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Apparently Walmart is telling its employees to take down displays that show violent video games along with other violent media


Jun 9, 2019
Less violence in the world is probably better for everyone even if it's just a little at a time. And it's not like you can't still get the games really I'd be fine with them not even selling Mature games at Walmart since I always just buy the digital versions of games anyways.


Oct 6, 2012
Asheville, North Carolina
Funny that people are saying "yeah, sure, take down the violent ads - no problem", but the same people would be saying an another thread that only SJW's believe the media is influential and that representation in video games is stupid and doesn't really make a difference. Clearly, the media is influential. The gaming community is something else right now I swear... On this topic though, I think Walmart should definitely worry about any violent ads they have but they should also really be focusing on working with legislators for common sense gun laws considering their company sells firearms like candy.
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