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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius |OT5| Our Golden Anniversary Brings Us Hope




Expedition is a global exclusive feature. We will be able to send our party to expeditions to obtain rewards like crysts or awakening materials. However the expedition won't always be successful. The success rate will depend on your party's strength.


EXVIUS Points (or EX Points) is a system designed to reward people who spend real money into the game. You can obtain EX points by purchasing anything with real money, either Lapis or premium bundles.


  • Esper SP reset. First reset is free, otherwise it would cost Lapis100.
  • Removal of crafting time. Previous crafting slots will be refunded in Lapis.
  • New dungeon tiers unlocked. Additional stage for Special Vortex will be added.
  • FFBE unit special dungeon. Vortex dungeon that can only be entered with story units. Holiday themed story unit don't count.
  • Sharing summons results (Global exclusive). Share your summon result through Twitter or Facebook.
  • Training dummy. Located on the top left of Farplane.



Due to the confusion about the pricing of the summon campaign, they have elaborated further. We are getting the following summon campaign throughout July:

  • 10+1 free summon
  • Free. One time only. No featured units. Works the same as rare summon.
  • Summon Simulator
  • 10+1 with a 5★ guaranteed summon
  • Not free. One time only. No featured units. The bonus unit will always be a 5★.
  • Details such as pricing will be announced later, but it's likely to cost Lapis5,000.
  • Summon Simulator
  • Once a day free summon
  • Free. Once a day. From June 29 to July 26. If it ended on 00:59 PDT then we'll get 26 instead of 27 free summons.
  • That's a total of 48 summons! With one of them guaranteed to be 5★.



  • Vault of Hidden Treasures is a vortex dungeon that can be run once daily, each time with different enemies dropping bountiful items. These dungeons are intended to give you rewards, and is not difficult.
  • Anniversary Special Bundle. There is no information regarding this bundle, and the image used above is a placeholder from older bundles.
  • Special daily login rewards. Login daily to obtain rewards during the campaign.
  • 5★ unit vision shards (Global exclusive). An ongoing event for Kelsus summon. Obtain enough vision shards from various sources, and summon Kelsus for free, one time only.
  • Amazing enhancements. Higher chance of a great and amazing success while fusing units or cactuars, giving you 1.5x and 2x more experience respectively.
  • Half-energy campaign. All dungeons (Event might be excluded) will require half energy to enter. The number is rounded up, so Earth Shrine will still cost 1 energy. Nice try.
  • All portals open. All special vortex are open during the campaign, including The Enchanted Maze and Cactuar Dunes.
  • We'll also obtain a free in-game item, the rainbow jacket that is always worn by FFBE global producer Hiroki Fujimoto during presentation.


FFX event is an exploration event set in Macalania Woods with a unique butterfly system. Several crafting recipes are added in this event, with one of the reward being Razzmatazz, a sword that can inflict status ailments.

Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka will appear as featured unit summon.


FFXII event will be introduced in July, and it is a King Mog event. New units includes Ashe, Rasler, and a global exclusive Zargabaath. Balthier was introduced in JP during this event, but seems to be unannounced in GL. Previous units like Penelo and Vaan will also give bonus currency in addition to the new units.

Zargabaath is said to be timed exclusive, with the JP version getting him later down the road, possibly tuned to be stronger due to power creep.

A challenge dungeon will also be introduced in this event, pitting you against Doctor Cid and his henchmen.

Introduction by Lyrian

Welcome to the thread!

Brave Exvius is a new Final Fantasy game, in the style of the SNES titles (IV, V, VI). That said, the game plays considerably different from the SNES titles, outside of combat. Combat in FFBE is equivalent to the Wait Mode ATB in these games (everyone acts individually in their team's turn before the opposing team gets their turn). In story and event modes, the player's team always goes first. In arena mode, the team that goes first is randomly chosen at the beginning of each new turn.

