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The day the Dreamcast was announced in Japan, "Dreamcast WTF that's a stupid name" I tried to register on hotmail as dreamcast@hotmail.com, but it had already been taken.
So I just added master to the end of it as that sounded better then dreamcast123 or some other varient. I just stuck with it after that.
Used to go by Silliw 2, Which is my name backwards with a "2" on the end.

But then billions upon billions of people either called me "Silly Willy" or just kept saying "Watchu Talkin Bout Willis? Lol Different Strokes!"



Vied for a tag related to cocks, so here it is.
I translated my real name (Ash) into Spanish on google. This is what i got.

Apparently Cinders is a real person's name..


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The Lamonster said:
My name is Lamont.

side note: Why am I no longer allowed to click "Find all posts by this user?"
Searching is disabled because of the flood of Junior Members
wasting all of our bandwith.
Its basically another word for the heel bone. For whatever stupid reason, it became a running joke in our high school anatomy class, since I signed up for GAF not too long after, the name just came to me since I couldn't think of anything else.

I hate coming up with usernames, I haven't found one that I like enough to stick with really.
In Ninja Gaiden 2, you hop a ride on some large airplane.

As you are going through and wreaking havoc on the crew members, a red light starts flashing and there is an announcement over the PA, "All hands, there is a class A ninja onboard. I repeat, there is a class A ninja onboard."

I thought it was the most absurd thing I had ever heard. First of all, the message sounded pre-recorded. So you are telling me they had this in mind when they were programming the warning when they made the ship. The other funny thing is that the plan is strewn with the corpses of more traditional ninjas. I imagined those must be the class b ninjas.


we all knew her
A friend started calling me zesty several years back because of this stupid Taco Bell commercial I got in the habit of making fun of. I like it because it's short.
The J is for Jean which isn't my real name (although it rhymes with it) but one of my gay friends liked to give everybody female names when we were younger. The Tourettes is for my many profane outbursts at inappropriate times.
Sophomore year of college, I needed a name for the online web browser game Utopia and Ayashi No Ceres was an anime I had watched recently. I didn't like the anime but I liked the name Ceres. Been using it 9 years now.
It's great because it's also generic enough that a google search doesn't bring people to every single thing I've ever done on the internet.
The Ironborn are a tribe of seafaring warriors (think vikings) in G. R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", the absolutely best fantasy series ever written :D


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I always took PHAT "L00t" from dead bodies in every game possible, I mean everything
even if I didn't need it

A friend of mine saw me playing a RPG (forget name, sorry) and saw me play and he went on how I was such a Grave-Robber taking everything, so I was like cool, GraveRobber, but some had the name taken so I just put a X at the end...also it can be abbreviated GRX, have this e-nickname for over 10+ years going now

Sometimes my friends call me Grave like that's my real name, I've become used to it
My name is Mark. And I am a love machine.

It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with mates saying I'm like a grown up version of the cool geek McLovin from Superbad. Nothing at all. Honest.

Actually, mates called me McLovin many years ago as I was an ugly fucker that managed to pull fit birds.


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My nickname on my previous job.

For some odd reason, everyone on PSN makes fun of my name. They call me Ferris very often. :lol
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