The Switch is three years old today !

How would you rate the Switch so far ?

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I voted A. Number one thing I care about in my gaming systems is games and Switch absolutely delivered on that.


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I voted B. Some really great games like Xenoblade, Breath of the Wild and Links Awakening. Overall a lot of the library is found elsewhere with better versions. I’m not too big on a lot of Nintendo franchises anymore. I do like that it is portable and occasionally buy a game for the Switch I can get a better version of elsewhere for that reason.

I haven’t bought anything for it this year and probably won’t until Xenoblade 1. It has a lot of long droughts for me.


Love it. Bought one for my kiddo. We do some local play on certain games and it's pretty fun.

Havent bought a single game this year so far though. And animal crossing is not for me.

I'll bend over backwards for Metroid Prime 4 though, specially on the Pro.


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It was an A for me until late last year. It seems like support for games I’m interested in has dried up. Let’s hope this year picks up.


weird but it's the first Nintendo console i don't get at launch and I've not regretted it yet. that's why i voted C.

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It's been a mixed bag for me. There's been some really good games, but I generally liked Nintendo's output on the WiiU much better. Too many bloated games this gen. The hardware, itself, is garbage. I basically just stopped playing the thing until we get upgraded hardware that can actually run games like Link's Awakening properly.

The thing had the potential to be my favorite Nintendo console, but at this point, it's not even close.


It’s been reallly good, up until this year. Disappointing Smash reveal character and a whole lot of nothing to look forward to.

Wish they would finally give us a new Direct and let us have some idea of what is on the way.



Aside from just 2 or 3 first party games they have all just been sequels that weren't as good as previous ones, and just re releases of Wiiu games. Nintendo has had nothing but just redoing the same old shit over and over and over and over again to the point I am bored of them just being a franchise machine. On the very rare occasion they make a new game it's always just a throw away title made to showcase a gimmick and they quickly abandon it.

90% of the other games are just ports of older games that cost 2 to 10x as much as on the switch and run on the weakest hardware. I can buy games for a couple dollars elsewhere that cost 40 on switch.

Their online service is the worst of all consoles and pc.

Mine is 2 years old and I regret buying it.


Wish they would’ve done something to celebrate the 3 year anniversary. How about a really good sale? How about some more NES and SNES games?

Add that to the fact that they had over 2 months this year to have the spotlight pretty much to themselves. Microsoft is drop feeding is next gen tidbits and Sony has said nothing. Imagine having people talk about the 2020 switch lineup rather than just the tedious speculation of what will happen next gen. Because once the floodgates open about next gen, less people will be paying attention to the Switch.
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Such a great system. I really hope Nintendo continues with it and just introduces more powerful versions that are backwards compatible.


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For me the second best console of NIntendo...the 1st is SNES.

Amazing Job NIntendo!!! Thank you to Nintendo Switch my faith of Nintendo Return.

Thank you to think in a Mature and Adult public, bring us Amazing 3rd party games and excellent exclusives and WITH A REGION FREE.

3 years of this marvelous console!

To be honest... Switch need a little more power but still... a Amazing Gadget

For me The best Nintendo Consoles



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I ask myself the question if it has dethroned the PlayStation Vita being my favorite handheld of all-time. Probably. Maybe I've been clinging too much to it. But can't deny that hardware-wise the PlayStation Vita is a more "premium product" when it comes to build quality.


I give it a solid A. It would be higher for me, but the joycons have been a clusterfuck (poor durability, disconnects, bad ergonomics, expensive). My enjoyment of the system increased greatly since I got the Pro controller.
Wanted to get one, when it was announced, since it looked like the thing the Wii U should have been.
That said, most of the stuff that interests me on it I can already play on my Wii U, so I never got a Switch.

It's just Mario Odyssey that I am missing.

That said, for such a failed console, the Wii U had an amazing slew of games.


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