Destiny Beta starts in July, game tracking to record new-IP preorders

I go on vacation starting July 21st so it better be starting prior!

Halo 1, 2, 3, 4... I was in queue at launch for all. Bring it on!
Similarly all modern Blizzard games.

This will be the perfect mix.


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Call of Duty Online for China?

I thought they had some pretty strict no violence stipulations for videogames. Will be interesting to see what this is.
Beta in July? And the game launches in September? There's barely any time between those, i reckon it is more like a stress test and demo than a beta test (i don't doubt that people will find a gazillion exploits though).
Does that include Pokemon?

Because I highly doubt it's going to beat Pokemon.

Edit:Nvm, guess they're just referring to preorders and not actual launch


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This will help me to purchase the final game. Still not fully committed, but if all my friends are buying it then I have no choice but buy it.
Holy shit then Salli Saffioti ("whirlwind", ingrid hunnigan, ...) then may either be doing VO for skylanders or RE7, but she didn't feature in the former for a while.