The Last Guardian (TRICO) announced for PS3

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Team ICO once again proves that they are the only developer that truly understands emotions in games. Wow... Peter Molyneux, I hope you are taking notes!
The feathers have become even MOAR ridiculous! it looks so gorgeous, although the newer feathers seem to have some weird physics issues to iron out.

The visuals and atmosphere have come a long way from that internal footage. I simply cannot wait to play this game when it comes out. I hope motion controls let you interact with the Guardian:D
Trailer looked fantastic. I am already in love with the game and want it now. They didn't mention a release but it's probably 2010???
I need an HD trailer! looked so beautiful..the beast looked so delicate despite its size...I love Team ICO...can't wait for this game, just can't wait.
Yeah, this game stole the show for me...I did not see the leaked footage that many of you refer to though so I wasn't spoiled. Day one here.
Miller's Crossing theme won't be in the game even though it's still in the trailer I guess? I'm surprised they used it again instead of some original score. It fits so well and it's so beautiful - do you think there's a chance they could keep it? Edit: The more I think about it - they probably just use it as trailer material - still it fits so beautifully and I wouldn't want to miss it.

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The trailer for this looked so damn great it almost made me shed a :')
they improved it in every way I hoped they would from the early trailer.
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