There is an original story with original characters. As the game is meant to last for several years, the story is considerably drawn out and may appear to be very slow moving (it at all) at first. As one progresses farther in Story Mode, the story becomes considerably more interesting. Please keep in mind that the story really doesn't begin to really get rolling until four or five islands into the game (Dirnado Isle or Olderion Isle), which can be a considerably long time for a new player. Please bear with the story until then.

The game belongs to a genre known as gacha, or lottery-style game. In this game, not only are there original characters, but the player also has the be ability to pull characters from other Final Fantasies (both heroes and villains) to join them on their team. This is a major draw of the game. On the flip side, as a lottery-style game, the more desirable or popular characters are often quite hard to obtain, and attempts at pulling for them cost a premium currency (lapis) in the game. A fair amount of lapis given to players over time for various events in the game (Brave Exvius is unusually generous in this regard compared to other games in this genre). Addiitional lapis can be purchased for real-world currency to fund additional activities in the game (refilling energy) or for more attempts at pulling rare units from the slot machine.

Various activities are also inserted into the game from time to time, that offer unique equipments, materia, spells, and so on that are not found in the story mode of the game. These can take the form of a dungeon from another Final Fantasy, an exploration of some kind, or a trial against a powerful boss (which is what everyone in the thread is passionate about at the moment as that is this week's challenge).

In this regard, you could think of this as a single-player MMO, as new content is constantly added to the game weekly and new chapters are being added to the story monthly.

Brave Exvius Basics


There are 4 types of ways to acquire units. The first are the story units. These are
forced upon you, I mean
given to you for free.

The second is the standard summon. The combat of the game has you using five units + a unit from someone else's game. When you use this unit you gain 10 friend points if that person is on your friends list, and 5 points if they're not. Furthermore, every day you can receive 10 friend points from the people on your friends list through daily gifting. Once you have 200 friend points you can spend these to acquire a 1-3 star friend point unit. These units are not that powerful long term, but some of them come with some great Trust Masteries.

The third method is the rare summons. This is the true gacha pool, and allows you to summon units from 3-5 stars. The greater the rarity the lower the odds are of summoning a unit of that rarity, but these units are usually more powerful on a fundamental level.

  • Blue Crystal = 3* base = 80% chance to occur
  • Yellow Crystal = 4* base = 19%
  • Rainbow Crystal = 5* base = 1%
Summoning these units costs Lapis, the in game currency, or rare summon tickets. Every Friday a new "banner" is added to the game that lasts two weeks. These banners increase the chances of acquiring the units displayed. The 3* and a 4* base unit that is on the banner has a 25% chance of occurring if that colored crystal drops, and the 5* base has a 50% chance. However these increases are split if there are multiple units of the same base rarity on the banner. There is also a default banner that has no rate up, and is available at all times.

Summons cost 500 lapis or 1 rare summon ticket. Each day you can make 1 summon for 250 lapis. You can also make an 11 unit summon for 5000 lapis, which guarantees the first crystal to be at least yellow, and increases your chances of a rainbow crystal to 5%.

How it feels sometimes

The forth and final way to acquire units (at this time) is through events. The conditions for obtaining the unit will vary with each event.

It's also important to mention that units can be upgraded, and are not stuck at their base level. Currently the highest a unit can go is 6*. If you wish to know the maximum rarity of a unit use the Exvius wiki (linked below).


Lapis is the in game currency. You can acquire this via:

  • Daily Quests. Everyday there is a list of quests that you can complete for certain rewards. If you complete 5 of the 6 challenges you will be given 50 lapis.
  • Missions. These are challenges that come with every quest.
  • Trophies. These are challenges that you will complete by doing generic tasks throughout the game. These are usually long terms challenges, but the reward for completing each one is 500 lapis.
How it feels when you first start

  • Real World Currency. The reality is that this is a gacha game, and in order to obtain a substantial amount of lapis in a short period of time you will need to spend money. It is very possible to be F2P and be able to complete all the content, but remember that it's important to spend your lapis wisely.

