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Have you gone off the Resident Evil series?

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Apr 13, 2018
I have, unfortunately.

I just don't think it has that special kind of a meaning anymore. I honestly don't care much for remakes at all either. These remakes are not canonical anyway. Part of me believes Capcom does it just to milk it more and more. They could have made the last remake relevant like the first remake from 2002 is, and what's annoying, is that I have another guy debating that with me on another forum, and it's pointless to respond. He says stuff like, 'It can be canonical' and I don't see how. Even Capcom admitted that it's not canonical, and the DLC, despite being free, is BS as well. They kind of did an okay job with the RE2 remake itself, I guess, and if you really think so and want to see more titles come out like this, then that's fine. But it could have been way better.

In my opinion, RE4 sucks, but only as a sequel to a major franchise, and it does not fail as an action game. As an action game, it's one of the best there is, and you can play it for hours and enjoy shooting the crap out of everything. But all the RE stuff I loved from back in the day on the original PlayStation console, was so de-emphasized in that game. They've made all of the recent sequels seem less and less like the very title it yields, and then other franchises went the same way eventually.

Alone in the Dark was tarnished, which in my eyes is a bit ironic, as they tried to copy RE, which in turn previously had successfully copied Infogrames' game. But when they tried to make the 2008 game like RE4, it absolutely stunk. And I guess Silent Hill was ruined too, because the post Team Silent games are only average at best. I think RE4 influenced too many companies to stop making their games how they were, because they knew that in the current state of gaming back then, and also even today, horror games just have to adapt to the more popular action genre, besides maybe indie games that don't really sell that well. It's kind of like they sold out, essentially.

I'm honestly worried about Capcom out-sourcing their games, if that's actually true. But I honestly think the series is nothing like it was in the nineties. I mean that in a general sense that the story and whatnot is bizarre now, and Capcom should perhaps end it for good after a few more original entries. 1996 to 2004 was the best era for horror games, even if the PS2 graphics in certain games kind of look lame now. They were at least scary, and had good replay value. Let's be honest, here. What RE game last "scared" anybody? Not counting the latest one. I've honestly had way more enjoyment with The Evil Within, despite the fact that that game is arguably similar to many of the RE games after 2005.


Dec 2, 2010
I stopped caring once 4 hit for the most part. REmake 2 is solid although it didnt quite make the original obsolete like I was hoping it would.


Nov 30, 2012
RE for me is about slow pacing, tension and horror-ish atmosphere. So i agree that RE4 ruined the series despite being a great game as it changed the direction to action. But RE7 put me back in the series (despite having no zombies) and RE2 Remake was exactly how i envisioned a RE to be nowadays. If they continue going the same path it will be great.


Jun 10, 2013
United States
No? For the first time since 2005 it's not absolute dog shit, re7 and especially re2 brought this series back from the dead.
Apr 13, 2018
Well, I actually watched an interesting review video, but the guy who uploaded it just used a translation tool to hide his real voice. Anyway, he said some interesting stuff regarding the cut content, the missing locations, and the general tone of the recent remake. It's also strange to me how the game has computers and laptops visible in a lot of sections, and you have to use a thing like a USB storage device to get into a weapons room, when I don't think that stuff was so widespread in 1998. Or at least, you didn't get fancy looking ones like that.

I also noticed this person used a clip from The Darkside Chronicles, and Claire still had her knife, unlike in the remake. But I see that Ada uses a lipstick missle launcher thing, and I don't recall seeing that in the original. While I thought it was neat, it was rather out of place. Also, Leon and Claire never really fought Mr. X together, so that was rather stupid too. Having them go through the story together was totally messed up. And I think spin off games like that serve no purpose at all, and are just a way for Capcom to retread over old ground and make more money to keep their company going.

If you've seen the movie Alien, you will know that Ellen Ripley fights the alien alone at the end. Her crew has already been killed by the time she and the cat head across to the escape shuttle. Making Leon and Claire team-up was really lame. It's things like that, that while relatively minor, just tick me off. It's like, "Well, it's still a Resident Evil product. Everybody ought to love it because we slapped that name on the cover".

