Thread of WTF Did they do to the character design??

Sep 27, 2009
The Unreal tournament characters started doing bullshark testosterone in 2003
Chris Redfield from resident evil also apparently got hold of some from Epics stash
Sonic went from a weird mute hedgehog to some kind of terrible 80s "cool" stereotype

Lara Croft somehow stayed mostly consistent until the new reboot where she looks kind of like Justin Beiber
The fuck?
New Lara is great.
Mar 27, 2009
I'm the opposite, I care about the age. I couldn't give a shit if he had a mustache, Naked Snake had one in MGS: PW.

They could of make the exact same game with him being a walking biological weapon, but without the age thing. Really ruined the image of him.
I think that the combination of the moustache and wearing a very tight pants ruined the image of him enought.


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Sep 30, 2004
I think that's more to do with the engine than artstyle... is it possible to have a different design despite using Unreal?
Gordon's model was toned way down in Arkham City. Too much, probably; every other character is still all buff and bulky, so he looks like a shrimp in comparison.

He shouldn't be roided out like Bats, yeah, but he's "Wildcat" Jim Gordon, dammit. He should still look like a man who's cracked a few skulls.
Oct 6, 2007
Everyone from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow to Dawn of Sorrow.

Cool, unique, moody character designs to terrible generic anime designs.

I'd appreciate if someone could help me with example pics. I'm on my phone.


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Mar 29, 2009
A whole lot of nitpicking and nostalgia goggles ITT so far.
Whats wrong with new Laura and Chris Redfield?
Here, I got one:

Why the developers went with this bland looking motherfucker instead of this guy who actually has some personality in his design.
Fucking agreed. I still can't understand the fan outrage that caused this change. Infamous 1 Cole looked generic and sounded like a younger Solid Snake. Old new Cole at least looked like he had a personality.

Even though there is barely any consistency in the FE universe, I find these new character designs to be a huuuuuge step down from previous ones.

Going from this

to this

really gets to me.
This is a complaint I'm having with more Japanese games, and I think it's just a general change in anime art styles over the last decade that I don't really like.
May 31, 2009

Taking it out of the equation, the old Sonic looks like Mickey Mouse. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's a Mickey Mouse clone. The new Sonic was more unique, it stood out more to help identify the character and amplify the traits it was supposed to have since the first game, but couldn't because it looked like Mickey Mouse.
Not really. Modern Sonic's design really is awful. Overly long legs, comically large quills, that horrible smirk. Not to mention he opens his mouth, and the design is associated with some truly horrific games. The kids love it. He's EXTREME. But I'd take Classic Sonic's design any day.

Looks like someone posted Simon Belmont. Modern Simon is just awful, and I'm a fan of Death Note. UGH.

Playing Revelaitons right now, and I can't stand the new Jill design. From:


What happened? =(
Oct 6, 2007
Really? Not her yet?


For reasons I don't know, the bottom one is Nintendo's doing, not Rare's or anyone else's.

(BTW I waded through some weird pictures in Image Search to post this...)
Terrible character in general who should've stayed gone, but I'd say it's an improvement since the second one is slightly less terrifying.

If you want to see a bad Donkey Kong redesign, see Tiny.