Final Fantasy VIII censored on PS4? (other platforms?)


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Jun 7, 2004
But they didn't change Shiva at all, my guess is this isn't censorship but some of the original design work looked a bit weird when upscaled so they took a bit of artistic licence, it's not really clear what the original designers intention was for that crouch area, but the feathers probably look better than a high-res merkin.

Rhinoa's top also looks fine, her boobs would have been around her waist if you take the original texture work seriously. Plus she's classy, not like that trailer trash Tifa.

Don't get me wrong, if they put clothes on Shiva my jimmies would be rustled, but these changes honestly feel like they are just part of the HD treatment rather than an agenda.
Shiva proves this was not another massive censor job because of evil Sony and the other Guardian Force is changed in all versions... hence usual suspects left the thread and it became much quieter ;).

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May 2, 2006
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A little censorship can lead to bigger things once people start accepting it. That’s how it usually starts. It’s usually not necessarily game breaking, but imho it can be disrespectful to the artists original vision especially if they didn’t condone it. If violence and gore ever starts getting censored, I think gamers will have riots on the streets.