Jan 25, 2018
Southeastern USA
It's made a big comeback after 7 and RE2 remake, but unfortunately the overall series' storyline has been way muddled thanks to 5 and 6, I hope Capcom just chooses to ignore them (or at least 6)
Apr 13, 2018
Yeah, that's another thing I hate about it. They have games that don't really connect to each other, or they allow you to pick up notes that try to link the current situation to prior games, but it just comes across as it happening in an odd way. Not only that, but they constantly use the same characters like Leon over and over again, to the point where you just cannot elicit any fear, and then giving it a comedic tone with Jack Baker shouting abuse at you. That's not going to make it any more scary, and the Molded monsters were just so uninspired looking.

Even with the last one, Chris appeared at the end of the main game, only he seems noticeably fake. Yes, I know people have debated that RE Engine stuff so much by now, but the point I'm making is that they just used a main character in a bad way, for to get people excited. The rest of the game was just you playing an average man looking for his wife, James Sunderland style. Then of course, we had to wait almost a year to play the majority of its DLC, which was so-so. It may have been a good game, but it will never topple the first remake, or the games from the PS2 era.

I think in a few more years, all the main heroes like Chris and Jill will be essentially retired, as Capcom probably won't kill them off. No, no. They don't have it in them. They will likely just decide not to use them at all, and add in one-dimensional protagonists that don't even interest anybody.


Formerly 'XANDEO'
Jan 7, 2018
Op obviously hasn't played resident evil 7 in vr, if you want your scares I'd head in that direction. The most scary and intense thing I've played or watched in any medium. Makes resi one feel like a my little pony game.


Mar 3, 2018
Nah, I loved 7, Revelations 2, and now REmake 2. Can't wait to see what they bring us next. On the other hand, mentioning Evil Within, ugh. If we're talking 1, that game was about as mixed bag as you can get, the first 2/3 were generally great in gameplay and whatnot, but the final third was a trainwreck and beyond that the cast was all underdeveloped (oh, expect Sebastian got notes, TOTALLY counts, right?) except for Ruvik and there were a ton of bugs and issues at launch. 2 fixed pretty much all of these issues so that one does earn my respect, but 1 had a lot of potential but stumbled on its shoelaces way too many times.

Also, I really don't care about the consistency in the canon so all that stuff is noise to me. I mean, RE0 alone threw a giant wrench in all that and I'm sure it didn't start there if you look closely enough. I do like the cast though and so I frown at any idea that Capcom move on past them (especially since one of 7's only weak points was Ethan was so unmemorable. Heck, I flat out disliked Mia, thank god all the Bakers were great).

Also, I've never found any of the series to be that scary. There's some tension and a few jump scares, sure, but it rarely reaches flat out scary for me and that especially includes the originals, I just don't find games during that graphical era to be scary. Even Silent Hill 1 suffered to me from this somewhat, but SH 2 and 3, now THOSE are some legit scary games.

I would rather Capcom keep going with the series, and for those who feel otherwise, well why not simply not play any new ones and let those of us who feel otherwise enjoy them?


Sep 4, 2016
RE 4 is my favorite RE game personally. I don’t think it’s really 100% an action game, it actually does have a lot of atmosphere and the pace is really slow/deliberate compared with most other shooters. To me it’s basically RE mixed with a third person shooter in a really interesting setting.
Feb 22, 2018
I was only ever a fan of 4. Well made, well played.

The first time I saw the corny, cringy video intro for the first game I could not take it seriously as a survival horror game. From there the stories became even dumber. Racoon city? Seriously? Like do you even better name bro?
Aug 26, 2018
I got back into it with 7. RE6 really made me stop reading anything related to RE for a very long time. But with 7 which I hope 8 will be in the same style, im on board again.


Aug 4, 2014
I have for a while. I stopped following the franchise after 4 (even though I bought and played 5/6/Rev. 1-2 years after release). But after 7 and RE2R I'm back on the hype train.


Greatness Awaits
Nov 4, 2018
never liked it in the first place . i actually like the light gun games a bit but not the mainline ones. I really just dont. they are far too cliche for me to like. they are the standard when it comes to zombie games and am not into the standard of anything
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Jan 7, 2018
Half Way gone of with RE5 and completely gone after the lousy RE6. Came back with the brilliant RE2 Remake. Thanks Capcom 😘


Feb 11, 2019
Limerick, Ireland
I have, unfortunately.
In my opinion, RE4 sucks, but only as a sequel to a major franchise, and it does not fail as an action game. As an action game, it's one of the best there is, and you can play it for hours and enjoy shooting the crap out of everything. But all the RE stuff I loved from back in the day on the original PlayStation console, was so de-emphasized in that game. They've made all of the recent sequels seem less and less like the very title it yields, and then other franchises went the same way eventually.

