Does God of War (2018) have a greater combat system than Bloodborne?

What game has better combat in your opinion?

  • God of War

    Votes: 47 30.5%
  • Bloodborne

    Votes: 110 71.4%

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Aug 6, 2017
would you say GOW has surpassed Bloodborne in combat, my friend and I were talking about it and he thinks the new GOW surpasses Bloodborne (and any souls game) in combat depth, systems etc.
Jun 3, 2013
I prefer the weapons in BB, but throwing the axe had a nice feel to it. GoW might have more systems at play, but I found myself much more engaged with Bloodborne's combat. Also it has great bosses.


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Mar 22, 2017
I highly enjoyed GOW and to me it has great combat system for western game but my answer is no. The boss fights and the actual combat in Bloodborne is much more superior in my eyes.

people have said there is more depth to GOW's system
Compare to previous games absolutely. But compare to games like Bayonetta and DMC, hell no.
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Mar 18, 2013
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Both games are a homage to their predecessors. Its hard to compare the two. You can't block in Bloodborne, but you have a shield in God of War. Its like X's and O's. Bloodborne was an alternative to Dark Souls, which had shields. You're more or less a glass cannon in Bloodborne. Is it western philosophy that we have to be able to block? :messenger_grinning_squinting:

I'd go with Bloodborne. I enjoyed God of War, but I thought it lacked extra bosses. The use of the troll was far too noticeable, even in areas where you felt like there could have been another type of boss. I also thought the last part of the game in Bloodborne was a lot more difficult. God of War did a great job, but the satisfaction will come with the sequel IMO.
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Jun 28, 2013
Both of the RPG systems have issues, but mechanically I prefer BB primarily because its bosses are designed to push a player’s mastery of the mechanics more than GOW. But GOW clearly has far more going on and more intricacy, it’s just not critical for a player to explore them in order to progress.
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Jun 13, 2017
The combat in GoW is way too easy, the "Give me god of war" difficulty just buffs enemy health to a stupid degree until they become axe sponges, bloodborne manages to be difficult even tough enemies mostly die in a few hits, this shows some design flaws on GoW.
The "feel" of the combat is way worse aswell, the weapons don't feel nearly as satisfying.
Enemy design is super lackluster, both regular enemies and bosses.
In GoW you can unlock new moves which mix things up a bit, on the other hand bloodborne has much more variety in weapons and spells.
The over the shoulder one shot camera might be a neat idea (Even if I hate it, it's impressive when you do it in movies, but games are all rendered anyway so it's not that hard), anyway, it hurts combat, since you can't see shit of whats happening around you, instead you get an indicator when an attack is coming your way, and it suffers from "camera man died" syndrome.

I think GoW is pretty decent, but not nearly as polished as BB or DS, and that's okay, combat is a much bigger focus in those games.
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Dec 20, 2018
Rio de Janeiro
Gow have a better combat, but keep in mind GoW is more RPG than Bloodborne. So they're different games to be compare.
Saying GoW is more easy than Bloodborne and indeed is, but because RPG mechanics like peak, passive, magics, buffs, etc...
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Nov 16, 2013
I played GoW and wanted to continue playing until I got to the first boss who seemed to be tough. I haven't gone back but want to.

I got to the first enemy in Bloodborne and immediately died. I don't want to go back to that game but everyone's praise makes me think I'm missing out. Why am I not floored by it like everyone else?
Dec 20, 2018
Rio de Janeiro
Not sure I see how it's more RPG but I'm open to hear why you fell that way
Read my edit post. God of War have peaks, equips with slot for passives, peaks, increase your defense REALLY make difference unlike Bloodborne, sustain, magic really does work. RPG have progressive system and because that GoW with time become more easy unlike Bloodborne. Thats why even playing GoW with NG+ in 'give me god of war' difficult still looks easy. All your progressive equips/forge/status really make difference.
Bloodborne is my goat no doubt, but because is my first 'souls' games.
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Jan 10, 2019
I was just talking about how GoW feels like a super clunky Soulsborne game. I hope the next GoW tightens up the controls and adds better bosses/enemy encounters....
Nov 12, 2018
Does Bloodborne plays liek the Dark Souls series?

I<ve played Dark Souls (first game) and the controls are clunky, animations are rigid, mechanics are stiff and overall combat is a mess...Bloodborne seems like the exact same...
Jun 13, 2017
Does Bloodborne plays liek the Dark Souls series?

I<ve played Dark Souls (first game) and the controls are clunky, animations are rigid, mechanics are stiff and overall combat is a mess...Bloodborne seems like the exact same...
Bloodborne is a lot faster and smoother than the first darksouls, same for Darksouls 3. The core principles are pretty much the same, so if there's nothing you liked about it you probably won't enjoy the sequels either.


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Jan 10, 2019
Does Bloodborne plays liek the Dark Souls series?

