Consoles you've regretted buying?

Current generation excluded as not to induce any flame wars.
You should've put up some notice of warning not to attack other people's opinion, instead of excluding current generation from the list.
As i believe this Generation (both parties) has been warranted as being the worst. Ever.
I appoligise for going against what you stated but..
i can't even think how peoples choices could be anything different other than current gens.

I've owned both consoles and supported both, and have been frustrated beyond belief on both.
Gone are the good old days of just putting in a game and playing.

Now we're forced to worry about Reliability and has even branched off its own trademark of either RROD or YLOD. And, we're forced to pay (depending of) JUST to play a Multiplayer section when even still having the game not run properly and/or hacked etc.
We're forced to install some games by how it was made and/or take the workload off the disc drive aswell as using up hdd space which can in return dictate what to store (download, updates, contect, etc) and when to play.
And, of course Patches (especially Day 1 FFS!!), We're forced to put up with lazy devs where they're more concerned in releasing an unfinished product than delay and make sure games run at working/acceptable standard (ie: Online, SP, Codes, etc).
And of course worring about Sercurity. Passwords, Codes, Hacking....."oh my......"

The only thing i'll give this Gen credit for is "but, the Graphics...."

I've NEVER had any problem and worries with older consoles minus maybe a bad laser on Playstation, and blowing dust out of a cartridge on MegaDrive.
And, i for one would wish we could only have to worry about these minor probs for todays consoles.

I remember Playing MegaDrive Road Rash, not having a care in the world except playing the game and smashing my opponent.
Where am i today?
In a thread writing my opinion in a thread about todays Consoles rather then playing a specific game or raving about.
funny no?

Just my opinion of course.
And, it's not all doom and gloom but i'm just keeping ontopic with the subject at hand.
The Jaguar and the PS3.....neither was able to sustain the initial investment.

Now the NES, SNES, PS 1 and 2, and the 360 paid off in spades. The orginal xbox too, but only because KOTOR happened.
None. There aren't that many great games for the Xbox but it was worth the money I payed for it and it was a bangin' media centre. Barely used my PSP, but I know there are good games out there that I will eventually play.
none, I don't buy a system if it doesn't have at least 3-5 titles I really wanna play. Keep it mind I haven't bought any Nintendo systems in the past 10 years and don't even want them for free.
GameCube was only useful for RE titles and MGS The Twin Snakes.
Most handhelds because I buy them before they have a good library. Usually sell them and end up buying another one later (trying not to do this with the 3DS).

Kind of regret the 360, just haven't spent much time with it, not much else though. I have a Sega CD and haven't used it much, but I also found it for $20 at a garage sale (with a Genesis model 2) so not a bad buy.
All three current gen consoles, honestly. Both my 360 and Wii only ever get turned on to play games for the Xbox and GameCube respectively(should've just bought used, I can get both systems now for ~$20), and my PS3 is a glorified Blu-Ray player/Netflix viewer. Haven't played a 360/PS3/Wii game in ages.

I don't think I'll be participating in the next generation.
All three current gen consoles, honestly. Both my 360 and Wii only ever get turned on to play games for the Xbox and GameCube respectively(should've just bought used, I can get both systems now for ~$20), and my PS3 is a glorified Blu-Ray player/Netflix viewer. Haven't played a 360/PS3/Wii game in ages.

I don't think I'll be participating in the next generation.
Ditto on everything, except I already sold my XBOX360 and Wii.
All of the PS3 responses are from the folks who purchased too early, right?

I purchased mine in early 2009 and hold it in the same high regard that I did my OG X-box purchase back in the day, compared to my PS2. There are experiences on the PS3 that I simply cannot have anywhere else, and even those that exist to an extent on other consoles just feel different.

My answer may surprise some folks: Dreamcast.

But not because I thought it was crap. Rather, I was one of those guys who never kept his old consoles once the new ones came out. When I purchased my PS2, I eventually gave my Dreamcast to my nephew. After I realized what I had done, I quickly purchased a replacement, and had the time of my life, replaying all of my old favorites. But the excitement quickly faded and I gave that console to my sister. And then I realized what I had done, and...well, you get the idea.