Series' HAVE to evolve and try new things. I swear if it was up to some people we'd still be S.T.A.R.S members going around a large mansion looking for diamond shaped keys for diamond shaped keyholes to ridiculously long door opening sequences.

Times change and Resident Evil 4 freshened up the series and third person action games as a whole. Besides at the time even there was plenty of alternatives to this game even for Resident Evil. There was ReRemake, RE0, Code Veronica and both Outbreak games all in the same generation. People were tired of the same old Resident Evil and wanted something new and this is what we got and everyone loved it.

Enjoy Resident Evil 4 for what it is. Everyone else did at the time and it's only recently I'm hearing this whining about it being a mistep because the series would eventually go back to the horror route.

The Janitor

Jun 29, 2011
I never really liked Resident Evil until I played 7. I think they should stick with horror, they do it way better.


Dec 9, 2013
I don't like RE4-6, because I feel like they didn't have enough horror and classic zombies. I'm glad that RE7 returned the horror and REmake 2 returned the zombies. Hopefully it'll be the same with RE8 and REmake 3.
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E.T. Waifu

Jan 7, 2018
Nostalgia, bro. I hate it, we all hate it. The old games were good, yeah, but as kid, we saw them as something completely different. It makes sense that you're not into the series anymore.


May 31, 2018
Leeds, UK
No, RE7 and REmake 2 are the best games since 4. I'm more excited/interested in RE now than I have been in 14 years.

The RE story has always been a pile of hot garbage from day one, it's what makes it so endearing. It's unapologetic cheesy schlock.

As for scares, RE7 as an adult is easily the "scariest" game of them all by a country mile, especially played in VR.
Feb 9, 2018
I liked 1-4, Code Veronica on Dreamcast, and thought 5 was okay. I've bought 6 and the two Revelations games in Steam sales but haven't played them.

I absolutely did not like 7.

Noboru Wataya

Bored at work, horned up to the gills
Jul 8, 2016
Northern Ireland, UK
Series' HAVE to evolve and try new things. I swear if it was up to some people we'd still be S.T.A.R.S members going around a large mansion looking for diamond shaped keys for diamond shaped keyholes to ridiculously long door opening sequences.
This is what I want :(.

Give me tank controls, pre rendered backgrounds, backtracking, bad acting.

I liked REmake 2, it was a good one of those modern over the shoulder resident evils. RE7 was great in VR, but I want what i still feel is the best RE style.


Nov 21, 2014
During 5 and 6 days. Didn’t like 7 but definitely REmake 2 brought back the good days


Sep 5, 2007
I was ready to give up with RE7, it was better and I know people like it, but it wasn't Resident Evil.
I just accepted Capcom couldn't make a good RE game anymore.
But I did have hopes for the Remake as the Director who did the Remastered originals seemed to have get it, and RE2Remake proved he did.
He was challenged to Remake the original RE2 and make it modern without going all FPS or action shooter.
And he nailed it.
Now the rest of the team that made RE7 is on board with RE2Remake being the way to go for the series I have high hopes of future RE games.
They just need to release an original title that's as good.
And nail the soundtrack.
That's my biggest worry as it was disabled for RE2Remake by default.
Can they do the classic RE music now?
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Mar 19, 2015
Yeah I think I'm done with the series.

Peak Resident Evil is RE1-3, CVX and maybe Zero. Everything after that is a shitty fever dream.

The survival horror genre has been bastardized beyond all recognition. Tank controls and fixed camera angles are never coming back and I'll just have to accept that.

The fans of these old style survival horror games have been drowned out by the new generation of gamers.
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Feb 3, 2017
San Diego, CA
I've jumped in to the Resident Evil universe twice. When the original game came out and my 12 year old self decided to play it in the dark and then never played again.

Until.....Resident Evil VR.......played it for 30 minutes, screamed like a girl, and never played again.

I think the backstory with the virus is very interesting but I'm a horrible coward who doesn't like jump scares. From RE1 to the last RE game it's not even remotely close to the original story. I think at this point it's fans who are invested in being scared more than continuity.