I<ve played Dark Souls (first game) and the controls are clunky, animations are rigid, mechanics are stiff and overall combat is a mess...Bloodborne seems like the exact same...
not even close. Bloodborne and DS's controls are amazing. IF you know what you are doing that is.......... :p


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Jan 20, 2014
I will say that I had a much harder time fighting the Valkyrie than any single From Software boss. That fight had a very From feel
Jan 8, 2018
I'd say GoW is more accessible for people like me

I've tried and tried to love Bloodborne, I'm just awful at it

In GoW I can still look like a badass
Aug 16, 2012
Not done with GoW, only a few hours in and I feel there is more to open up to me yet so I can't pass full judgement. But I will say without a doubt the combat is actually VERY good compared to the previous titles in the series.

Bloodborne for now is p much the apex of none CURAYZEE games.


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Jan 12, 2018
As I've said in many other threads, GOW has very layered combat...
Bloodborne combat has very fast encounters, it doesn't require a lot of moves, just good timing of dodges and keeping your play "safe". I do love the feeling of the combat.

GOW has long combat encounters, where you need combos and take on multiple enemies at once. You need to consider cool downs, spartan rage. counters and boiiii.

Anyway, IMO the combat systems are way more advanced and varied in GOW but Bloodborne requires skill and timing despite it only really having a few core moves. The feeling of overall combat in BB is better... it gives a lot of feedback.
Dec 10, 2018
Bloodborne is a religion! Bloodborne is our new God! I prefer old school GoW over the old fart Kratos and his Prostata issues ...

Bloodborne is the best exclusive of the past 20 and future 20 years. Period. Gameplay, Lore, Theme, Ambiance, content, music ... give me Bloodborne 4K60HDR Dolby Vision with 4xSSAA (pristine IQ) with destructible environments.
Feb 21, 2018
I<ve played Dark Souls (first game) and the controls are clunky, animations are rigid, mechanics are stiff and overall combat is a mess...Bloodborne seems like the exact same...
BB is a totally different creature. To be honest, it's almost closer to Devil May Cry than the original Dark Souls. It's faster, more visceral, with an emphasis on parrying and dodge mechanics. I actually far prefer DS with it's slower pace and far greater variety.

Also, yes, BB's frame pacing still blows. But do yourself a favour and pick up DS remastered instead, and enjoy 60fps glory.
Jun 13, 2013
Bloodborne is a more deliberate combat experience, which gets the nod from me. Hacking and slashing aimlessly is going to end badly for you. God of War, on the other hand, is closer to an arcade experience; some attacks track the player to the enemy, the hit boxes can be a little inconsistent at times, etc. Crank up the difficulty, and these seems start to show. God of War's is good, very good even, but it's got different goals. Bloodborne's combat was designed to make sure that every failure is a result of bad decisions by the player. God of War's was designed to make the player feel powerful as often as possible.
Apr 18, 2018
Bloodborne's simplicity is its strength. It's a fun game to master because there's a wide disparity in which weapons are easy and which aren't. But if you master the game, you can make less-viable builds like Wheel or Stake Driver perfectly functional, and as a result extend your replayability.

When someone says "Bloodborne is just dodge and hit", they're right, but that should be seen as a compliment. It is just dodge and hit. The sparse RPG mechanics never get in the way of the combat itself. Your reflexes and ingenuity can win the day in spite of the equipment you're using. Can the same be said for God of War? Can you play a "minimum level, naked Kratos" and still progress through the game in an entertaining fashion? Or are there things you're forced to use in the combat, things that you can't avoid in the skilltree?
Jan 12, 2018
No. God of War is a lot, lot easier. Even in "give me a challenge" difficulty, once the lake of nine opens up & side quests become available (favours), finding better gear & transforming Atreus into a little invincible tiger tank who unleashes hell on all foes with both arrow types is just too easy. Bloodborne meanwhile has a constant oppressive theme & gameplay in which I could never anticipate what I'd encounter, or how hard it would be, or how I'd even be required to fight it/them.

God of War has repetitive enemy types with slight variations & Atreus, i.e. far easier. But, I can definitely see a Bloodborne/Dark Souls inspiration in the development of God of War (the Traveler boss fights are almost an homage to the Souls games). Kudos to Santa Monica for paying attention to the best of the genre, but their game aims for a wider appeal & tones down the difficulty a lot.
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Jan 12, 2018
Bloodborne and it’s not even close. BB is the perfection of the soulsborne combat system from From soft.

Not to say GoW’s is horrible but frankly I didn’t even consider GoW4’s combat the best of the franchise let alone equal to this gen’s arguably best action title.

I’ll take gow4 over ds2:sotfs and *maybe* ds3 though.
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Jun 20, 2018
Yes God of war has actually better combat than bloodborne or any of the souls games for that matter imo but only when you actually try and get better at it most people dont they just play it like your average movie tier game on middle difficulty and that is ok too, both games are good and the combat is too different to compare to in any real way, souls is deliberate with less fancy combos etc.

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