willing to wait for hours and trample people for it, though.
Was really hoping for a Wii U deal at $200 with two games. Maybe I should wait it out another year and get it for a better price.
I get better deals on game prices on day one from Best Buy. But that infinite sale, I want. Stupid door buster crap, means it will be impossible to get.
Gonna try and get that Guitar Hero. Got $30 in Target Gift Cards to spend.

Is this in-store only or can you order online?
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