Nov 6, 2014
Avignon, France
It's funny because RE is one of the few series I've always followed since the first one. I Don't know why, even the not so good episodes like 6, I kinda liked them. I'm talking about the main series not the other stuff like Operation Raccoon City.
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Dec 6, 2017
People keep saying the plot became shit after RE5 but it was actually CV & RE4 that killed the series by introducing the dumb shit RE5 then had to resolve. The story has been in free fall since CV and pretty much hit rock bottom with RE6. RE7 was good but it's so disconnected with the rest of the series (bar the ending and free DLC) that you could almost say it's a totally different series. RE2 remake was awesome but it's just a retelling of an already awesome game back when RE was actually good.

And I'm not even going to go into the details of the expanded universe; all of the spin off games (besides Gaiden and the phone ones) are canon, all of the comics are canon, all of the cgi movies are canon. Throw in this nonsense and there's a viral outbreak happening like once a month in the game's universe.

Capcom have put the main games on hold for now, but at one point they're going to have to release RE8 and with the positive reaction RE2 Remake & RE7 got they're most likely going to make it more horror based, but let's remind ourselves what RE6 teased for the future of the series and beloved character Jake Muller/Wesker, super Edgelord son of magic man/series evil Jesus Albert Wesker:

Good luck backtracking this shit, Capcom.
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Dec 16, 2011
I'm one of those weirdos that like the whole series. Classic, action, it's all good cheese. I still need to play 7 and RE2make though.


Mar 19, 2013

Stopped after 60 hours or so on D2.

There isn’t one day that I don’t think I want to play Destiny again.


Jul 8, 2017
I think most people have jumped off at some point. The narrative lost a lot of focus, similar to how AC did and the prevalence of side games did not help matters, I personally consider Wesker sort of the root of many of the problems that emerged in future entries. The PS2/GC era was the general shark jump for the series. RE4 updated the controls and it worked as sort of a demo of things to come, but much of that became unrealized thereafter.

One of the appeals the earlier games, especially RE2, RE3 and RE:CV, were those big budget FMVs and pre-rendered backgrounds. Those would always grab my attention in the PSX era.

The RE2 remake is enticing me though.
Apr 13, 2018
In my opinion, I didn't like how RE5 portayed Wesker. I always wanted to see some adjustments with his character and have a more climatic final fight with most of the main characters also involved, with maybe even a few of them dying. Capcom, being chickens though, would never pull a Scott Gimple and carry that out.

Honestly, Wesker came across as a dumbass in that game. Not to mention, I didn't like the last boss battle. It wasn't something I wanted. I actually wanted Wesker to be like a Negan or Alpha type ruler and be like some sort of feared leader who took hold, and have had the world in chaos from gathering up all these parasites and viruses, then merging them and taken over the world briefly, as opposed to just being the mystery background villain he had been, then Chris could face and kill him that way. At the actual ending to the game, you just kill a lot of enemies beforehand, then go to see Wesker standing on a platform and fight Wesker that way. Uh!

I liked it, but I also didn't like it. Something about these endings satisfies me, but not really in a big enough way. I kind of hoped to see more.

Saddler has to be the weirdest boss enemy of them all, besides that guy in Dead Aim. My top villains are Wesker, William Birkin, Alexia Ashford and Alex Wesker.


Aug 18, 2017
Mount Olympus
Gamers say all they want about Capcom and Resident Evil, last 4 or five games didn’t serve the series justice and than there’s the sad service they do to its characters that hardcore fans of the series don’t like. It seems like nothing Capcom can do will ever please its fans. Maybe because it sky-rocketed to Hollywood levels with the movies, but they’re attempting these remasters which is something.


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Aug 3, 2010
a cave outside of Whoville.
RE5 was a fun action game with like no horror whatsoever. But, I played it in co-op with a friend and we beat it like 5+ times. We had a ton of fun with it. RE6 was a travesty. It felt like the series was dead forever.

RE7 was not only a great return for the series, but in VR it was one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time. Now we have RE2, another fantastic and high-quality offering from Capcom. I'm very happy with where the RE series is now and I can't wait for more.


Jan 10, 2017
The series didn't exist after code Veronica for me.

Everything since has been terrible.

