Hideki Kamiya on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: "It's just a ripoff."

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This got quite the reaction in the other thread. Some people were quick to jump on Kamiya for attacking the game without playing it, but I think it's clear here that he has problems with the game from a conceptual standpoint, the execution being irrelevant.

Food for thought:


More Kamiya being awesome:

The dude in the above tweets deleted his Twitter account. Come at the King, you best not miss!

Kamiya doesn't give a fuck about GAF:

...or about the game:
Fun is over for today:

A friend asked me to post this:

At the end of the day for me, its a conceptual rip-off of a game that is one-of-a-kind, and doesn't have many willing competitors with a rostor to make it worth copying. But they seem to have done more than just copy it. They've taken the simple framework and put their own spin on it from the first floor up judging from the changes and impressions, and its basically ignorance to not even give it a chance because it has the audacity to be a 4-player mascot brawler.
I have immense respect for that man but I don't like that he calls it a rip off. I'll politely agree to disagree with him. Just because something is in the same vein as something else doesn't mean it is a rip off.. It's different enough to make it awesome and fun, while All-Stars is its own unique thing.
Well, that rules out Bayonetta/Jack for PSASBR
Sega has thrown Platinum off a cliff at this point so I don't think Platinum has much influence on the IPs anymore. :p

That said the games didn't do well so I don't expect us to ever see the IPs again.


Though contemplating this, it does make the inclusion of Dante and Raiden from Rising rather amusing.

Honestly thought this would be contained to the Twitter thread. Just one dude giving his opinion on the game and now is going to be used as a flame war.
Not a fan of PSBAR either. Playstation was immoratlized by all the games which pioneered 3D gaming. Then they go on to make it a 2D game.

It's a mascot brawler. I've played both and they don't really feel the same at all. Fighting games are very similar, but differentiate themselves in their systems and the way the game is played. All Stars is no rip-off.
This won't happen. The first, that is. Kamiya's word is bond.
Don't know much about the guy, just seems like every time something like this happens it's only a day or two (sometimes only a few hours!) before we get PR statements and claims of mis-wording. :p
Sorry I atleast expect someone to play a game before they try to make such claims.

I dont think that's unreasonable.
I think it's totally unreasonable to say people have to play games to decide they're not interested, or that they are. Yes, he might think differently once he played it, but that doesn't mean he can't have an opinion now, nor that it might not be true in the end.

And I'm really looking forward to PSBR; but I get the harsh criticisms.


Kamiya is pretty good friends with Sakurai, correct?

(of course you could probably say that about the majority of the japanese games industry)


( ≖‿≖)
Don't know much about the guy, just seems like every time something like this happens it's only a day or two (sometimes only a few hours!) before we get PR statements and claims of mis-wording. :p
No, you definitely don't know much about Kamiya :(
Come on guys, how can you say it's not a concept ripoff? Did you honestly think Superbot came up with the idea on their own? Being a ripoff and being a fun game are two different things. Seems Kamiya just dislikes unoriginal ideas.
I wouldn't say it's a ripoff, but it definitely was inspired heavily by super smash brothers. And there is no denying that. And just to play devils advocate, viewtiful joe red hot rumble was a "super smash bros ripoff" too. Was he involved in that?
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