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First Nintendo Switch homebrew released: allows you to play NES Golf right now


Jan 11, 2016
Costa Rica
The first homebrew tool for Nintendo Switch usable by the end-user has been released. This changes the internal clock that the Switch uses, setting it to July 11th 2017, date when the NES Golf Easter egg is active (changing the date manually doesn't activate the Easter egg).

This only works on firmwares 2.0 to 3.0.

Instructions said:
Installation (on your Linux/Mac computer/Linux subsystem in Windows 10)

  1. Install the latest version of node from nodejs.org
  2. Clone this repository https://github.com/reswitched/pegaswitch
  3. Run npm install


  1. Ensure port 53, 80, and 8100 are open on the computer running pegaswitch.
  2. Start pegaswitch with sudo node start.js
  3. Configure your Switch DNS settings to point to the IP of your computer.
  4. Run a connection test to trigger the Captive Portal. (Likewise, going into an update page will do the same.)
  5. STRONG SUGGESTION: If this is your first time running PegaSwitch on a new console, run the command evalfile usefulscripts/SetupNew.js to set up useful setting

The actual homebrew:
Run the command evalfile ./usefulscripts/setRtc.js
After that you need to do the Iwata gesture as in the video (at 1:45)


More detailed instructions are available on GBATemp. This is just the beginning of the Switch scene, and in the not so far future a homebrew discussion thread on NeoGAF could be created.

Naked Snake

Jun 6, 2004
Amman, Jordan
It begins.

I have two Switches on 2.1.0 (bought them from Amazon this past week and last month). Can't be bothered to try this though. I'm definitely keeping at least one on 2.1.0 - 3.0.0 for when more useful stuff is available.

Not saying this isn't cool. It is and I'm glad they released it. Really hope the Switch homebrew scene doesn't take long to pick up steam.


Sep 2, 2014
This is just modifying the clocks, its not even "homebrew" in the sense that it does anything actually important.

This was done over a week ago.

We don't need threads for "I modified a clock".


Loves the Greater Toronto Area
Jun 18, 2004
and this is why I never bother with homebrew.

"keep my console on old software versions leaving out annoying QOL in hopes of someday playing something much less interesting on it"

but awesome for those who find it fun.