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The Switch is three years old today !

How would you rate the Switch so far ?

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Odd time to blow out candles. Between the impact of the Coronavirus that is gradually being felt ( at least on the Japanese chart sales ) on its hardware sales and the hypothetical first big Direct of the year that is being desperately begged in the beginning of a year so far very poor in terms of videogame news - to the point where we are wondering if the virus shook up any initial plans for major videogame companies -, the Switch had experienced more "serene" times to celebrate its birthday. For it has now been three years since the Switch was released in the world on this day of March 3, 2017.

The Japanese manufacturer was expected to operate a 180° turnaround after the commercial boom of the ugly duckling Wii U, and performance below its big sister the DS for the line of 3DS consoles ( although it still managed to sell more than 70 million copies globally ) which has for some time now unofficially completed its life cycle in general indifference. So there enters the Switch - a technically portable console but which can connect to a TV output thanks to its dock -, including a hybrid concept that, while not new in the industry, is here perfected - finally hitting the nail on the head and offering back to the company its best commercial performance since the Wii days, to the point where for a console deemed "complementary" in its genre to more hardcore consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and other Pro-PC Master Race, has according to latest sounds of corridors already managed to exceed in 3 years the total sales of the Xbox One in almost 7 years - around 50 million even if Microsoft continues to do the ostrich regarding any official sales.

An impressive blow for a technically outdated console - Nintendo having stopped the race for power for years - which however caught up very well on its main quality : its catalog of games. While it is true that support of third-party publishers on the Switch is not really the most exemplary in regards to the ratio new games-overpriced ports, although there has undeniably been a margin of progression over the years ( especially if we hold it in comparison to the Wii U’s famelic game library ), it's hard not to admit that all categories of players can largely find their preferred genre of game in the meanders of the eShop, even if it begins to look like the Steam store as Nintendo is somehow letting in questionable piss-poor excuses of a game ).
So yes, we’re desperate not to see the long-awaited return of some Nintendo franchises placed under artificial respirator ( F-Zero, Pikmin, Advance Wars, Kid Icarus, and so on), we’re desperate to have in 2020 a "Virtual console" composed only of (S)NES games ( When the N64 ? the GameCube ? Game Boy Advance titles ? say other third-party consoles like Sega ? ), a user interface too simplistic and severely stripped of multimedia functions such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, Spotify, the Internet Browser, etc... a shitty online system and a completely archaic voice chat system, a console with often failing hardware ( aside from the Joy-Con drift, the Switch suffered from the beginning of regular technical setbacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb-srOfRqNc ), a monetary policy mostly disproportionate and sometimes scamming given the questionable interest of some aging ports ( the famous switch tax )... and so on.

We could still go on a little bit, as a Nintendo fan since I was a kid that still has some things to say about the Switch. But if we make abstraction of the console’s major flaws, we find ourselves with a sense of freedom - freely adaptive to the requirements of players who have to adapt to their daily schedule - as no other hybrid console has proposed so far. The idea of playing games like The Witcher 3, Overwatch, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Warframe, Mortal Kombat, Wolfenstein, and even games initially exclusive to the Xbox ( Ori and Cuphead has been consistently ranking in the eShop charts ), and soon Doom Eternal and The Outer Worlds on a portable console would have seemed impossible, ludicrous, a waste of resources and time ( depending on your respective fanboy position ) some years ago. And yet, the Switch is well on its way to welcome even more videogame hits in the future that are just waiting to be received on the best modular finding on the market in the name of the Switch. In any case, it has got plenty of time : the Switch is still only in the first half of the life cycle planned by the shareholders of Big N. Who knows if they will be able as always of the best and worst in the years to come in terms of support ?

As a reminder, the week following the Switch's first anniversary has seen the arrival of a general Direct ... which had been the site of announcements for ports of big third-party games ( Okami HD, Undertale, the remastered Crash Bandicoot trilogy, South Park : The Fractured But Whole ) in addition to the insane teaser for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. At the dawn of the Switch's third anniversary, is Nintendo still hiding potentially big cards in its game ?

