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Giant Bomb #14 | I'll Never Forget This!

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Oct 27, 2013


Giant Bomb is the most hippin'est, happenin'est, charmingly garrulous website about video games on the Internet! With a potent mixture of live streams, videos, podcasts, interviews, hot news scoops and incisive commentary, Giant Bomb has won the hearts and minds of us entitled internet hoards time and time again. The Bombadiers cover pretty much the entire spectrum of video games; whether it's watching two grown men spend 99 hours and 59 minutes falling in love with a Japanese schoolgirl, or watching another grown man scream at a creepy low-poly bogeyman in the dead of night, you'll find something to love here.

Unless you like Monster Hunter. In which you're SOL. Leave this place.


Jeff Gerstmann

Age: Unknown; records say he simply came into being during the completion of Spacewar
Nationality: Space Egyptian
Location: Petaluma
Aliases: Dr Tracksuit, Big Jeffrey, The Rap Man
Abilities: Impervious to pre-release hype; unnatural comic timing; powerful enough to launch his enemies into the sun
Enemies: Miley Cyrus; Kid Rock; Korn; Rooster Teeth; Nintendo; Dave Lang; Chipotle
Favourite game: Bloodborne

Brad Shoemaker

Age: 70 (post-Dota)
Nationality: English
Location: San Francisco
Aliases: rudds, Bradx0r, XXXShoenoscoper420blazeitupXXX
Abilities: Can hear an uninformed forum post from over 50 kilometres away; voice of an angel
Enemies: Arch-viles; Ultranationalists; NeoGAF; the basic human need for sleep
Favourite game: League of Legends

Vincent Caravella

Age: 70 (post-Max)
Nationality: Sicilian
Location: New York
Aliases: The Italian Stallion, mindcavity, A wizard
Abilities: Can destroy any aircraft in a matter of minutes; incredible violent energy can be summoned for use in open worlds; ice magic powers
Enemies: Pop-ups; dudes with sunglasses; the Y button; Adele
Favourite game: Bot Colony

Alex Navarro

Age: fuck if I know
Nationality: Spanish
Location: New York
Aliases: The Wolf, Jesse Pinkman
Abilities: Ability to keep his facial hair mostly unchanged through 3 different decades; is awesome at Punch-Out!!
Enemies: Bad video games; Jeff Gerstmann , Dan Ryckert
Favourite game: Big Rigs

Drew Scanlon

Age: 21 forever
Nationality: Russian
Location: Bay Area
Aliases: Comrade Scanlonski, funkify, Michael C. Hall
Abilities: Impeccable posture; expert archer; speaks over 50 languages; can infiltrate enemy territory; mastery over vehicles; can survive the rabies virus
Enemies: CBSi HR. That's pretty much it.
Favourite game: Metal Gear Solid 3

Matt Rorie

Nationality: Canadian
Location: Bay Area
Aliases: Matt Rorie
Abilities: Can talk to dogs, The Dungeon Master
Enemies: Cats, Ian
Favorite game: Alpha Protocol


Nationality: From The South
Location: Bay Area
Aliases: Daniel Ryckert
Abilities: Can do a superkick , Beat the shit out of Mike Tyson
Enemies: Monster Hunter 4 , Alex Navarro . John T Drake
Favorite game: Monster Hunter 4

Jason Oestreicher

Age 37
Nationality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Location: Bay Area
Aliases: A-Striker
Abilities: Can produce the DMX Goomba any time he wants, Monster Hunting
Enemies: Dan Ryckert
Favorite game: The Legend Of Korra By Platinum Games


Quick Looks - The guys jump into a new release and give it a whirl for about 40 minutes or so. Unedited, no bullshit - your Giant Bomb meat 'n' potatoes.

Danswers - Danny & Dan with a wide array of guests discuss and danswer the viewers personal questions

Demo Derby - Dan , Drew & now Jeff look at old Demo Discs across multiple platforms in this Feature. Some times we get to see demos of good old classic games & Other times we get to see demos of the worst games ever made.

Encyclopedia Bombastica - Quick Looks for older games, basically. Generally comes with more of an "in the know" feel, and usually just ran by one person.

