"FREE to a good home" thread |20XX Edition| No begging, requests, or taking advantage

Thanks, but what do they win in this situation ? Are there paid options / advertising money ?

It's just that I'm wary of any site that proposes you to win things for free...
You can donate money to get "charity points" which are special offers for newer games like The Witcher 2 and MW3 and such. This money is what will help them buy the games. They also get games from people donating their own games and actual steam give aways.
Can we get a new thread just for Playblink codes? Both this and the XBLA/PSN/Steam code giveaway threads have been completely inundated.

May not be a bad idea, but at the same time, I would think it will end on it's own pretty quickly. Everyone who signs up gets a code they can immdediately bring back here. You would think everyone who wants one will get one pretty quickly.

Also, there is a playblink code in this post.


Giving away a few Desura keys for my game Gunman Clive which was just released on PC. It's a a traditional 2.5D sidescroller/megaman clone set in the old west. It's previously been released on iOS and android

Youtube trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMDfq8PLfLM
Desura page: http://www.desura.com/games/gunman-clive

Quote to see the keys
Took key 1.
Always interested in trying out indie platformers, and the trailer looks quite good. Thanks a lot!
I have a Resistance 3 Online Pass code to give. I want someone with the game to have it, not someone who think he might maybe buy the game used in a distant future. So quote my post if you want it and I will contact you through pm to add each other on PSN. I will check trophies to see if you have the game and send the code. If a free code is what would convince you to buy the game used in the next few days, I can hold on to it until you buy it.