TEKKEN 7 Arcade Release set for February 2015

that mean console port is confirmed for next year around Sept.

this is good news... .still far away but good news.

now how about release a proper screen shot to see how good the game actually look. because I couldn't tell shit from the off screen videos
This is good news. Also, before someone says anything crazy like, "Durr, the graphics are the same as the previous Tekken games," It was at 60% visual quality the last time the game was featured.


Believes Dragon Quest is a franchise managed by Sony
Jin not being featured in the images is kinda surprising.
He's supposed to be dead except for a small teaser at the very end of the scenario campaign in T6. So him coming back will probably be treated as a surprise for later.

Also...glad to know T7 will be coming to consoles late next year. Dead or Alive 5 PS4, Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7, GGXRD...its a good time to be a fighting game fan
Fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken aren't Mortal Kombat, nor are they supposed to be.
Wait, what? I didn't mean it like that at all, I just meant that it's funny when you think a character in a fighting game dies in the story mode because they generally always make some sort crazy, otherworldly comeback.
I hope Mad Catz releases a Guilty Gear stick. I've gotten so used to my BlazBlue TE that I think I'm stuck with Mad Catz for the foreseeable future.

Well, GG stick or not, it's good to hear Mad Catz has PS4 sticks coming out.
allot of my childhood memories are of me playing Tekken and Time Crisis at the arcades. Are arcades still a pretty big deal in japan. Because all my childhood favorite arcades in the US closed down.
looks terrible as you would expect from the design decisions over the last few games

I guess it'll be fun with friends though

where are the real fighters at