What game are you currently playing?

Aug 3, 2014
Installed Nier Automata + Dark Souls 3 on PC to replay them. Want to do the DLC content for both games.

Still have Rocket League on PC but I'm burnt out after hundreds of hours. Need a break from it.

Also on PC have:

SAO Fatal Bullet - just started
overwatch - load it up now and then
FIFA 19 - can't get enough of it. Tried PES but refunded it lol
The Sims 4 - love sims
Battlefront 2 - just started this too. Well played it at launch for a bit. Looks like it has improved a lot!
Apex - can't really get into it but I'll keep trying
Fortnite - play it sometimes
Forza 7 - of all the racing games I've tried this wins! Uninstall Horizon 4 which is ass.
Gwent - holy shit this has changed so much! I'm addicted!
The Division 2 - not started yet but will get into it today after work!

On PS4:
Red dead redemption - haven't actually touched it since the week of launch lol but might restart it this weekend or just wait for the PC version.

Zelda - never gonna stop playing
Odyssey - see above

Also have Let's Go Pikachu, NSMBUD, Diablo 3, Smash, Mario Kart.
Apr 5, 2018
still FF14 online enjoy that loads , , i've got a fairly quiet weekend and ive got the itch to start another play through of the Witcher 3 , maybe this time am really going to give Gwent a proper go aswell
Aug 19, 2013
Just finished after 70 hrs Xenogears. Second disc was so weird but best one in terms story. It feels almost like they forgot they were in schedule and realized the game was going to take so much time to finish if they followed the story the same pace disc one.
I loved the lighthouse and what was below, that's favorite part in the game.
They should definitely remaster it, don't know why they haven't done it since the rights of Xenogears are from Square.

Next in line is Klonoa and afterwards, not sure if FF Tactics, Chrono Trigger or FFIX.
Oct 27, 2017
your mind
The original NES game?
Yes. It got added to Nintendo Switch Online and I looked at myself in the mirror and said:

Alright boy. You’ve been avoiding this for 33 years. Get your arse in there and let’s DO THIS.

It’s time.”

I also finished Ninja Gaiden for the first time last night. Kept me up until 1am. Maaaaan, the last Act of that game is a form of torture.
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May 26, 2014
Thimbleweed Park. I highly reccomend it if you have a love of Lucasarts adventure titles and enjoy a kooky cast of characters with fun puzzles and optional pixel hunting. Stay away if you don't enjoy in-jokes to the adventure game genre.


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Feb 28, 2014
Currently grinding out all the weapon mastery skins in Sniper Elite 4. I don't know if I want to take the time to complete all the missions challenges, some of them seem like pretty tedious tasks. I'm also probably going to skip survival mode as well.
Mar 5, 2005
Just hit 350 hours in Smash Ultimate, and oh my lord I can't believe how deep this game is,
I'm not quite up there with you on hours (only at 90+), but yeah, this game just gets better and better the more I play it. So much nuance.
The more I play it, the more emboldened I am in my 2018 personal goty choice.
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Oct 10, 2012
Day of the tentacle Remastered as part of my 52 game challenge. Beat the original years ago, but figured I'd give the remaster a spin and hoover up the achievements, although there are a bunch of them, so it's very much use a guide time...:messenger_persevering:
Apr 15, 2007
London UK
I started The Witness a few days ago and am stuck already lol

This weekend I'm playing Overwatch all weekend but with Moira only, while drinking Guinness, in celebration of St Patricks Day.

On Monday I plan to start Mark of the Ninja to get my Ninja skills prepared for the arrival of Sekiro on Friday.
Apr 26, 2006
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (PS Now), streaming is 100% out of the question on PS3/PS4 games on my connection, if even one phone or computer wants to use the connection in some way, the stream starts to look worse then a N64 game/sub 480p youtube blur.

Downloading the game locally is needed.


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Oct 10, 2012
Full Throttle Remastered. Playing as Part of my 52 having finished Day of the Tentacle. With this one I hadn't played it before so didn't really know what to expect, but in truth so far I can't say I'm digging it all that much. I think in large part there's not a lot of complexity to the puzzle nature of the game, and certainly, it lacks the more humorous tone of the other Tim Schafer Titles.
Apr 15, 2013
Destiny 2: New season started recently so grinding some stuff here and there.
Anthem: Yeah, it's in a rough state but I have fun with it. Gonna stick with it to see where Bioware goes.
FFXIV: Just let my sub lapse, but part 2 of 4.5 patch should be coming later this month.

Man, between these three games, I really only casually play other games now. Usually only renting for the weekend or a hour here or there per weekish.


morphix's brother
Sep 24, 2005
Sea lab
Anthem - mostly just daily stuff and a strong hold if I got time, not urgent need to play but still enjoy it.
Division 2 - when my brother off work and kids are napping, soloing isn’t that great with the skill bugs atm
Destiny 2 - fell off hard this season, not a huge gambit fan and with the other 2 I don’t want to do another 50 LL grind
Life is Strange S2 - waiting on next ep
Walking Dead Final Season - haven’t started it up yet
Sega Saturn Games - bunch of random stuff, only retro console I own. All Japanese imports.
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Mar 7, 2019
Hellblade - a pyschological action adventure. Focuses on a princess' struggle to get over her lover's death and fights Norse Gods. Really cool experience. Definitely thought the combat and puzzles were challenging and interesting.

Evil Within 2 - A survival horror title. Gives off a lot mid 2000s vibe. It's fun with a whole lot of management and stealth. Insane storyline but still engaging.

Tekken 7, Injustice 2, and Street Fighter 5 - Decent fighters that are keeping the genre alive.

Little Big Planet 3 - Despite all the flaws, I loved how they evolved the formula by adding 3 more characters to play as. It actually makes the game really replayable.
May 17, 2006
I finally got through Xenoblade 2 and moved on to:

Octopath Traveler
New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
Splatoon 2

Maybe I’ll get back into God of War but the game just wasn’t for me. I’ll tackle Zelda BotW and Horizon Zero Dawn at some point after Octopath and I’m also looking to pick up FireWatch.

Obviously not going to stop SSB Ultimate anytime soon.
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Jan 3, 2019
I've just finished Horizon Zero Dawn and this game is absolutely gorgeous. The only con is huge lack of development opportunities, like, you can buy the best items and clothes at the middle of the game and there'll be only the Ancient Armory left, impossible to get until the last plot chapters. Will buy the DLC in the nearest future and wait for the sequel.

That was about my PS4 experience.

And for the immortal classics -- i'm keen on dota 2. Seriously, don't laugh guys (i don't care anyway). It entertains me, distracts from the real world and just helps to relax after a long working day. I'm also a big fan of esports so i follow most of the tournaments (new season is at full blast by the way - have a look), and prepare myself to compete the pros. What i hated about the game is its shitty community but as the time went by i got used to it and find pretty funny listening to some 13yo burning
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For the past little while my go too's have been Star Wars Battlefront II, unlocking and leveling up characters, Beat Saber I got the Monstercat track pack 1, Red Dead Redemption 2 (I'll literally play this forever) and since my Limited Run Games CE for Golf Story arrived I've been playing the hell out of that, such a wonderful game.