Anyway, how are you enjoying the Switch three years after its release ?


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It's an A for me. As a co-op device it's uncontested. I have enjoyed so many games together with my kids, and the fact that it's instant on and near silent makes it even better. It could have more power, though, and it's pretty shit as a handheld. Ergonomically speaking.


It“s slowly starting to be my go to gaming entertainment system for now, it’ll probably change once next gen rolls around but here’s hoping for more success on a system I originally wasn’t to excited for.


Huge disapointment. After zelda+xenoblade+mario&rabbids, it have been mostly collecting dust.

I just dont find "mario games" fun, odussey were boring as fuck.

It is just too weak to be hybrid so big games run like shit and rest are mostly weak indie level poop.

Only thing that saves it is modding + playing old ps1/snes/c64 etc. games on it.


Can't believe it's three years, wtf? I gave it an A, because even though I don't play it too much, I still think it's an incredibly smart console. Just the ability to dock and play or take it with you is something that makes it incredibly easy for a large range of adults to play more around their regular day to day. Folks in bands, people that frequently travel, work long shifts, etc. It's something that really appeals to that group and makes gaming a little more accessible for them. Which I think is absolutely brilliant! I'd always love to see Nintendo make a power House of a console, but this is one of the times where I felt like the hit in specs made sense because of the whole switching ability.

I personally think it's their best console and idea since the 64/Gamecube.

Mr Hyde

Solid A so far.

I'm totally in love with this thing. Has changed the way I play completely and almost dropped my PS4 as my main console. Incredible library of games so far and it just keeps growing. A couple of more QoL improvements and the Switch will probably be my favourite system of all time.

Will be hugely disappointed if Nintendo doesn't stay with this concept in the future. Hybrid is the way to go moving forward.


An A for me - right now, it's both my favorite and most frequently played system of the current generation, which honestly surprised me, since I always regarded myself as being a bit of a graphics whore.


D, exclusives on the thing are overrated and underwhelming (Botw being a damn survival game instead of actual Zelda) barely any original games that are fun to play (ARMS is okay but a little underwhelming) hardly any deals. High asking price. Frustrating button arrangements. I do like the picture button. Hardly any deals. Late third party support that doesn't run well for alot of the time. No mmo to play besides Onigiri. no virtual console to buy games. Pokemon continues to frusterate with pay to play crap. The devil may cry games being released individually is a big wtf. The eShop is filled with 2D indie crap I don't give a crap about.


I voted C.

After all this time there is so much missing in this device. Drifting still persists, you can't personalize the menu, no browser or popular apps available. The eshop is such a mess, they should have revamped it by now. Also, barebone online capabilities in 2020 is staggering. First party titles are much less special and charming than Nintendo used to produce.

It's a good system but with a serviceable library full of Indy and old ports. The price of admission for most of the game are simply too expensive.
The Switch is fun. I am mainly a PC player, bought a PS3 at the end of its life for The Last of Us (worth it) and PS Plus (back when it was amazing), which we now use purely to watch Sky Go, before that my last console was an N64 for Zelda OOT (worth it).

For multiplayer with my kids it is completely unmatched, both in the games available and the possibilities that the hardware provides. It also makes old ports more fun to play than on PC somehow. I’m playing Skyrim on it. The freedom from modding that fucking game forever and never actually playing it is refreshing. Simple, straightforward and fun.

Easily the best toy the family owns.


When the people who own a thing have mostly very positive things to say about it, then you know that whatever your gripes are they're obviously mostly nitpicky stuff. By now, there were a couple of things I really would have liked to have seen from Nintendo. For starters, I really didn't think it should take them this long to follow up on the success of BotW. Those DLC packs were mostly a letdown for me--that stung. Mostly, the existing foundation of BotW should have been easy enough to follow up on and iterate, but their work snowballed into a new game. Ok, well, let's hope it arrives within the next 18 months now.

