Did you refer to the Nintendo Entertainment System as the Ness, N.E.S, or Nintendo?

Dec 6, 2008
I mostly used Nintendo. And since the NES was so popular in the US, it became the ubiquitous term for gaming consoles for a bit.

I sometimes said Ness and very rarely said N.E.S.

Today, I mostly use Ness.

My older family members still call most consoles regardless of company of origin "The Nintendo" lol.
Sep 18, 2015
SNES = Super Nintendo
NES = Nintendo or sometimes the "normal Nintendo"

All the other systems by their correct names.

Edit: at the time the SNES was a thing everybody just called it Nintendo around here so that's where the "normal/regular Nintendo" is coming from
Apr 15, 2010
En Eee Ess, or Nintendo. Never called it nes or snes. It's an acronym and I rarely say acronyms. Like, I say "Ee Ess Pee En" for ESPN, not pronouncing it phonetically like a word. Black Entertainment is Bee Eee Tee, not bet. NBC is En Bee See, not nubuk.

I'm sure there's some exceptions to this rule but by and large I say letters out individually and don't make a word for acronyms.