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A 4v4 playlist that mixes CE and Halo 2 gametypes would be better than what we have now (CE being restricted to 2v2's, essentially).
That would go real nice actually. Strangely I find H2 netcode the most forgiving/balance from the old trilogy.

While I'm here some MCC play recently:

Also this was a nice little overkill on Ghost Town

Shooting fish in a barrel on Chill Out (skip to 16s)

A nice perfection, unfortunately made two quit early and a guy stop trying I matched previously

And a MCC post wouldn't be real without a glitch, what the hell is this UI bug where I'm still searching but backed out to playlist selection...

Oct 28, 2013


A 4v4 playlist that mixes CE and Halo 2 gametypes would be better than what we have now (CE being restricted to 2v2's, essentially).
Which makes no sense IMHO, the most fun I've had on Halo CE (online on PC though) was the big CTF matches. 2v2/4v4 is Halo 2 reign, I'd rather have BTB CTF only on Halo CE.

I hope they do a playlist update soon, in multi-game playlists most of the time Halo 3/4 gets voted over CE/2. I miss playing on Sidewinder/Death Island.
Delicious fucking tears and this is why Halo still has me hooked after more than a decade. US host, guy quits on our team and lockout then Tim Delivers gets the sword and we're down 10 kills before we know it. Guy quits on their team to even it up and I take out the sword guy, then take him out going for sword spawn... And then go on a 15 kill spree with the sword to win the game. Fucking delicious.

343 take H6 back to solo beast mode and a persistent rank. Please.

Jun 7, 2016
So usually Iam one that screams from the rooftops how this game needs a relaunch and when people come in here trying to say it works I say no they are wrong. Now it's my turn to be that person. Couple weeks ago while me and my friends were failing trying to get a match started in Friday the 13th, as a joke my friend thought it would be funny to log in to MCC and send a party invite. We all laughed said yeah one broken game to another and so on. The problem is that it actually worked when we played. Tried again the next night and matchmaking was flawless big team battle, halo 2, action sack all found matches no issues and faster than ever. Had a party of 6 at one time and no issues finding games. So did I miss that this worked now or have we been really lucky? I'd still honestly believe it's been luck
May 17, 2012
So, uh, are they actually trying to fully fix this game now, a couple of years after it came out?

https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/odds-ends specifically:

Fans of classic Halo games also have a lot to look forward to with today's announcement that Halo: TheMaster Chief Collection will receive enhancements for Xbox One X, as well as fixes, improvements and upgrades to the core game to help bring it forward and modernize many of the game's systems to take advantage of Xbox platform advancements since its original launch.

While we're incredibly excited by this opportunity to go back under the hood with MCC, it's not going to be easy nor is it going to happen overnight. To help facilitate this process we're planning to roll out a public ”flighting" program for MCC to allow for iterative patches and updates while testing in the wild at large scale. Right now, we're targeting kicking this off next spring and when the time comes we'll need the support of our community to help test and provide feedback at large scale as we work to update and improve MCC. We'll share additional details and timing as plans are locked.

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like a new thread was made for this.
Jan 13, 2015
Glendale, AZ
Nah its fine to talk about it here, it is the OT for it after all. I'm excited, not only that were getting a patch but we get to give input on this patch before release too, it's a smart move all around.

And it seems that Lord Zedd on twitter is having a mental crisis, seeing as he can't meme MCC anymore.
Apr 28, 2012
I bought an Xbox One for this game. Put about 100 hours into the campaigns problem free, then I went to multiplayer where I expected to put 100's of hours into it.

Probably my biggest gaming disappoointment. I have recently been jumping on for a few matches and it seems fine.

Happy about the news though. I'm not burnt by it so much that I'll never play again. If they fix it up I'll still be there.

Just add a 1080 60fps version of Reach with the multiplayer suite included please.
Jan 14, 2012
And it seems that Lord Zedd on twitter is having a mental crisis, seeing as he can't meme MCC anymore.
He can meme it until it actually gets fixed :p

I'll be very interested in what sort of X improvements it gets. Even a >1080p<2160p resolution bump would be very nice. And of course getting a real version of Reach would be great, although I get the feeling they're mostly going to fix what's there rather than add another potential headache.
Aug 18, 2009
It is absolutely incredible that MS is funding MCC patches for fixes and Scorpio enhancements. Huge respect to both Microsoft and 343.
When it's a collection celebrating the biggest games in their biggest franchise I'd say fixes are expected rather than incredible but I'm super happy they are fixing it because I assumed they'd figured it was good enough and that was that.
My respect for 343 here is for coming back to MCC so late when it'd would've been easier to let it go and pretend the game doesn't exist. They must've known it'd dredge up a lot of negative feelings from fans but they've come out and promised to fix/enhance it anyway. I hope it works out and they can carry any resulting positivity/momentum into Halo 6.
Sep 3, 2013
Glad to see this. Even if it took time, Franky holds its promises and gave people the explanation they were waiting for!

Apart from this, nothing in what Franky said surprise me. For anyone being involved in digital process, most of what he said make pure sense, and I was surprise people didn't understand much of this by themselves since we got plenty of hint since the MCC released years ago.

But anyway, can't say how happy I am they are working again on the MCC to fix it. It didn't have any issue with the MCC for a least a year now, so it was already good to me and I was just waiting for a playlist update.

So, I only hope they will also work on a playlist update once they are done with fixes on the game itself, so we can enjoy a more focused online experience!

Again, great move 343, you're gaining my trust, once again.