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Which discontinued food items do you miss?


Little Mac from mcdonalds. I dont need a double patty just give me the little one!

(Yes im aware i can probably just have them make one but just put it back on the menu)



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Not global but Delissio pulled out of Canada and I officially can't find it on shelves anymore, I did think the dough was more gooey and stretchy than your average frozen pizza, the stuffed crust ones were good

I don't like the replacement, Rustica, as much.
Ya. Delissios were good. The thin crust are the worst ever, but their normal and stuffed crust were pretty good.

I noticed walmart flooded their pizza freezers with Red Baron and Rustica. Was going to give those a try one of these days.


The Planters Cheese Balls were something one of my parents kept buying when I was a kid. We had a comic strip claiming they were so good you'd have to kill for them. Comic shows one kid having his can of Cheese Balls replaced with poison so the other kid could steal it. First two here I was unaware were discontinued. The choco tacos were an extra in my school cafeteria in high school.


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I used to buy this at a variety store during the 90s when I went to university. Not cheap too. I think it was $2.00 30 years ago. It was basically the precursor to all those iced coffees that came about in the 2000s.


I dont know if it's perma discontinued. But I havent seen this Schweppes flavour since precovid. Best cranberry pop. It says limited edition on the box, but in reality it was sold for years.

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You just have to say that you're fine but you're not really fine, because you just can't get into it because they would never understand.

Edit: OH SHIT. My brothers.

Holy fucking shit. You just blew my mind. My mom used to pack these in my lunch in middle school. I literally haven't thought about these bars in probably 20+ years. The peanut butter was my favorite.
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I have never seen that in Canada. We get only a handful of variants.
It’s been out in limited quantities twice that I know of. It was for two movies, Spider-Man and Jurassic World. Couple months each time, then disappeared. It’s possible Canada got it but it was just severely limited. I would like it back instead of the disgusting Strawberries and cream flavor they just introduced as a permanent flavor.


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I remember Simpsons orange creamsicle pop 20 years ago. I bought a 12 pack and brough it to work and everyone loved it. But these Simpsons pops disappeared fast. Maybe only saw them for a year tops(?) I think there were 4-5 flavours.

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