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Famitsu editor: Big PS4 title at TGS

As per esuteru:


"I heard the leading manufacturer and there (of PS4 title) is a big announcement from TGS" (Google Translate)

Hirokazu Yamamura is former editor-in-chief at Famitsu.

Good catch kenji_sama!

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大手メーカー makes it sound like a third-party game to me, I guess. Hopefully there will be more than one =/


I would be pretty surprised if this really a downloadable title. Games of that scale don't usually create gossip.

Edit: Oh, TGS, not GamesCom. Alright.


Un Rama


King E

and that might actually be a good thing. Either way, the hype annoys me.

Sony's E3 showing was a huge downer outside of the Godsend, which is No Man's Sky.
My money is on it being The Last Guardian but the big surprise will be that it will come bundled with a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remastered.


Come on Auto Modellista 2! Now is your time to shine!

Plus, they could announce the port of the first game for the Vita at the same time.


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Wait, why the hell do people think this is going to be TLG? I feel like the game has a much bigger significance to the western audience (since it's brought up in damn near every Sony interview), so it'd most like get an E3 re-reveal.

I actually hope this is either 3rd parties backing PS4 is a big way, or one of Sony Japan's big new IPs. Those are more relevant/significant to the PS4's situation in Japan.


Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing it and hopefully I will get a chance to play it on the public days!
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