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A nickname a GF called me back in HS. I don't know why I used it when I signed up for AOL, but I did. Now it's my username for everything: GAF, XBL, PSN, twitter, etc.
Veritas is Latin for "Truth". Someone already took 'Veritas' so I had to add an underscore. Haven't seen the original Veritas around, so I figure it's ok. =/
Soon after I came to the US, friends wanted me to play Ragnarok Online (I think it was in beta back then), I was talking to long thinking about a nickname, and one of them just kicked me out of the computer, and typed it....after that, people from RO kept calling me by it (or just Noshi), and since I spent quite a lot of time with them (in and out of the game), I got used to it...so I just kept using it til this day.

Anyway, for some reason people read it as Noshiro :lol
Heard it on QI years ago as the (joke) answer to who invented the wheel or fire or something. This was at a time when I was trying to find a username to use generally online, without it containing a load of random letters and numbers.

So far I'm happy with it as being a lighthearted name which kind of takes the piss out of itself, it works well in online games especially in this regards. Also because it can be abbreviated to just 'Og' it can said quickly and easily by others in more intense online gameplay.
Always-honest said:
i like that. Online on gaming consoles i always use my real name. On forums i did so in the past. Untill my mom found some of them on google (i also used my last name.. so my full nbame).
Yeah me to, i hate playing with guys if you don't know their real name.
"Hey, xXxsNiPErHeaDSHotzxxx, could you come and secure A with me?" doesn't really work that great


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this is the name i use for a few online accounts. nothing special to it. i had other smurf themed names and i decided to use smurf and i put an x at the end instead of an s. when i created it at another place the name was available so i ended up using it and at other places too like neogaf.
Its a nicknamed I earned back in elementary, when we were playing football I made a big play that helped put my team in the lead, it was originally Big Play Oscar, but was shorten to Bigosc
MYE is how you pronounce the first part of my name (Michael) in its original hebrew form.
Apparently it means: "Who is like God?" and was the name of the leader of Angels. Cool stuff.

I'm agnostic though :lol
Smash, long history, I was signing up for MPlayer (this was before it turned into Gamespy) so I can play some Rogue Spear. Was looking for a name around my room, and saw my Super Smash Bros. (N64) box. Started to brain storm with the words, and Smash stuck. So there you have it.

The 88 is because I was born in 1988.
Was looking for character names, for a comic book i was planning to do. Looked at some latin words, and thought "Wow this looks good." Comic never got past the cover i drew, but i liked the name, so i used it for PSN. GAF is only the second time i've used it. Somnium, is the latin word for dream. Which is were we get the word insomnia from.

Not very many people have heard it apparently. I get called all sorts of things on PSN. Somonium, sodium.:lol


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It's a name I used on EQ, World of Warcraft a long time ago, among other MMOs (but there are other ones out there which aren't me, copycats!). Just something random, not much meaning.
I hate coming up with usernames or character names in games. I will just sit there waiting for something to come to me and it never does. I've never really found one that I like either.

As for my current username, my first name is Carl and I got the nickname "Crazy Carl" because I got pretty rowdy at football games. The first thing I signed up to after that was PSN and CrazyCarl was already taken so I tried a few alternate spellings.
Me and my friends were high, and they started listening to Skazi. Then I said something about Skazi being shit... or Shit Skazi, or whatever, and they started calling me Shikazi. And then I changed the kazi to kashi.

Eh, back when I was in high school I wanted to start my own game studio and Digital Alchemy was the name I came up with. I started using it for my username everywhere, but "DigitalAlchemy" is taken at pretty much every popular website so I usually had to change the first l to a 1, which I just ended up doing everywhere for consistency. I have actually been systematically changing my username to my real name on most sites, but I'll probably just leave it on GAF.
Growing up, there were 5 of us and we all thought it was cool to add the suffix "do" on the end of our names. There was Al-do, Bill-do (that was the one we giggled at the most being only 15 years old), Chris-do, Dave-do and there was Rocky, but Rocky-do sounded like crap, so we just called him Schnocky. Well... back in the early years when IRC was king, I made the screenname Davedo but found that everyone was trying to pronounce it Dave Doo.... so, play on words.... Davedough got the correct pronunciation and to kind of play on the whole John Doe thing I suppose... </blog>
It's the name of a character of the PS1 game Xenogears. I suck at coming up with names, so it's nothing creative. I've been using it ever since I first had to decide for a nickname. Unfortunately it's often taken when I sign up somewhere new. I was quite surprised it was still available on GAF.
When I registered for PSN/Xbox Live my desired username was "Baron Samedi" (Baron Saturday in French) a Loa (a kind of voodoo god/spirit) who appeared notably in Grant Morrisson's "The Invisibles".

It was already claimed and I figured lundi (monday in French) was way more scarier than saturday anyway. So here it is.
Class_A_Ninja said:
there is a class A ninja onboard...
This story had me cracking up, NG2 is probably one of the most absurd games ever.

As for mine, stems from playing the original Halo way back when. Playing one night with my buddies I kept on getting a ton of "trash kills" by stealing kills when other players had already taken a ton of damage. With every kill after that as the night wore on I was accused of "taking out the garbage" and Garbageman stuck. The Sir came along when when the XBL tag Garbageman was already taken.
My original name was "Rabarber" after the word some Eastern European languages have for "Rhubarb". After spending two years in a Steam chat room that had corrupted to Rabster, which eventually turned into Rapstah (unrelated to rap). I started using that name everywhere.

My name kept evolving on Steam though. I'm currently at "Literally Magical Uncle Rapstah" and aiming to make that my name on GAF too if it ends up being inside whatever limit there is on this forum.
Pyke is the name I always used when naming male characters in video games/is my general online username(and I now use it interchangeably with my birth name in real life too). Presco is an abbreviation of my last name(Prescott)/my older brothers typical online alias, so people can figure out were either friends and/or family when they see us online together.

Cosmic Bus

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I wanted to change from the name I'd been using for the past several years (Hotarubi), and was looking at Caramelpot's website one afternoon. The little drawing of a king driving a bus into space made me chuckle, so that's where Cosmic Bus came from.

Contrary to what the name probably implies, I am neither a Grateful Dead fan or a stoner.
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