Would You Prefer Living In The MCU Instead Of This World?

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How would you feel about living in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as oppossed to the world we live in today? Think about our current situations such as the issues going on with Russia, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict right now, Ferguson, ISIS, etc. Now, if you lived in the MCU current problems would include possible threats of alien invasions, HYDRA (which may or may not be known by the public), possible growing religious organizations devoted to Thor and Asgardians, threat of artifical intelligences gone awry, etc. In the MCU, the world seems to be in a lot more danger by forces that seem to have a lot more power than our current Earth 1218 reality. On the positive side, Earth 199999 is slightly more technologically advanced and intelligent life elsewhere has been confirmed as real. As a result, people may also learn to unite and get along as a global scale. People also are aware of real superheroes and rely on their protection. Do you think the world is ultimately a better place to live here or would you prefer a life on 199999?
Fuck no I don't want to worry about beings like the Celestials, Thanos, and other shit that's bound to be introduced in the MCU. Shit SHIELD had multiple helicarriers in The Winter Solider that could wipe out the entire US.
I would have probably died if i lived in new york
so i would stick to a small town.........damn you Thor, no where is safe

it'd be cool to see iron man fly in the sky though

Got a feeling Ultron will kill a ton of people in the movie
Fuck yeah, it would be more dangerous, but real life super heroes and all that would more than make up for it. The world would be so much more exciting.
MCU. Easily. This is one is boring and no one seems to care about all the space technological awesomeness. MCU in some ways has had it forced on them so they have no choice. I'd rather die in some cosmic space battle in the MCU universe, and granted I may still die this way in the MCU, but much better than this one with cancer or ebola or something stupid.
Only if I get superpowers. Otherwise hell naw. Fucking Hydra, SHIELD, Avengers, superpowered criminals, aliens? All of that shit gets piled onto the already large list of shit that can kill you.
Considering how many times cities have been attacked, partially wiped out, etc? Nope nope nope. If you're a normal person you're just an ant caught beneath a storm of gigantic, stomping feet.
I mean, honestly.

If you're living in the MCU, and you realy try really, really hard, I'm sure you could find some way to get superpowers.

...I'm just wishing out loud. I'd sure like to have superpowers. :(
Unfortunately, I'd have to stick with this one. For an american, in the years since 9/11 there would have also been an alien invasion, terrorist bombing attacks, the super-CIA being infiltrated by super-Nazis. Then we get to look forward to a robot insurrection? No, I'll stick with the mundane life, I don't want to die from any of those things.
Yeah. 50/50 chance that messing with toxic chemicals will give you super powers, or you could just be born with them, or you could work towards being a badass soldier and the government will just give them to you, and as long as you don't live in a major city, no risk of property damage.
Just don't live in America or a major city and you'll be totally fine in the MCU. And you could even become Inhuman or get powers somehow!


poop meter feature creep
I mean, honestly.

If you're living in the MCU, and you realy try really, really hard, I'm sure you could find some way to get superpowers.

...I'm just wishing out loud. I'd sure like to have superpowers. :(
Magic exists in the Marvel universe, and literally anyone can do it with enough practice. It hasn't been introduced in the MCU yet, but Doctor Strange is confirmed so you know it's coming. We'll have to see whether they make it an art anyone can learn or lock it to specific people. Either way, I'd go with the MCU over real life. Even if I didn't get superpowers (most people wouldn't), the tech is more advanced than current, and the trickle down is easier what with Stark and SHIELD in operation. Hell, if Palmer Luckey the existed in the MCU and did everything the same up to this point, he'd probably be backed by Tony Stark instead of Mark Zuckerberg and the conaum r version would be 4K, motion controls bundled in, and already be out.
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