Consoles you've regretted buying?

Nothing recently. Probably Sega CD was the only one if we're counting add ons. But even that had enjoyable goofy games - like the Kriss Kross make my music video game, and Prize Fighter. Hell, my mom even played the pack-in sherlock holmes game with me, which she never did for any video game prior or since. So even my most regrettable console purchase carries some fond memories.
I would have to go with the wii and maybe the 360. I don't really play those systems that much. The 360 has broken down on me 3 times and I barely used it. Last week, I tried watching a movie and it kept freezing on me. But if it wasn't for Tales of Vesperia, I would definitely say the 360.
Not a single one. I was young and had no cynical attitudes about videogames. Every single console had gems and great games as far as I was concerned. Even this generation's consoles have been great(yeah, I know they are excluded).
Uncharted 1 is horrible. 2 is fine and what 1 should have been, but not something I'd base a console purchase on, now that I know better. Thus, not interested in UC3.
This I don't agree with
Heavy Rain is meh. I don't care about Metal Gear. LittleBigPlanet is terribly boring. Gran Turismo is not for me. Ratchet & Clank I haven't tried but look super generic. I don't care about Rockstar games. Nor Final Fantasy and most JRPGs
But here? I'm with you. Except for LBP, at least it's got style.

I guess I regret my PS1. It was a gift but I was used to PC games, not console games (back then there were big differences). Not really a console but I kind of regret the Kinect as well but only because the software has been really lacking. Dance Central 2 was the last thing I bought for it.
I only ever regretted getting the Sega Dreamcast. The games released for that console left a lot to be desired and then it died.
Same for me. I was so hyped. I bought it on launch day with my own hard-earned money. I bought a shitload of launch games. Toys R Us did a B2G1 sale shortly after its launch, and I remember getting either 6 or 9 games just in that one sale.

When the hype finally died down, I realized how shitty its games were. They looked great at the time, but there was no substance. Even though I was hyped for Shenmue, the Dreamcast became the first system I bought that I had ever sold. I luckily got most of my money back because it was within the first few months.
It would have to be the Wii.

The experiences felt so shallow and the games I was actually hyped for generally ended up being major disappointments (SSBB, Super Paper Mario). While Microsoft and Sony were vying to create the best online experiences possible and provide tons of content, Nintendo just didn't seem to care. There was so much potential for a really great lightsaber game or a hit online shooter but none of that ever materialized. It's amazing how much potential was wasted with the Wii. And then Nintendo just gave up on the system halfway through its lifespan so that Ubisoft could pick at the remaining casual gamers.

The Wii had some great titles (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 being the standouts), but much like the N64 it didn't have a very well rounded library. Difference is, I had a lot of fun playing the N64. Can't say the same for the Wii after the first couple years.
xbox360 for me so far..

I bought it on black friday last year, and the only game I played was Halo Reach, which I finished with my friend within a day. Since then I haven't touched the console.

Gen X

Trust no one. Eat steaks.
I've owned a majority of consoles since 1983 but the one thing I did regret buying was the Sega Mega-CD add-on for the Megadrive.

I almost bought a Jaguar if just for AvP and Tempest 2000 but instead I went with the 3DO and I certainly never regretted the 3DO (Cost 25% more than the PSone at launch for the base unit and two free games). I got a lot more gameplay out of Road Rash and SSF2T than I could ever imagine.

Recently though, the 3DS without a doubt. I was kinda expecting a flood of awesome titles like we saw on the DS but they're coming out too slow and despite there being some quality games like OoT, Starfox (Played them both 12 years ago), Mario 3D and Kid Icarus, they just don't do it for me. Maybe I'll pick up that 2D Aliens Infestation game on the DS for it.
I can't say I've really my 360 since a few months after I bought it.

I regret not waiting for a 3DS revision.

I regret spending so much on a Vita I didn't really need.
I kinda regretted buying a 3DS on launch after I was done with Ridge Racer and Pilotwings but the ambassador games put a smile on my face again. Plus I downloaded Rytmik Rock Edition (a DSiWare software, but I never owned a DSi) and had lots of fun with it.

I don't get all the hate for Wii, it has more games I'm interested in than the Gamecube had, and I loved GC in the first place. Damn, I have some 150+ games for my Wii. And I'd say that at least 100 of them were worth it (the rest are random pickups). I probably like my videogames too much. Then again, if I'd buy PS2 sooner than a few years ago I would probably regret doing it. The games library is fantastic but the hardware itself is bad as hell. Takes forever to even start, and the loading times... sigh...
First time I bought a PS3 for WipeOut HD, after that didn't buy games and sold it to my brother.