The other thing I hoped to see from them was a more streamlined partnership with Nvidia whereby iterative improvements could be pushed out via new Switch models with better Nvidia chips. Switch Pro doesn't need Pro-exclusive games, but at minimum it could have its own fork of the Switch OS with new features. This proves more complicated, of course, and so obviously they have been very cautious not to segment their market or release buggy software that will get them easily hacked. Yes, all their stuff gets hacked, but most of us don't bother to risk bricking Switches to get to that underworld, so I would say they've been successful at stemming the tide.

At the end of the day, I just want to know that Nvidia (and Nintendo) have a plan for the next Switch. I like Nvidia. I like Switch. Don't let this be a one-off thing, please.

I give Switch an A grade. It's not perfect, but they homered wherever it mattered most.
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B-. I loved it for a while but ain't picked it up in months. The handful of amazing exclusives, and ports for games that "feel at home on Switch" are keeping it afloat, but having fallen out of love with Pokémon, there's been a bit of a gap.


B-. I loved it for a while but ain't picked it up in months. The handful of amazing exclusives, and ports for games that "feel at home on Switch" are keeping it afloat, but having fallen out of love with Pokémon, there's been a bit of a gap.

The same thing happens to me on PS4. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to bite at anything full price, and then there are those older games that are somehow still $30. That's usually when I switch platforms for a bit and pick up something I put down a while ago. Find a new thing to binge. And then... sometimes all these games feel basically the same and I've got to hop to some entirely different genre like simulation lol.


I have it from day one (I own PS4 and PC too) and it's the platorm where I spend most of the time now.

Portability is the key. Most days I can't find the time to sit and play in front of the TV, but the Switch makes easy just to grab it to play a short 15-20 min session.


I'm underwhelmed by it.

BotW is a great game that I don't intend to ever replay, unlike other zeldas, Mario Odyssey is an awesome game, filled with unnecessary moons and very hit or miss stages, with a great but short late/post game. Pokemon...yikes what a disappointment, I had 5 badges and decided that I was having zero fun so I stopped playing. Smash is a god tier. Other than that, mobile port of some games.... yeah.

And the fucking joycons, I hate both of those things, love the pro controller and its god like battery.

A solid C for me, not enough games.

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A/A+ for me.

The main concept worked perfectly for me especially coming from PC: i like handheld gaming, it's very practical especially during long trips. I like instant co-op on the go, it has been a fun gimmick and docked games were good enough.

Catalogue has been amazing from the start, 2017 could be considered one of the best year of Nintendo ever in terms of quality of releases and last year was very strong as well. Probably the best for Nintendo since the SNES.

RPG is the genre i played the most on the system between Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Dragon Quest XI S and now Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Platinum Games and MonolithSoft are among my favourite studios and they are bringing so much contents on Switch.

The only flaw is build quality for me: drifting issues have never been really fixed, i was expecting a joycon with circle pads over the analog stick cause that would have been a cheap effective solution, i was hoping for a more solid build for the console itself, day one dock scratches switch screen, and the d-pad also isn't great (and it's a shame cause that used to be one of Nintendo's main strenghts)

Also they should add bluetooth support as even i'm transitioning to the bluetooth life for headphones.
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To answer the question at hand, for me the console is just a home run. It feels great to play games on it and the library is fucking awesome, the exclusives run circles around the PS4/Xbone already. I know it's underpowered and it has some issues like joy con drifting, but overall the package feels nice. It feels relatively premium, which is completely unlike the plastic nightmare that was the Wii U gamepad. I really haven't found much to complain, Nintendo just does games that are flat out for me. I hate cinematic walk 'em ups and they stoutly refuse to do that. Just give me my Metroid Prime Trilogy and we'll remain best friends forever.


Happy Birthday Switch!

It's been awesome for me. To have so many of my favorite games from the past all together on 1 console with portable play.. everything from super metroid to baldurs gate to final fantasy7 and skyrim. I can't complain (or I won't complain today anyway.).
Gonna give it a B(+). In many ways I love the Switch, but it has disappointed me too.

