With the starting roster of ARMS revealed, which character is your favorite DESIGN?

Favorite ARMS character design?

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Sadly Mechanica. I don't really like any of them. They remind me of something I'd see in a bad kids movie by dreamworks, rather than the Disney characters I normally get from Nintendo.

Maybe I'll get used to them.

I thought the first two they showed off were far the worst though. It's why I had little to no interest until the direct. Now I'll try it out, and if it's fun, I'll buy it.
Every design in this game is amazing. Min Min might be my fav, but I like literally every character. I really don't understand how Nintendo has such amazing art design so consistently, but I am not complaining :)
I was bored, so I took a break from losing in Overwatch to tally up the votes:

1) Twintelle: 58
2) Min Min: 57
3) Helix: 18

The rest:

Byte & Barq: 16
Kid Cobra: 8
Mechanica: 6
Spring Man: 4
Ribbon Girl: 3
Master Mummy: 2
Ninjara: 1
Kis Cobra looks like a Megaman robot master.

I don't think any of them have really appealed to me. The game's visual style just doesn't work for me. Helix and Mechanica would probably be my "favorites", but I don't love them.

It's a shame because I loved all of Splatoon's character designs.


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The characters are all so varied and unique, as well as being fantastically designed.
You'd be able to tell who's who just by their silhouette, a mark of great character design.

I like Ninjara and Robo Dog myself, though it's hard choosing. Fuck it, I'll main the entire roster.
Too Generic/Uninspired:
Spring Man
Kid Cobra

Master Mummy
Ribbon Girl

Byte & Barq

Undisputed Champion:

Min-Min's got a standout color combination and dragon motif. Plus, the beanie bowl and noodles for hair is amazing.
I can dig it.
I had barely any interest in this game as I didn't really like the design of the first two characters, but damn the other ones are rocking it.

Why not making Min Min and Dogbot the heroes, lol?
Okay, are some of them wearing suits with those ARMS attached? The blonde tea lady has the ARMS on her head so I know people in that world have regular, normal human arms.
For a fresh Nintendo game the roster is pretty boring.

SPRING MAN: Aka Bland Man.

RIBBON GIRL: Eh. Nice colors at least.




MIN MIN: I love the ramen motif and the colors are great. Fantastic design, my favorite for sure.

HELIX: WTF-tier.


BYTE & BARQ: Dangerously cheezy.

TWINTELLE: She has style and great hair. Respect. I already know that I will hate the fandom around her.

The game lacks good looking dude characters.

E: Thinking more about Helix I'm super disappointed in that they took the perfection that is the DNA motif and just made a green blob around it.
TWINTELLE: She has style and great hair. Respect. I already know that I will hate the fandom around her.
Eeeeyup. Best design so far (imo) but of course people have to be weird as fuck about it.

Ribbon Girl's alt colors look great too (her default is kinda "meh" for me). Helix looks weird as hell but it's hard not to love him.


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My favourite is Ninjara, I really dig its style
Second place for Byte&Barq: very reminiscent of the Yattaman zoomorph robots!
Third place for Twintell, very original design withthe fighting airs instead of arms
My top 3

1. Minmin
2. Twintelle
3. Ninjara.

Robot Dog looks cool but the robot character is creepy as hell, like its was missing its face and you saw his skull.

Could I point out the fact that a new fighting game launched by Nintendo has a pretty even 50/50 split on Male/Female representation in the roster?