Unprofessional Fridays - Premium member exclusive show. Just 90 minutes of whatever nonsense the crew feel like showing off. Giant Bomb at its most chaotic.

Interview Dumptruck - Alex (and sometimes Jeff) interviews a wide range of name from the industry and gaming community, and posts the mostly raw footage straight to the site.

Metal Gear Scanlon - Drew is on a mission to play through all numbered MGS games as he has never played them before. Local MGS nut Dan Ryckert tries to Help ( Trolls) Drew through out the play through. It is pretty fucking cool man.

Mario Party Party - The Gang play 50 fucking turns of every single numbered Mario Party game will be played. NOBODY WINS

Unplugged - A Premium Series where The Gang play various DnD games.

And of course, there is the Giant Bombcast, up every Tuesday, with an accompanying thread popping up here on GAF near enough on the dot.


Twitters, and GAF User Names

Brad: @bradshoemaker, rudds
Jeff: @jeffgerstmann, MonsterDunk
Vinny: @VinnyCaravella, bionicpuppy
Drew: @drewscanlon, N/A
Alex: @alex_navarro, N/A
Matt Rorie: @frailgesture, N/A
Jason Oestreicher: @unastrike N/A
Dan Ryckert: @DanRyckert . DanRyckert

Officially Unofficial Websites

Giant Bomb Video Playlist (THE best way to search for TNTs and Game Rooms)

Click here to see fellow GB Gaf member Myggen list of best premium content to watch or listen to

Big Thanks to Renpatsu for the banner!

Also coldman for the OT template.

(Rest in peace, Ryan.)



Mar 18, 2014
A list of (some of) the Premium content worth watching/listening to:

- A lot of the UPF episodes, e.g. the Second Life episode, the PS4 Playroom episode, the Dream Gear episode, the Lego Island episode, the Halcyon episode, the one with the whole crew back in SF, the Paul Ryckert episode, the episode where Brad and Vinny become robots

- Every Random PC Game feature (1-10 on that list are all the available videos)

- Mario Party Party - 50 turns of sadness, Mario Party Party 2 and Mario Party Party 3: The Saddening/Nobody Wins, Mario Party Party 4: The Saddening 2 (Part 1, Part 2)

- On The Green With Sim Golf, Members Only SNES Party, The Olympic Games Olympiad

- The Breaking Brad: Demon's Souls series, the Load Our Last Souls series, the Metal Gear Scanlon series (season 1, season 2, season 3)

- Backflips n' Bioforge

- VinnyVania (Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse)

- Vinny plays Bot Company, goes insane, Vinny plays Velvet Sundown

- Drew is a North Korean spy, Iceland: The Cutting Room Floor

- All the Premium Flight Club videos, like Digital Combat Simulator: P-51D Mustang Beta

- The best TNTs: Fortune Street, Dead Island, Gears of War 3, Cards Against Humanity etc.

- The Running of the Lanterns, and various Breaking Brads like Doom II Ultra Violence, Volgarr the Viking etc.

- The Load Our Last Save features. Freedom Fighters is a great place to start.

- Demo Disc Derby (11 videos so far)

- Giant Bomb Unplugged: Pathfinder, Giant Bomb Unplugged: Avalon, Giant Bomb Unplugged: Dungeons & Dragons

- Podcasts: Bomb After Reading: Sphere, A Very Ryckert Holiday: Conversations With Dan & Paul, The Powerbombcast episode 14 (but really, every Powerbombcast is worth listening to), Danswers 07: Return of the Gerstdann (every Danswers is worth listening to, especially the ones with guests)



Jul 15, 2014
Ah seeing that thread title of that culinary abomination going forward will continue to make me gag slightly for a few months.


Feb 4, 2010
Right about now it's time to rock with the biggity Buck Bumble.

Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass,
bump to the bump to the Bumble!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass,
bump to the bump to the Bumble!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass,
bump to the bump to the Bumble!
Bump to the bump to the bump to the bass,
bump to the bump to the Bumble!


Aug 15, 2014
Watching the KSP Quick Look and holy crap the suspense and anxiety. You know which part.

I gotta get this game once I get myself a new PC
if DDR4 would just become standard already.
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