It's very limited in terms of OS and apps. Even the 3DS did this better. The Switch Online app is a monstrosity that greatly limits ease of online play. Interaction with friends through the Switch itself is pretty much non-existent, and it doesn't even keep track of basic stuff like daily activity. The online subscription is a blatant rip-off. Online play still sucks ass and the (S)NES games aren't worth it. The Switch feels like a few steps back in this area.

As for hardware, I would like to see a revision. The Switch Lite is a much better device than the original model, but it can't dock. I also find it frustrating that Nintendo announces the Lite, and immediately starts releasing more games that don't really work on it. What if I want to play Ring Fit Adventure on my Lite? Feels like a lack of foresight by Nintendo. There's the obvious problems with the control sticks too, which Nintendo has yet to address I believe.

Nintendo's own output of games has been decent, but I expected more. Development is not spread thin between multiple devices anymore, but the rate at which these games release still leaves something to be desired. The first year was great, but Nintendo hasn't been able to keep up that pace. Games often get delayed too (Yoshi, FE, AC). Nintendo's still out there announcing games way before they should. Why do we know about Bayonetta 3, MP4 and SMTV when we haven't seen a second of these games years after their announcement? It's time for some Nintendo Selects too. I ain't paying full price for three year old games.

Third parties are doing okay, I guess. I'd like to see more recent multiplat games, and they should release simultaneously on Switch. It also seems like third parties are often just dumping pretty basic ports and mobile versions of their games on Switch, but charging a premium. Stop that.

So yeah, when I'm actually playing games on the Switch usually it's pretty cool, but the rest can get a bit frustrating. The Switch is definitely not the best it could be. Nintendo's lack of communication sometimes only adds to that. I doubt many of these complaints will be addressed by Nintendo. Maybe when there's a Switch "Pro" or something, but that would probably have to release within 2 years. At that point I'd be looking towards a Switch successor.


I’m a big fan of the Switch, it perfectly compliments my Xbox and PC. Great first party output and some great third party portable experiences (especially Diablo 3❤️).

I can’t believe it’s been three years years already.


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Really wish they released some games, maybe? Last game I got was Daemon X Machina in September. I have

No More Heroes 3
Bravely Default II
Bayonetta 3
Metroid Prime 4

on pre order, two of these games since the Switch's release :D

What a waste. The WiiU was probably more of a disaster, but this come pretty close for me.
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Two years ago I stole a switch from some kid's porch.
I'm really enjoying it so far. My fav games are Bayonetta 2, Astral Chain and the new Zelda.


Regret buying it honestly and I never have a desire to play and having to get a replacement joy cons because of the drift definitely affected my rating as well.


B+ for me.
Pros - The return of the mid tier games is a god send. XBC 2, Daemon, MUA3, Astral, etc.

Cons - The online components still feel two or three gens behind. The drift problems, lack of updates for the system, high price of entry for games, no access to the back catalog of games. Still with those personal gripes, I'm still very satisfied with the Switch.


Not great so far but I have a Wii U so there isn't much on Switch for me. Looking forward to Langrisser and Trials of Mana though so I should play the console a little in the coming months.


I owned one, briefly. It didn't take long for me to blast through the big first-party titles. After that, all that was left was last-gen ports and a gigantic list of e-shop shovelware. The lack of a proper VC store also put me off keeping it.

That fact that the same three Switch games are at the top of the charts all these years later says everything.

C+ for me.
Voted A for the Switch Lite (I'm a handheld-only gamer). Would've given C+ for the regular Switch; it isn't particularly well-executed when it comes to design IMO.

Drifting sticks, scratched units, damaged vents. It was obvious that this thing was rushed out of the door. Something I cannot make any excuse for.

The software offering is excellent I must say. Nintendo did a 180 when it comes to attaining solid third-party support. It is a good home for retro games, taking the baton from the PlayStation Vita: Japanese RPGs, often great ports of past and sometimes current gen games, and of course Nintendo's own efforts.
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