Every Friday a new event is added to the game. These usually follow the theme of the new banner and also last 2 weeks.

Mog King Events are a grind type event. You take on a boss and every time you defeat it you gain a special event currency. This currency can be traded into the mog king for prizes. Materials, tickets, exclusive gear, the list goes on. Having the corresponding banner units in your party will give you a bonus amount of event currency upon completion.

Exploration Events are a one time clear event in which you must traverse through the map and defeat the boss at the end. These will usually give a single prize at the end, though there are smaller prizes throughout the map.

Raids. Currently we have only had one of these. They are not your typical MMO style raid, and are closer to the Mog King events. You simply have to defeat the boss, but rather than obtaining currency you gain points. Prizes are given at set total point thresholds, and there are two prize ladders. One for your individual point total, and one for the point total of everyone currently playing.

Because of the weekly events and banner changes there is usually maintenance every Thursday.

How it feels when maintenance is done and a new event begins

At some point you will experience this

Trust Masteries

You'll notice that each of your units have a percentage that occasionally goes up after a battle. This is their Trust Mastery. These are can be powerful items, spells, or abilities, and as such some units are sought after purely for their trust mastery. Units have a 10% chance to gain a 0.1% increase every battle. This is not something you need to worry about too much early game, but when you are ready there is a more detailed guide linked below.

Ability Awakening

As the game progresses older and less powerful units become outclassed by the newer and stronger units. However Ability Awakenings allow older units to increase the power of some of their abilities. In order to do this you need Ability Awakening Crystals and Gil. The crystals range from 5 levels and come in various colors (see below). The level 1-4 crystals can be farmed from the Chamber of Gems in the Vortex of Desires, and the level 5 crystals can be obtained through various events. Each unit and move will require different gems to awaken them. If you wish to see what Ability Awakenings your units will obtain in the future and what materials you will need then please follow across' guide below. Note that the data is based on the JP version of the game so Ability Awakenings may vary in the GL version.

GAF Playbook and Useful Links

PantherLotus and Valentus (with a small contribution from Alkez) have put together an all purpose guide in order to help new and old players with any questions that they/we may have. Below is the link to that guide, as well as other useful resources.

We're a friendly community here, so any information that you cannot find simply ask and someone will provide you with the information you require.

GAF Playbook
Exvius Wiki
FFBE Reddit
Unit Calculator
Discord Chat
Valentus' YouTube Channel
TM Farming Guide/ NOX Macros
FRep Guide (Macros on an Android Device)
Attack Frame Data
GL and JP Weapons and Armour List

Disclaimer and Exvius GAF Motto

It's important to remember that at the end of the day this is a gacha game. The summons you make are purely RNG. No unit is guaranteed and no one is owed anything in the eyes of the game. The game has no honor system so your odds of getting a better unit do not increase over time. You simply have to roll with the punches and work on making the units you have strong. For these reasons we believe in the following motto here on Exvius GAF:

Pull for banners, not for units.

OT4 Wall of Shame


Exvius GAF's Madden Curse

Unfortunately there is a curse here in Exvius GAF. Whoever creates the OT gets banned at some point afterwards. If anything in this OP needs to be changed or something needs to be added while I am banned simply ask one of the mods (Shouta) to do so.

Mount Exvius GAF
For those that have willingly taken the curse

OT1 Creator - Visceir
OT2 Creator - Rixa
OT3 Creator - shintoki
OT4 Creator - Alkez
OT5 Creator - Vashetti
Woohoo new thread!

Any ideas what killer type the cactuars will be weak to in the upcoming raid or is he entirely new?

Trying to get some done, just got spirit killer and find out there's another right on it's heels lol


I'm considering not doing a single pull on this FF12 banner, not even dailies.


1) I wouldn't add any of them to my main team.
2) They aren't limited units.
3) I don't plan on grinding this mog event much if at all.
Woohoo new thread!

Any ideas what killer type the cactuars will be weak to in the upcoming raid or is he entirely new?