The re2 remake was ok but way too easy. And lacked suspense.

Hissing Sid

Feb 19, 2015
Nope, it’s been a love affair since Resi 1 for me.

Playing the ‘Totally Not A Resident Evil Game’, The Evil Within atm, and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Planning on buying RE2 Remake when prices cool.


Sep 25, 2015
the planet Thra
Nope. I've been able to find something to love in every mainline RE title.

Even 5, with Sheva spending all the ammo and heals in single-player mode. Mercs redeemed it.

Space Runaway

Sep 5, 2018
Nah I've consistently enjoyed the mainline games for the most part. Of the modern games, 5 and 6 were the only ones that came off junky but then they at least had awesome merc modes. Even enjoyed Revelations 1+2 for what they were. Though not sure if I would have truly enjoyed 7 if I didn't play it in VR buuuut I did and it was a great VR experience.


Feb 15, 2019
No, I have not played REmake 2 yet. RE 7 in VR was awesome. It is one of the reasons to own VR right now


Sep 30, 2006
I felt a bit like that after 6 came out but 7 and RE2 REMAKE brought me back.
Apr 13, 2018
When it comes to co-op in horror games, they should do something like this.

There's 8 players in a team, right?

Two are soldiers, who are ready for action and so are heavily armed. They have auto-aim features, and fire quite fast. Nobody else can do that. They have to manually point weapons.

One is a medic, but she is not good with guns as such. She shoots really slowly, and has a handgun with 6 bullets in her purse. She says, "You get a lot of weirdos in this town" as her excuse. She mostly lets others do all the work, and should save her bullets for one part of the game where things get so rough, everyone with a gun has to fight back.

One is a mechanic, and he is also not good with guns, but he can still use them, and he can make petrol bombs.

The rest are variously a pilot, two civilians, and a lawyer with a huge amount of knowledge of what occurred, and why it went down.

If the lawyer dies, you cannot expose the truth after escaping the city, so you get a bad ending as a result. If the medic dies, you get a bad ending too, as you're one team-member down. If she dies, you don't really have anyone who can make healing items on the spot, so you have to find them scattered around the city, and they are more so rare. If the pilot dies, one area easily reachable by flying and holding 4 other people, is now is only accessed through going on foot, and there's a lot of zombies that require fire to weaken, but it's optional, and you can still kill them with regular bullets, which will take longer and really have you struggling later on. Shooting them is really just a waste of ammo, but you need to have picked up parts to fit together a flamethrower. Think of the pilot being a lot like "Flyboy" from Dawn of the Dead. He can take you on flying lessons, but like in The Last of Us games, you will attract hostile survivors who dislike those that never share their findings.

Do you see what I mean? You'll never see this type of stuff in the 2019 Capcom era. They're just too - lazy? Is that the word I was looking for here? Still, I like these sort of ideas for adding to co-op survival horror titles down the road. Outbreak, you know? That game really inspired something.
Mar 26, 2019
Hell no, they lost their way a bit with 5 and 6 but 7 was awesome. I haven't gotten around to playing the 2 remake yet but it looks great from what I've seen and heard.


Oct 17, 2016
Between Chicago and NYC
RE2make made me fall in love with the franchise all over again. Went back and played REmake (a masterpiece) and will play 6 shortly - a bit of a mixed bag, but I like the fact they brought back old characters like Sherry. Would love to see her as the main character of a RE game.


Jul 27, 2018
I love all Resident Evil games except for the Chronicles. Don't like on the rail shit. I even loved 5, 6, and 7. I'm just waiting for a proper sequel to 6 to see what's up with Jake and Chris. They better not retcon that entry. That game was epic.


Jun 11, 2018
Your complaints are silly, nit picky and I don't mean to insult you, but most of them are just plain stupid. Resident Evil 7 and the RE2 Remake are some of the best games of this generation, but by the game buying audience and the critics. It seems you are complaining because some nebulous undefined game that doesn't exist isn't being made by Capcom at the moment, and you are somehow mad about it, there's nothing lazy about the incredible detail and skill they put into the RE2 remake and it will remain a goto example on how any developer should remake any property.

I actually invite you to use the time you took to make this bizarre topic and learn how to make your own game, so that game you envisioned can exist, and that'd bring the benefit of less silly complaining polluting internet forums.
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