Second time I bought a PS3 for the re-release of Shadow of the Colossus; played Wipeout HD quite a bit waiting for the release date, then didn't play SOTC all that much.

Just not to interested in the games that the PS3 has to offer. The multiplatform games are usually better on 360 too (Streetfighter 4 for example).

Wii has Zelda and Super Mario Galaxy, which is enough for me to make it a good purchase without regrets.
poor psp. i've gotten enough titles to love mine. and the wii... was nintendo on wii that bad? galaxy kinda justified the money for me. first game that really let me expiernce the controller in a good way... also, kirby. a boy and his blob? ;____; special gifts from random game god.

anyway for me, segaCD. yet the older i get i find myself loving it more.

master system. same feeling as segaCD. maybe i didn't buy the good games, but i was young. just seeing the light gun made me want it... lol

neogeo pocket. not even worth much... maybe one game i care for in the whole lot. i had hopes for it.

game gear. the batteries, i've gone through two because the screen fading issues. some ok games, but... its a lot of trouble. i'd rather get the games on a virtual console. faster ports pls.

tons of game boy revisions. i still dont get why i wasted all that money on the camera/printer.

first xbox. i bought in at launch. was awesome for a few months with munch. JSRF was the only game that saved it for me. sega was the only reason i bought in. i was in a dreamcast daze. most of these experiences would be available in other ways later. i just don't know if i can ever justify all the money i spent for what i got. i should have waited.

PS3. PSN is its saving grace for me. i shouldn't have jumped in so early. another xbox scenario, should have waited for prices to come down, given what use i get from it.

on the fence: 360. theres been so little to come out that appeals to me. a game comes out, i love and im feeling the console agian for awhile, then it just dies and i never replay any of the games i buy. i just cant care for FPS. i miss arcade style shooters. all my offline gaming friends are bro shooters. which kinda makes me dislike my 360 (i know, awful).

i've actually been digging some of the kinect crap... when i have people to play with.
we could use some more inflammatory threads round here.

I only ever regretted getting the Sega Dreamcast. The games released for that console left a lot to be desired and then it died.
finally, someone i hate more than "the wii, i bought 1 game and quit, lol straight garbage" posts.
Xbox 360. A real piece of shit in terms of hardware. They treated me like garbage after I received numerous RRoD. I simply will not be purchasing the next Xbox. I'm a consumer and this is the only course of action I really have.

The 360's technical problems were just shameful.

Shitty graphics, a step backwards when it comes to controls and terrible 3rd party support. The worst Nintendo console I've owned...

I got caught up in the pre-launch hype. Not falling for it again with the Wii U which will more than likely be an exact repeat of the Wii.
I don't really regret it, but my least played console is the N64. It's also the console I have the fewest games for. Most of the games I was interested in for the 64 are now available thru Virtual Console so I'm not sure why I've held on to my 64.

As for handheld systems, my biggest regret is the DSi. The DS is an awesome system but the upgrade to DSi didn't do much for me. We lost GBA compatibility and gained DSi Ware which didn't offer anything I wanted. Also, few if any games used the added capabilities of the DSi.
Both of my current gen consoles (Wii and PS3). Wii because

1) It didn't end up being the console Nintendo promised
2) Didn't get 3rd party support

The PS3 because it's a flaky piece of rubbish and mine has died twice.
I've bought three Wii consoles and each time I think "no, I really will get into waggle this time" but I never can. The only game I've put time into is Xenoblade, which uses the CC. My brain just can't accept waggle, therefore the Wii is my pick (x3).
Not the Wii
because it was a gift, thank god

I'll go with Game Gear and PSP

The only two handhelds I've ever owned because I was a huge fan of their big brothers (Genesis and PS2). They just didn't live up to expectations. I'm really not a handheld guy.
Xbox 360. A real piece of shit in terms of hardware. They treated me like garbage after I received numerous RRoD. I simply will not be purchasing the next Xbox. I'm a consumer and this is the only course of action I really have.

The 360's technical problems were just shameful.
Let's be honest here. The BC enabled PS3s had the same problem with the YLOD and blinking red light. Shitty hardware all around this gen. Except maybe the wii.
Game Gear when I was a kid, which I traded to another kid for a Game Boy without my parents permission and my parents were pissed about that because they thought I got jipped(which I did, technically, bit I just wanted a Game Boy). Also I would say PS3, but since my 360 went to a better place she and I have become a lot closer.