I kept chasing that feeling of excitement that I first had when playing Sega's last, great, fuck-awesome console, but could never get it back. Thus my regret: knowing that eventually (at least 5 times that I can recall), I'd just get bummed that it was the over, and get rid of the thing.

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Nothing, every console or handheld I've ever owned I feel like I've gotten my moneys worth out of it. I don't play my 360 or my Dreamcast a lot, but I paid very little for a used console and I definitely feel like I got my enjoyment out of them, even though there weren't/aren't my favorite consoles.

Even my NeoGeoPocket Color was an awesome purchase, and I owned it for about a year (as long as it lasted).
I love my PSP Go as a device. Had an amazing time playing P3 on it and more, but it burned not being able to play BBS on it and to not be able to live out my dream of playing Monster Hunter freedom 3 with my dualshock 3 via bluetooth.

I didnt get the playtime hours i had hoped. I also bought it 2 months before the price drop. so yeah, with minor regret that i do not hold against it, the Go is my answer.
Game Gear - Sure the color screen was nice but the games were pretty terrible.

SEGA CD - The only games I really enjoyed were Sonic CD, PANIC!, and Jurassic Park.

CD-I - I got one to play the exclusive Zelda games. *sigh*

XBOX 360 - I got a used Japanese 360 for 50% off about 6 months after launch to play Dead Rising (which was great). I played a handful of games between then and 2008 and then I didn't play a single 360 game for 2 years. I got a Slim US 360 last fall to catch up on a few exclusives (like Alan Wake), but I'm still not a huge fan of the system.
In my humble opinion nintendo at launch died with the snes.
Now that I think about it, picking up the GCN at launch was a horrible decision too. Luckily I never picked up the N64 at launch and waited till the green DK64 version that arrived later. Yep, I'm never picking up a Nintendo console at launch, it's just so hard to resist when they release that 1 nintendo title, but then there is a drought of games for months and months.
I was about to sell my 3DS sometime last year about.mid-May because of the game drought, but I waited until E3 and Oot came. The games revealed there made me super happy about owning the system, happy enough that I didn't even mind that a price drop was announced shortly after. I kept the system with me since me and never looked back.

My 360 however has been collecting dust ever since I got it. I'm thinking of selling it after the Wii U drops.
I was thinking the PSP MIGHT be the one I regret most due to the relatively small number of games I've picked up for it (not the biggest RPG guy in the world), but stuff like 3rd Birthday, Corpse Party, Dissidia, and Half-Minute Hero have made the system more than worth the $250 price to me.
None, but I never picked up any of the weird ones like the Sega CD, 32X, TurboGrafx, 3DO, Jaguar, CDi, etc.

The closest would be the Wii, simply because there have been fewer than ten games of interest to me on the platform, but I'm still glad I got it.
Just going to make default templates for every possible Nintendo console, pick and choose at your discretion:
(because people love to complain about them smh)

Its too (retro/ugly/bad sounding/not made by Sega),
I hate the (blocky/2 button/gray) controller, console is too (gray/old/for Nintenfans/looks like a VCR).

The graphics... (are to modern/are too blocky/aren't colorful/Genesis does what Nintendont),
the music is (shit/muted/too orchestrated/Genesis does what Nintendont)
and it was a letdown because (no 3d/no rainbow buttons/no Sonic/Genesis does what Nintendont).

I regret this purchase because (3d Mario is for nerds/atomic purple is a ugly color/no games/Rare is dead to me)
and because the controller (has 3 handles/one analog stick/caused me to get arthritis in my fingers/rumble, more like lolumble).

I have tears on my face because (it has a handle/smash brothers isn't a real fighting game/worst mario and zelda/mini-dvd's)
and it (METAL GEAR?/didn't have good online/wasn't called the ps2/controller is uncomfortable).

