Hideki Kamiya on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: "It's just a ripoff."

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I wouldn't say it's a ripoff, but it definitely was inspired heavily by super smash brothers. And there is no denying that. And just to play devils advocate, viewtiful joe red hot rumble was a "super smash bros ripoff" too. Was he involved in that?
I'm guessing Kamiya wasn't happy about this either.

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At the end of the day for me, its a conceptual rip-off of a game that is one-of-a-kind, and doesn't have many willing competitors with a rostor to make it worth copying. But they seem to have done more than just copy it. They've taken the simple framework and put their own spin on it from the first floor up judging from the changes and impressions, and its basically ignorance to not even give it a chance because it has the audacity to be a 4-player mascot brawler.
It's not really unique if you think much about it - there're a bunch of them in Japan. Smash isn't the first time Snake had to fight non-MGS people.
I think it's totally unreasonable to say people have to play games to decide they're not interested, or that they are. Yes, he might think differently once he played it, but that doesn't mean he can't have an opinion now, nor that it might not be true in the end.

And I'm really looking forward to PSBR; but I get the harsh criticisms.
No I completely disagree with that.
Hey, I love Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta, Vanquish and such more than most, but even I have to admit that most of his ideas are at least conceptual ripoffs.
Well at least learn what games he freaking created.

Vanquish was Mikami not Kamiya.

Baoynetta was a rip off, but of his own creation and something he took to the next level.

VJ? If you really want to boil it down then maybe, otherwise no.
I see these character brawlers a sub-genre Of fighting games. Just like every other genre, they follow a certain template, but differentiate themselves from the competition through different systems, different fighting mechanics. I don't understand how it is a rip-off. Every FPS game with a Single Player Campaign, TDM, and CTF would be considered a rip-off If held to the same standards.
Ill never understand replies like this. why do kamiya swery and kojima flood my feed daily but Ken Levine posts like once a week? But keep making assumptions
Why are you comparing Kojima, Kamiya, and Levine? Do you think that Ken Levine is working harder and longer hours because he doesn't post on Twitter as much? Talk about making assumptions...
Why does SSB get a pass to be the only game in the genre?

If this were the way the industry worked we would only have about 10 different game series that were on their 20th iteration.

How dare Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing copy off of Mario Kart!!!

The logic for being against PSABR is ridiculous
This ^^

Not that I mind tbh, it's a great idea.

I'm still waiting for Capcom to announce Nintendo Vs Capcom, will be a nice filler for fighting game fans until the next Super Smash Bros. game is released and will be a licence to print money for both Capcom and Nintendo, particularly for Nintendo because it will be a ridiculously successful system seller.
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