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Sounds like Bones being Bones.
From what I hear, the manga is essentially a collection of vignettes that get tied together later. The anime makes it a continuous story instead, and everybody I know says that was the right decision since it's a lot more interesting.

Doesn't seem like it caused any pacing or tonal issues like Bones' MHA.
I'm worried about S2 since Rie Matsumoto isn't returning to direct. The first season had her style all over it.

Her absence in season 2 will definitely be felt.


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Retro GiTS (1/26/14):



As far as "What name to call an anime", I'm just glad those who made the Neo Geo took "SNK" back from Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin).

Seeing that tag, and expecting to see an awesome Terry or Mai pic, and instead getting Eren, was all kinds of disgusting.


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"We didn't have any new characters in mind for a 3rd person action game, so we approached Attack on Titan, and decided to make one for them. The Future Is NOW!"

... I'd allow it!
Eren can stay an NPC, though...
I do wonder what their next console release will be. As much as I want new fighters and classic arcade games, seeing them add classic arcade-born style to someone elses IP would be quite exciting. The NeoGeo did have it's odd share of Anime-related titles...
I mostly always say the English names, since they are usually just straight translations and I never got the point of saying the Japanese names in those situations.

The main exception is "Shokugeki no Soma" over "Food Wars" since that's a dumb name.
shoulda called it Cuisine Combat

i'll show myself out
I dunno why they didn't just title it "Shokugeki" to simplify things. It is central to the show and (as far as I can see) has no direct translation. I would appreciate it for Metatron to come correct me.
I dunno why they didn't just title it "Shokugeki" to simplify things. It is central to the show and (as far as I can see) has no direct translation. I would appreciate it for Metatron to come correct me.
It just means "cooking duel". Except all dramatic and stuff.

Wait so DR Movie can actually draw? How'd they fuck up so much on Part 4 then?
HxH had a better schedule and time for Madhouse to touch things up.
They've been around as a support studio, but only got a project as primary animators in...2011, I think?

But Jojo was the thing that made them big.


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I have 3 & 4 just sitting on my PS3 via PS+, one of these days, I'll give the series a try. I just fear if I play Y0 first, it'll be harder getting through the other games due to being older.

Hell, might split the cost of that Yakuza 1 remake coming in August with my friend since he also wants to give the series a try.
It's catchy but damn the Monster ED and The Real Folk Blues are still tied for #1 for me.

Paradise Kiss deserves a mention but is kinda cheating since it uses Franz Ferdinand.

JoJo is up there as well but again it is kind of cheating because it IS Yes we are talking about.
Savage Garden is a pretty good choice as well
I almost forgot how good Monster's ED was, even if it's been forever since I've watched it. The Real Folk Blues is a classic, no doubt.

I'm partial to Samurai Champloo's ED as my personal favorite anime ED.

So good... It randomly gets in my head every once and a while.
Not to mention it's easier/quicker to just type "my" instead of "boku no".

I get wanting to use the Japanese name for Japanese shows, but come on, in this case, you're literally swapping out the japanese word for "my" & that's it.
I'm also puzzled as to how/why "JoJo's" instead of "JoJo" has caught on. That's like constantly calling it "JoJo no"
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken

No, JimJam.
JimJam, NO!

I remember hearing an interesting fan-made alternative name to "Yurikuma Arashi."

Edit: Oh damn I remember! It was "Bear-Naked Ladies"
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