I was bored with it because (it had less good games then the Dreamcast/good Mario games don't matter/LOLGRAPHICS/wasn't dudebro enough)
and because of (the waggle/the lack of online/virtual console sucks/I have no friends).

Will do handhelds later....Enjoy!
Thankfully I've felt great about all the consoles I've bought. The PS3 feels like my weakest purchase but I've had some great times with it still.
Game Gear... I bought it when I was a kid, the internet was different back then. The only games I got were ones that caught my eye and every single game I got for it was terrible. Battery life was bad and the screen was tiny as hell yet the device was huge as fuck. The one game I played the most on it was this baseball game and I really hate baseball :/
Strangely enough, despite many dollars spent, I enjoyed them all. Neo Geo Pocket Color. SEGA Nomad. Dreamcast. Atari 2600. I was close to pulling the trigger on a 3DO around the time the Playstation came out, but thankfully the SNES trade in offers for the Playstation was too good to pass up.

I guess my only regret was gameboy micro. I think it took a step backward from the SP since the clamshell design of the SP protected the screen. The micro's little plastic face plates would scratch so easily in your pocket and that was the screen you had to look through to play.

Already have a ps3/computer, bought it so I could play with my bro. In the end there was very few exclusives that I wanted, didn't want to keep paying for live, and my brother became more busy.
I wouldn't say that I regretted it, but the console that got the least amount of playtime was the original Xbox. The only reason I got it was because of Halo. I got a couple of more games for it though, including JSRF and Morrowind. Now that I think about it, all of the games I got for it were great but I just didn't get very many of them. I also had to make due with a used console because I didn't have enough to buy a new one. After about 2 years, it was almost impossible to get it to read a disc.
Xbox. Didn't do a damn thing with it once I got bored with DOA3.

I ended up giving it away bundled with that, Halo 2, some Oddworld game, some Star Wars game, WWF Raw, and Need for Speed Underground.

I ignored most of those games, but Underground was awesome.
Got the Wii as a gift, but have had years of fun with it.

I regret XBOX 1 & 360, because everything I enjoy most there I could have bought on Steam for $5.

I also regret Nintendo 64, because my TV sucked at the time and the games were a blurry mess with too-small text.
To all the Wii haters, the system is awesome. Where else are you going to get a million old school styled games like 2d platformers, plus all the other great Nintendo games?

Anyways, I probably regret the PSP as the last couple years I haven't touched the thing until I sold it before the Vita came out. Also, the Sega CD was a regret. I only had like three games and I didn't like them much. I never even bothered to get Sonic CD either.
To all the Wii haters, the system is awesome. Where else are you going to get a million old school styled games like 2d platformers, plus all the other great Nintendo games?
I'm not buying a console just for platformers, give me more genres and less party games. Oh, and a good online structure. They better get their shit together for Wii U.
I can't say I regret buying any consoles, but I do feel like I got taken for a ride with the original DS because the lite came out later, and changed the game for portables. Same with the GBA. I bought one, couldn't play shit on it without a light, then they brought out the SP. I didn't guy a gameboy color or anything like that though. Now I feel a tinge of regret with the Wii because it just hasn't gotten much use other than virtual console titles and shit that i can play with a regular controller. Fuck motion controls. I can't say I care for how Nintendo is going this gen and probably won't pick up a Wii U unless there's something mind blowing on it.

And as a console, I'm a bit disapointed in my PS3, just based on Sony's decisions. I'm worried mine will die soon, and it's one of the BC models. If I could buy another that had PS2 BC I wouldn't be worried, but now I can't. I feel like a LOT of Sony's choices this gen have turned me off from them as a company, and that effects how I feel about their products. Same with the Vita. I won the Vita. If I had bought it, I'd be PISSED. It has some of the same flaws that the PS3 does in terms of games, the lack of on board memory, fucking installs, etc. What's ironic about the Sony stuff is I LOVED all their previous stuff. PSOne, fucking amazing. PS2, fucking amazing. PSP, pretty damn great. Yet the thing that interests me most about their current systems is my ability to play my older games, both PSOne and PSTwo, and their new systems just don't have that. That's very disappointing to me. The PS3 would edge out my Xbox in terms of play time if I wasn't so worried the thing would break, and I'd have to fall back on emulation to play old PS2 titles. My Vita would be fucking awesome if it would play the PSOne classics, because that screen is so amazing. I don't want to go back to playing shit on my PSP when I have a Vita, but I have to because there is no UMD support, and I don't want to buy all my old shit again. And it won't play PSOne games.

