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Sweet Jebus, just stop changing Youtube.

Just stop it.

Get some help.
Thankfully, you can change it back by clicking the top-right icon & selecting "restore old youtube", but yes, it sucked because I have the Youtube Center user script which mean unless I turned it off, trying to watch videos resulted in a blank white page.
looking up greed island art for potential banners

look at this ridiculousness
Yu X Gi X Oh

Some things in life are constant

Like Bebop on Adult Swim
The day when Bebop doesn't have a place to air is the end of television as we know it.


I don't think I ever make it anywhere close to the top posters here. I mean, I probably barely break 100 posts per, if even that.
So time to reveal I hate shite taste.

I don't think Okami is a particularly good game.

I remember thinking it's visuals were interesting, but wrapped in a kinda dull plot with boring combat.

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Okami isn't great. It needs editing and it just doesn't quite fulfill that Zelda itch. It is charming though. When the main problem is that it isn't quite as good as another franchise and is waay too long you're doing pretty well.