Trying to get some done, just got spirit killer and find out there's another right on it's heels lol

They are plants. Firion has Plant Killer as does Ifrit as an Esper. You also can get a non recipe materia from Mystic Woods Exploration.


Great additions to the op. Thanks for putting it together Vashetti.

Btw why is my name in bold on the Wall of Shame lool?


I'm considering not doing a single pull on this FF12 banner, not even dailies.


1) I wouldn't add any of them to my main team.
2) They aren't limited units.
3) I don't plan on grinding this mog event much if at all.

Iam pulling for fun. Maybe I grab 4* TM unit too. One multi and tix I get + free dailies.


Chaining is so broken, 3 more hits due to a better positioning of Ultima +2 in between Orlandu's Divine Ruination resulted in more than a million added damage.


Daily: Sice

On CNY's free dailies I only got shit tier blues. This round seems to be replicating that.

Agrias is "I'm too poor to pull Orlandu, but at least I can chain with him."

Only accepting Fohlen and Reberta friends until Agrias gets her enhancements. J/K, but only kind of.

I read DefiantHermit's review of Zargabaath on reddit and tend to agree with the assessment. He does a lot of things, but there are better options for all of them. Defensive suppport? Use Rikku. Buffs? Ramza and other singers in the future. Finishers? Take your pick, and they're also much less awkward to equip. Pulling him would be DKC levels of disappointment for me.

I feel like Zarg is suffering from incoming JP unit hype. Now the next "god unit" is supposed to be Ramza. Yes he has an incredible 100% all stats buffs with hp/mp regen, but there are multiple units now that can recover mp or add secondary heals. I seem to recall that Ramza becomes useless for 3 turns as well.

A 60% all stats AOE buff with 100% resists to some ailments and being able to do other actions after that really sounds great to me! In these rounds he can add damage mitigation and elemental resists to everybody, as well as full heal a character and restores a LOT of his mp.

Combined with a Tillith I feel like he will be a tremendous asset. Infinite mana for everybody and AOE full heals. When Tillith has to use he4 AOE heal + mp restore, Zarg can maybe fully heal the tank if needed or restore Tillith's mp.

Don't wanna bring down Ramza, but I'm pretty sure Zarg will do extremely well with a lot of team setups.


What is the best build for Titan? I don't want to fuck with the points distribution this time...

Also, I'm going to pull on the 5* for the new thread, I'll let you know the result later.
They are plants. Firion has Plant Killer as does Ifrit as an Esper. You also can get a non recipe materia from Mystic Woods Exploration.

Oh awesome! Plant Killer is literally the only other killer passive I have so far. That leaves me to choose between Bird and Bug killer for my magic key. Well unless there's an absolute must have in any of the chests since I guess neither of those killer passives will be put to use any time soon.


I made it on the wall of shame. How shameful!

I'm going to have to farm triple time on this event to make up for wasting 140k currency in the last one, I guess.


something i wasn't able to achieve :(

When you start posted nothing but shitposts and spam during class and work; you too shall know my shame.

Gumi lied about that "all portals open (cactuar/gil/maze)" though.

Yup, what the hell happened with that?!

lmao did any one even complain? I don't think any one even noticed. I sure as hell didn't. I've been using the Exp Portal lately to level character to 6* and I never took note. Damn Gumi I need my lapis compensated now. lol


Posting on page one!

Feels good man.

Its been a great year!

Free pull today was Wakka. Luckily only 2nd one of him Ive pulled.
My luck has been great lately. Not only did I spend all my tickets and lapis just to get one Rikku, but I just got my second straight Russell on daily free pulls.

Praise be to RNGesus!
Just a PSA for pullers tomorrow.

Ashe and Rasler are base 4. Probably worth saving your lapis unless you're really jonesin' for zargabaaaaath. It'll also be stupid easy to fill up your mog king party w/ Vaan at base 3.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Great OT thanks - crazy that its already the 5th after barely more than a year.
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