Again, maybe that's an issue with me, but it feels like out of every company right now, Sony has ignored what's made it so successful in the past, the games that have been available on their platforms. They've taken away peoples peoples options. It's great that the PS3 plays PSOne games, fucking awesome. But now it won't play PS2 games, which TOTALLY SUCKS.

The Xbox 360's BC support is laughable but I can't think of one game that's on the original Xbox that I'd want to play now. I can think of a SHIT LOAD of titles between the PSOne and PSTwo that I'd like to play in some form on new hardware. I've bought plenty of new games too, but none really speak to me like the old ones.

The only real reason my PS3 gets used is for bluray and older games, besides the new shit like Uncharted, 3-D Dot Game Heroes, and GoW. And Valkyria Chronicles. So I don't regret getting it, but with how Sony's handled this gen I won't be on board for the next one unless they change some shit dramatically. If there's no PS3 BC I can't say I'll care. If they built in PS2 BC though, I'd be there day one. lol

The lesson I've learned from this is that I'm not going to be putting much money in new consoles going forward. There's no reason to be an early adopter. I was almost a 3DS early adopter. Look at what happened there. I got lucky and won a Vita, and it isn't delivering what I want. With all this talk of anti second hand systems on the horizon, I can't see myself jumping on board. Xbox live is chock full of ads about shit I don't care about, and PSN sucks. Maybe I'm just getting too old. lol

Only reason is because it did not look good on my TV and we paid RRP. Looked blurry and extremely dated compared with even early PS3 games.

If I bought a Wii now, I'll probably wouldn't say that though. I think price definitely was a factor in my regret.
Atari Lynx II

I traded in my launch Game Boy with games for it.

Capable system, with really crappy games. No Link's Awakenings or Gargoyle's Quests on that one.
Xbox 360.

Worst console I've owned to date. Its also the most disappointing console of all time. I still can't believe what a joke it turned out to be after a promising start. Oh well, lesson learned, PS/PC in the future.

Edit: bah, PSP as well. Never should have bought it.


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If the generation ended in 2010, like it should have, none.

Because it didn't, 360 and Wii. Wii just doesn't have games anymore, and 360 has become an unreliable (on my 3rd technically) adbox with inferior multiplat compared to PC. PS3 gets used as a blu-ray player and for a few exclusives through late gen (uncharted 3, god of war, last of us). PS3 also is a sufficient Netflix box until my current PC graduates to comfy couch HTPC next year, and PS3 doesn't have ads to get to Netflix or (?) require Gold to use it which is bullshit.


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It's not a bad console but there are very few reasons to own both 360 and PS3. I really only turn it on every 2-3 years when another Gears of War comes out.
Atari Lynx. Wanted a Game Gear, got a Lynx. I bought it along with Batman Begins and Altered Beast. They were okay. They were the last games I found to buy for it.

EDIT: Sad brofist Firebrand.

At least with the Wii I had some fun getting Dolphin up and running and then traded it in to replace my dead Xbox 360 for almost a direct swap with a great deal at EBGames at the time. The recent jRPG's have been great too.


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i bought a turbo graphix-16 late in its lifecycle and really didn't get much use out of it. i liked sega cd, but i do regret getting a 32x. i didn't get much use out of the original xbox at all, but halo and halo 2 made it worth owning. i honestly do kind of regret buying a wii. the hype was insane, the feedback was super positive here, but the sd visuals killed it for me. it's been unhooked and in a closet for years

nes, snes, genesis, psone, n64, dreamcast, ps2, gamecube, and ps3 are definitely worth it for me.