E3 2009 Sony Conference Thread

Nov 1, 2007
San Antonio, Tx
LCfiner said:
no, I never said that.

wait, did I? I can't remember and can't search. I don't think MGS raiden is a megaton.
I dont know if you did, lol, I was just pointing it out. I this the FF is megaton but because its another MMO not just SP.
Gary Whitta said:
Really? During Beatles Rock Band @ 360 briefing:
During Modern Warfare 2:
I was being mildly sarcastic, but nonetheless, how did you search for that lol :(
Although you have taken numerous jabs at sony this e3 when MS had a great conference and play it like sony had just a decent conference.

Both conference are either tied or 1 will 1up the either based off your personal opinion, but no one should say 1 blows the other out or edges the other out as fact(I've said sony won though personally).


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Sep 7, 2006
Stop It said:
Take your goggles off, and anyway FF XIV looks to be a PC MMO with a PS3 version, Agent is a name and nothing else and most of the games we seen are 2010 titles.

Also, if you consider the 2 titles above as the best Sony have to offer, you also have to accept that Sony have went against their previous statements that they don't buy 3rd party exclusives any more, because those seem to be exactly that.

2009 is the year of the PSP, but will PS3 survive playing 2nd fiddle until 2010?
so saying that you can say everything MS showed was also expected.... I was arguing with him because he said MS had the most surprises... Crackdown 2 was speculated daily on gaf not to mention the camera motion control.. SONY's wand was much less known ...
Shurs said:
Nintendo gives you new 2d and 3d Mario games, plus a new take on Metroid and you're complaining that there's no Kid Icarus? Yeah dude, you have your priorities straight.
Who's complaining.

I'm saying Zelda OR Icarus would have tipped them over the edge to being a winner. I've put way more praise on Nintendo than most members here.

Don't know what the fuck YOU'RE talking about.
Jul 15, 2008
BruceLeeRoy said:
FUCK ME. Did anyone really expect we would see games that look this good. I mean honestly I thought after I played KZ2 and Gears 2 it wasn't going to get any better.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that these are legit.
So... Are you going to make the Official thread for uncharted 2?
Mar 29, 2007
Surprised there was no Ratchet, Heavy Rain, White Knight or any of the other numerous games we know are being developed. Obviously they already had a shit ton of content during the conference, I just wished they had cut out all of those shitty montages (although the PSP one had loads of new footage in it, it was tiny as all hell). I mean seriously, they bothered to show an old Home montage.