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Disingenuous Discourse


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Don't feel bad, it's happed to me more than once from the ? Mod who seems to have a kind liking to me.
Doesn't matter if it was a legit argument, or if you are just reponding to someone else, they jump in and decide your biased or whining and it's over. So be it I guess.

And hey it might be game of the year since it's Naughty Dog and they are brilliant.


I have to leave this here because it's not possible to delete an unfortunate post entirely.

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Ok let's see who's being disingenous:

This all started earlier in the week when you posted in the batman arkham thread about how you like the games, nothing wrong with that.

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After that you made your own batman thread because one wasn't enough, all was good in that thread, decent engagement and discourse for a few days until yesterday when you jokingly called Spiderman "Batman: Arkham Spider"

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Fast forward to today you spent 5 hours and 21 posts within the Spiderman thread arguing about it having outdated game design and some bullshit game of the year semantics, eventually you were banned from said thread, rightfully.

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Then you make this thread and proceed to post in it 19 times, complaining about moderation but also making it a stealth Spiderman critique thread to continue your bullshit agenda.

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You have 350 posts in this board and 11% of those are about Spiderman. It's time to log out and take a breather.

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And for my fellow gaf members, remember my content is free and any gold donations will go towards my investigative journalism. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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If you read what I quoted, someone said their 5th favorite Arkham game was the one where he puts on a red and blue suit and shoots webs, hence my obvious joke response.

Back to MK1.


When you say Spider-Man 2 has game design from 2009 you automatically out yourself as a moron. And then you make a thread about it to further prove the point.

Good show mate.

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Hmm I don't know the Arkham games were significantly better designed so he has a point there. People just get very butthurt when their first party exclusive gets criticized.
How many thread of the year awards will you get?


On a serious note just heed the warning and if you have issues with what happened you should contact the staff.
Apparently I've been banned from responding further in the Spider-Man 2 preview thread. No response given.

Despite saying multiple times that I liked the original, that Spider-Man 2 will likely be great, and that I will be playing it eventually, I've been accused (whether implicitly or explicitly) of having some sort of ulterior motive. One person even said I was "blatantly trolling."

That's pretty absurd and makes me assume that actual legitimate, critical discourse is discouraged on this forum. I assumed that Neogaf was better, from a censorship perspective, than ResetEra, but I guess it isn't. Kinda disheartening.

Shouldn't we, as enthusiasts, be open to discussing praise and criticism about games, regardless of the platform on which they're played? Do we really want this place to be an echo chamber, validating our own purchasing decisions and discouraging people from making us feel FOMO and Buyers Remorse? Shouldn't we want to engage in critical thought surrounding our hobby?

I imagine this will also be banned, and possibly lead to my own banning, but I'm okay with that if this site is only for disingenuous discourse. So, with that said, I'd like to finish my point that I couldn't in that thread:

My larger point was that when one says "This is Game of the Year," they are generally saying, "This is THE Game of the Year, based on majority critical consensus of major publications and sites." Otherwise if Steve from down the way says that Disney Illusion Island is his Game of the Year, we'd have to call it a Game of the Year.

With that in mind, my argument is that Spider-Man 2 will not be Game of the Year, based on majority critical consensus of major publications and sites.

I'm sure the game will be great, and I'll definitely be playing it eventually. Not Game of the Year though. I will bet $1.00 that the majority critical consensus from major publications/sites will be either Tears of the Kingdom or Baulder's Gate III.
Well it is a PlayStation exclusive so you should know better 😉


Dude, what is wrong with you? You don't come to a party and tell everybody it's not the best party in the world.

I also think despite being tech wizards, Insomniac is a 8/10 studio at very best, their most wholesome game was made 15 years ago, they should hire better writers and gameplay designers and slow the fuck down to actually make a great game (which they can do)


I can empathise. I enjoy interacting with this community since it's one of the few remaining video game message boards where people are actually interested in talking about video games and don't flock towards some spam subforums to yack about literally everything except video games.

But the way mods here dish out bans and thread locks is just arbitrary as fuck and often feels like the decision is made based on whether a mod was in a bad mood that day or not. Every time it happens it just makes me want to quit wasting my time posting here and just stick to my Discord channels where no one will antagonise me for some retarded imaginary reasons.

Well to explain it in a way that's easier for you to understand.

Imagine the same arguments applied to Starfield.

A: Starfield won't get any GOTY awards.

B: Bethesda has a history of games that got GOTY awards.

A: Those awards don't matter because they are from Xbox sites.

B: Evidence is provided of sites that aren't Xbox focused.

A: Only thing that matters is if it gets most of the GOTY awards.

Basically that's what happened in the Spiderman thread. It wasn't due to it being a Sony exclusive. Just an argument that was being constantly spun to fit the OPs narrative.

P.S Also we do have negative spiderman threads. Like the one that complained about the visuals when the gameplay was shown at the PlayStation showcase. Mods aren't actively shutting them down because its a PlayStation exclusive. I believe they closed it because it went on for an extremely long time and there wasn't really anything left to say in it.
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