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The Last of Us has a season pass, multiplayer news imminent

Its listed in Gamestop's computer.

While this isn't anything new, I really hope this is a sign of dedicated single player dlc and NOT the Multiplayer that "has been announced but we refuse to fucking show it, despite the release being less than a month away"

Edit: its $19.99

Loudninja said:
Someone ask about a season pass in relation to MP
+ Eric Monacelli on May 20th, 2013 at 1:30 am said:
Thanks! We excited to hear what people think about our game. MP news is imminent. Season Pass? Good idea!


so basically, wait for the complete GOTY version?

I mean, there's no multiplayer right?

I personally think its more worthwhile to join early.

If one of you guys walked into a game as steep as starhawk now, you would get slaughtered.

The Last of Us really annoys me that they haven't showed me MP footage. I would have preordered it by now if they gave us a glimpse. I don't care about the season pass TBH.


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Fuuuuuck that shit is so lame. At this point I almost wish they'd just charge me $80 or $100 for the game and get it out of the way. I'm sick of feeling like I dot get the full experience if I don't buy multiple add ons after the fact
Easy answer is just don't get it.

Even if there is a piece of single player DLC, it will be alone in a stack of MP stuff.
Just get the game and then buy (if it exists) the single player piece.


The Survivor Edition is enough. ND isn't known for singleplayer DLC and the MP hasnt even been shown yet. Im done spending money on this game.


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Seeing as I have zero interest in multiplayer (in this or basically anything) I do not care, but I am also not surprised.


I felt really, really burned when I bought Bioshock Infinite and there was an ad inside the box for another $20 of single player content.

Never again. I'll bite when the price of the game is $40, so I feel like I'm getting the complete package for my money.


and yet there's still no multiplayer info from them. -_-

i think they're showing it at Sony's E3 conference.


From the blogcast
What I can tell you right now is that, take all these things we’ve been talking about – this pressure to survive, this high lethality, this limited resources, this crafting, these upgrades – and now go head-to-head with somebody else. So that spirit that we’ve captured in the single player, you’re gonna feel it, you’re gonna really feel that in the multiplayer. And that’s really all I can say right now.


If I dig the game as much as I think I will and it's more single player content, then I may look into it. I'll just have to wait and see.
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